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  1. Instrument Mechanics, BAD 2, Warton UPL 41089

    Sgt. Theodore "Ted" Rasch, Bombsight mechanic, Base Air Depot 2, Warton

  2. hicks UPL 41088

    francis young

  3. hicks UPL 41087

    lowell reid

  4. hicks UPL 41086

    hardy mitchener

  5. hicks UPL 41085

    ken gelderman

  6. hicks UPL 41084

    gene bianco

  7. UPL 41083

    marvin allen

  8. Wolf UPL 41081

    44-6115 30 November 1944 tail

  9. Wolf UPL 41080

    44-6115 30 November 1944 accident left side

  10. Wolf UPL 41079

    44-6115 30 November 1944 accident report

  11. Wolf UPL 41078

    44-6115 30 November 1944 accident pilots statement

  12. Wolf UPL 41077

    44-6115 30 November 1944 accident overview

  13. UPL 41076

    Robert W Metlen (Bob) photo taken in Belgium for false ID papers as part of the Comet Line underground escape through Western Europe. 1943.

  14. UPL 41075

    William J Koger from Augusta, GA. Spain 1943. During his escape via the Comet Line across Western Europe. This photo was given to Robert W Metlen,...

  15. UPL 41074

    Robert W Metlen. Graduated from Army Air Services Technical School as a Radio Operator and Mechanic. Scott, IL Army Air Force Base. 1944.

  16. UPL 41073

    Robert W Metlen. Picture for false ID papers. Taken as part of the Comet Line, Escape and Evasion. 1943. Taken in Belgium.

  17. UPL 41072

    Robert W Metlen. Taken for fake ID papers as part of the Comet Line in San Sebastian, Spain. 1943.

  18. UPL 41071

    Jarvis Allen from Pyramid, KY. 1943. Picture taken for fake Belgium papers. Taken as part of the underground route via The Comet Line. Traveled...

  19. UPL 41068

    Mike Fontino, Ken Hall, Ed May, and Robert W Metlen (Bob) - left to front - Denver, CO, 1943

  20. UPL 41067

    Robert W Metlen enlistment photo 1942 Army Air Force, staff sergeant

  21. UPL 41064

    Photo of the original Ralph Bruce crew, Grand Island, Nebraska, 24 June 1943, right before their departure for England. ...

  22. Elizabeth Gordon UPL 41062

    Elizabeth Gordon standing next to a Bedford OYD lorry. Unknown location in England, 1944, this is unconfirmed.

  23. Harry Paul Oliver UPL 41061

    Harry Paul Oliver, 1st on left. Unknown location in England around 1944, but this is unconfirmed.

  24. 43-38725 UPL 41060

    The crew of B-17 "Cookie" STANDING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT...

  25. UPL 41059

    Sgt. Anthony R. Demarco

  26. UPL 41058

    Sgt. Charles R. Agnatovich

  27. UPL 41057

    Colonel Hunter Harris Jr, Commanding Officer of the 447th Bomb Group.

  28. IWM Collections: unit histories Document 41056

    447th Bomb Group Unit History...

  29. Ralph Holmes UPL 41055

    M/Sgt Ralph "Dusty" Holmes, line chief, 27th Photo Squadron.

  30. UPL 41054

    Richard Rickey (photo via Rickey family)

  31. UPL 41053

    Richard Rickey at Gunnery School (photo via the Rickey family)

  32. UPL 41052

    Douglas Martin Conway - 1943

  33. UPL 41051

    Document commending the performance of personnel of the 66th Fighter Wing from 20 August 1943 to 15 April 1945, written and issued by the Wing's...

  34. Document 41050

    Orders from the Headquarters of the 439th Air Service Group containing a list of personnel to be transferred back to the United States (Zone of...

  35. Roger Freeman Collection UPL 41049

    An airman of the 91st Bomb Group in the cockpit of a B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 42-102509) nicknamed "The Liberty Run"....

  36. UPL 41048

    Melo Volavka and his mother Antonie Anton.

  37. Roger Freeman Collection UPL 41044

    "Staff Sergeant Jayson C. Smart of the 305th Bomb Group with a cut brow, caused by a splinter during a mission over the Rhur, 12 August 1943. ...

  38. Torchy Tess UPL 41038

    Crew of the Torchy Tess

  39. Torchy Tess UPL 41043

    Crash landed Torch Tess in Switzerland

  40. Torchy Tess UPL 41040

    Pilot Charles Abplanalp

  41. Torchy Tess UPL 41041

    Co-pilot Harold Gividen

  42. Torchy Tess UPL 41042

    Crash landed Torch Tess in Switzerland

  43. Torchy Tess UPL 41039

    Pilot Charles Abplanalp (left) and Co-pilot Harold Gividen (right)

  44. Wolf UPL 41027


  45. UPL 41037

    Crew of B-17 42-97854, 390th Bomb Group.

  46. UPL 41036

    Crew of B-17 41-9090, 97th Bomb Group.

  47. UPL 41034

    Lt. Col. Joseph F. Kerch

  48. Bernard Tuvman Collection UPL 41033

    Caricature of Dad Bernard Tuvmnan. POW's would trade rations in Red Cross parcels for services. This caricature was drawn by Don Bevan, also a POW...