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Pilots of the 2nd Scouting Force at a briefing ©IWM (FRE 2946)

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Find out how to register and help grow the American Air Museum’s archive.
War artist Frank Beresford paints a B-17 Flying Fortress with the assistance of "Lady Moe" the donkey mascot of the 96th Bomb Group. ©IWM (FRE 3968)

How to upload media

Find out how to add your photos, documents, and videos to the American Air Museum’s archive
Captain Edmund J Skoner, Chaplain of the 303rd Bomb Group, writing letters in his quarters. ©IWM (FRE 955)

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Find out how to share your family story and add information to the American Air Museum’s archive
Left to right: First Lieutenant Stanley G. Markusen, Public Relations Officer with the 78th Fighter Group, watches a mission take-off at Duxford, along with Major Charles E. Clapp Jr., journalist William Randolph Hearst Jr. and Major James Dufour, Passed for publication 28 October 1943. ©IWM (FRE 280)

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Captain "Stormy" Sadowski, a weather officer of the 56th Fighter Group in his quarters at Halesworth,  February 1944. ©IWM (FRE 2569)

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Find out how we maintain the quality of the information we hold in our archive
John Greenwood a navigator of the 351st Bomb Group enjoying a drink in Brussels after a mission over Dresden. ©IWM (FRE 9816)

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The American Air Museum’s archive is a collaborative project, these are the behaviours we expect from our contributors.
Leo S Stoutsenberger, a Photographic Officer of the 451st Bomb Group, 15th Air Force with his camera at the waist gun position on a B-24 Liberator. ©IWM (FRE 8740)

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