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  1. UPL 51530

    Rememberance plaque

  2. 95th BG Archives UPL 51527

    Loren F. Seger Crew...

  3. UPL 51526

    1st Lt Loren Fred Seger, 412BS, 95BG

  4. UPL 51525

    B-24D - 41-23816, BLACK JACK with THE VULGAR VIRGIN's vertical stabilizer.

  5. Hutchinson & Cortright UPL 51523

    William Baltisberger

  6. Hutchinson & Cortright UPL 51522

    Bradley, Aubrey J. Jr.

  7. Dave Kelso crew UPL 51521

    Crew picture at Pyote, Texas just before deployment to Deenethorpe February 1944. Front row L-R: Lt. Arthur “Dave” Kelso, pilot; Lt. W.A. Haggard,...

  8. Hutchinson & Cortright UPL 51515

    Willis Thompson Vaughan Jr

  9. UPL 51514

    1st Lt Robert Waring Bugie, 412BS, 95BG

  10. Hutchinson & Cortright UPL 51513

    43-39125 Der Grossarschvogel aka You All Right

  11. Hutchinson & Cortright UPL 51472

    Willard Kenneth Benson

  12. UPL 51467

    Pilot: Lt George A Kemper, Jr Crew Chief: Sgt J. P. Pekarik

  13. UPL 51471

    OKLAHOMA OKIE (42-29921 DF-Z ) 324th BS, 91st BG...

  14. UPL 51470

    1St Lt. Jack C. Fisher, Jr., A Bombardier With The 323Rd Bomb Squadron, 91St Bomb Group, Is Visited By Colonel Grow, 8Th Air Force Surgeon, At The...

  15. UPL 51469

    Proudly caressing his bomb sight after bombing the rail center at Stendal, Germany, is Major Charles Hudson (center) of Bakersfield, California,...

  16. UPL 51468

    LITTLE JEAN (42-31230) 324th BS, 91st BG. Destination: Tours, France, 5 January 1944

  17. UPL 41624

    A 379th Bomb Group, 525th Bomb Squadron crew probably in front of B-17 "Little Maggie" 42-5822 ...

  18. UPL 51466

    Coded WR-P, used by George A Kemper, Jr to shoot down two Fw190D on 14Jan45

  19. UPL 51465

    Capt Wayne R Fitzgerald, 95BG

  20. UPL 51464

    T/Sgt Kingsley F. Spitzer, 95BG

  21. UPL 51463

    T/Sgt Louis F. Schillinger, 95BG

  22. UPL 51462

    T/Sgt Louis F. Schillinger, 95BG (centre) with his parents (Frank and Genevieve) and sisters (Delores and Virginia).

  23. UPL 51459

    Lt Gen Gordon M. Graham

  24. UPL 51458

    Down For Double, pilot Gordon M Graham