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  1. 95th BG Archives UPL 44758

    Robert G. Boudon Crew...

  2. UPL 44757

    Missing Air Crew for landing in Sweden-p2

  3. UPL 44756

    Missing Air Crew re landing in Sweden

  4. The Fastest Ace in the West UPL 44753

    Front page of The Eugene Oregon Registar Guard memorializing the life of "Scrappy" Major Laurence E. Blumer

  5. CJ Goodhouse UPL 44752

    Page 6 and Final of Sweden Landing Story

  6. CJ Goodhouse UPL 44751

    Page 5 of Sweden Landing

  7. CJ Goodhouse UPL 44750

    Page 4 of Sweden Landing

  8. CJ Goodhouse UPL 44749

    Page 3 of Sweden Landing

  9. CJ Goodhouse UPL 44748

    Page 2 of Sweden Landing

  10. CJ Goodhouse UPL 44747

    Pilot Gillespie wrote the story of the landing in Sweden during the aircraft's final mission

  11. CJ Goodhouse UPL 44746

    Lt. Carl J. Goodhouse-Navigator

  12. UPL 44745

    Beaty crew; 447th Bomb Group, 710th Squadron. Photo taken at Rattlesden, England, undated. Standing, L-R: Lt. Edward Beaty, Lt. Louis Gorrell, Lt....

  13. UPL 44744

    Hermon Morris Rennow 1943

  14. Benjamin Franklin Wells UPL 44742

    Benjamin Franklin Wells - St. Augustine, FL

  15. Benjamin Franklin Wells UPL 44741

    Benjamin Franklin Wells - St. Augustine, FL

  16. UPL 44740

    James Amsler Gray in the cockpit of his Spitfire 'The Gravesend Gremlin' while serving with No 71 'Eagle Squadron'

  17. UPL 44737

    Playboy Crew 1943-1944 Memoirs of WWII , The Men of B-24 Liberator 41-29399

  18. UPL 44644

    S/Sgt. Ernest F. Baron

  19. JCook Photo Collection & Archives UPL 44739

    Capt Norman Schulte 395th FS 368th FG KIA

  20. UPL 44736

    Patsy A. Stanco, High School Graduation Portrait, 1938

  21. UPL 44696

    Rudolph Giannoni of the 447th Bomb Group

  22. UPL 44724

    Crew number 2573 of the 447th Bomb Group, formed at Ardmore Airbase.

  23. UPL 44735

    1st Lt Loren Alexander Inman, 384th BG.

  24. UPL 44734

    1st Lt John Hardy Hunt Jr, 384th BG.

  25. UPL 44730

    T/Sgt Francis Asbury Sayers Jr, 384th BG.

  26. UPL 44727

    Captain Darrell R Lindsey

  27. Document 44726

    Taken by Wayne Steen, radio operator in the 357th

  28. UPL 44725

    2Lt Henry E. Rafferty Jr. 427BS Navigator - KIA

  29. 95th BG Archives UPL 44718

    Henry H. Wilson Crew...

  30. UPL 44716

    Fargason crew with ground crew; 447th Bomb Group, 710th Squadron. Photo taken at Rattlesden, England. Crew members unidentified in photo except...

  31. UPL 44715

    2Lt Alfred N. Miner, 384BG.

  32. UPL 44714

    Sgt Robert Emmett Huff 384BG.

  33. UPL 44713

    1st Lt Eugene J. Timony, 63FS, 56FG, 8AF....

  34. UPL 44712

    2nd Lt Robert E Huff circa 1943.

  35. UPL 44711

    Flying Officer Victor Robert Bono, 71 Eagle Sqn.

  36. 95th BG Archives UPL 44698

    Michael B. Russell Crew...

  37. UPL 44710

    Warren Bates crew. 447th Bomb Group, 709th Squadron. Photo taken at Rattlesden, England, undated. Standing, L-R: Sgt. Harry Doung; Sgt. Daniel De...


    B-17G-BO 42-31114 PROWLING TOM, 390th BG, 1944 after nose repair.


    B-17G-BO 42-31114 PROWLING TOM , 390th BG nose damage. 3-24-2944, D.F.S.A D. air depot