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Uncover the varied and powerful stories of the American people who served in Europe, and the impact their presence had on Britain during the Second World War



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About the American Air Museum’s archive 

The American Air Museum’s archive documents the US air campaign in Britain and Europe during the Second World War. It records stories of the men and women of the US Army Air Forces and the memories of the British people who befriended them. We want to build a complete picture of the American experience of the air war in Britain and Europe. 

The archive is a wiki – a place where knowledge and photographs can be shared for the benefit of all. It is also a collaborative project, reliant on contributors to help it grow, expand, and improve.  


How it works 

We have brought together collections of data, photographs, and documents about the USAAF in Britain during the Second World War.  

The information in these collections has been structured into categories to make it easy to find.  

Every entry in our archive fits into one of six categories: people, aircraft, places, units, missions, and media. For the information we know about, we have created a record and begun linking it to others.  

Our archive is unfinished, there are lots of gaps and lots of work to do to enhance the pages, especially of people. 


What you can do 

You can browse and search the archive to see the information and photographs that we have already added. But we hope that you will do more than this.  

We invite contributors to add and edit the information contained in our archive. Any contribution from a small spelling correction to a detailed account of a personal experience, or even listing all men and machines to take part in a mission helps us to paints a richer picture of the air war in Britain Europe as fought by the Americans. 

The data in our archive comes from lots of various sources and has not always been entered accurately. Bear this in mind when browsing and help us to improve the archive by correcting errors and typos where you spot them. 


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Help us grow our archive by sharing your information and stories with us. Your contribution helps drive the work we do and connect millions of people to the stories of American airmen and the aircraft they flew.

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