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  1. UPL 44427

    Clayton H. Surber 447th BG 710 BS Waist Gunner

  2. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 6246

    B-17 Flying Fortresses, (VP-S, serial number 42-97059) nicknamed "Marsha Sue", (GD-P, serial number 44-6163) and (VP-V, serial number 43-37791), of...

  3. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 6251

    B-17 Flying Fortresses, 42-31614 (VP-L), 42-32025 (VP-P), nicknamed "Dreambaby", and 42-31--- (VP-W) of the 381st Bomb Group fly in formation...

  4. UPL 44426

    Leroy C. Sugg of Huntsville, AL.

  5. UPL 44425

    Stele in Cousolre, France to the memory of three USAAF fighter pilots killed in action on 7 January 1944....

  6. NARA: Air Force Award Cards UPL 44424

    Harold Riley’s Air Medal card on page 1127 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/143813141 (NARA)

  7. NARA: Air Force Award Cards UPL 44423

    Harold Riley’s Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) card on page 879 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/133430871 (NARA)

  8. UPL 44422

    Page 9 of German report J-679 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/131494500 (NARA). It mentions the basic details about the pilot and the crash of...

  9. UPL 44421

    Captain George E. Preddy’s statement about the loss of Lt Harold S. Riley Jr and his Mustang #42-22530 on 11 March 1944. From MACR 5013 (NARA).

  10. Robert G Kaster UPL 44357

    T/Sgt Robert G Kaster, Radio Operator, 701st Bomb Squadron, 445th Bomb Group. Robert arrived at Tibenham on 11/30/43 on B-24 42-7515 "Green Gremlin...

  11. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 8097

    Damaged B-17 Flying Fortresses including (serial number 44-6146) of the 401st Bomb Group, and of the 486th Bomb Group. Handwritten caption on...

  12. UPL 44420

    Wayne Franklin Kleinertz

  13. Reese family UPL 44418

    Business Card for O.A. "Jim" Reese, Jr

  14. Reese family UPL 44419

    Graduation announcement for O.A. "Jim" Reese, Jr

  15. Reese family UPL 44417

    Major O.A. "Jim" Reese

  16. UPL 44416

    The crew of “Lucifer of the 94th BG after their last mission in Early April 1945.

  17. UPL 44415

    From https://www.newspapers.com/clip/26760972/two-airmen-killed-in-craig-field-crash/

  18. UPL 44414

    From page 50 at https://www.repository.law.indiana.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1007&context=histdocs

  19. NARA: Air Force Award Cards UPL 44413

    Donald Wright’s Air Medal card on page 1136 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/146964207 (NARA)

  20. NARA: Air Force Award Cards UPL 44412

    Donald Wright’s Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) card on page 1166 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/133460125 (NARA)

  21. Downed Allied Aircraft Kampfflugzeug Unterlagen (KU) Reports UPL 44411

    Donald Wright’s Dog Tag on page 6 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/131494816 (NARA)

  22. UPL 44366

    445th BG, 701st BS hut, Jay Heisel of California on left, Robert E Conrad Jr on right.

  23. UPL 44410

    Oren P (Smitty) Smith

  24. UPL 44409

    Garland B. Lloyd Crew...

  25. UPL 44408

    1LT Garland B. Lloyd Pilot 95th BG - 334th BG Shot down on 6 March 1944

  26. UPL 44407

    Alphonse Henry Maresh

  27. UPL 44405

    Missing Air Crew Reports - MACR 2003, 2004 and 2005 – NARA. Statement of 1st Lt Otto M. Rueschhoff about the return flight of 367th Fighter...

  28. NARA: German and German Captured Documents UPL 44404

    Page 3 of A.V. 503/44 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/18238557 (NARA) - It mentions the burial of 3 USAAF pilots on 9 January 1944 at the...

  29. English Heritage USAAF Photography US_7PH_GP_LOC309_V_5020

    Aerial photograph of Grafton Underwood airfield looking north east, Geddington village is on the left, 22 April 1944. Photograph taken by 7th...

  30. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 604

    Personnel of the 493rd Bomb Group queue alongside a B-17 (serial number 43-38216) nicknamed "Tempest Turner" that was named after the Hollywood...

  31. UPL 22491

    Nose art of "Tempest Turner", named in honor of Hollywood film star Lana Turner by Gunner Sgt Milton Elder of 493rd Bomb Group/862nd Bomb Squadron ...

  32. UPL 44402

    SSGT Victor P. Valek Tail Gunner Garland Lloyd Crew 95th BG - 334th BS Shot down & captured 6 March 1944

  33. UPL 44396

    Sgt Gerald E. Carroll B-24H 41-28711 'Little Sheppard'

  34. UPL 44395

    Sgt Bill J. McCullah B-24H 41-28711 'Little Sheppard'

  35. UPL 44394

    B-17G-1-BO #42-31099 "Tenabove" Code: VE-G 381st Bomb Group - 532nd BS

  36. UPL 44392

    2nd Lt Paul R. Helander - Pilot B-24H 41-28711 'Little Sheppard'

  37. UPL 44390

    2nd Lt Henry M. Snyder - Bombardier B-24H 41-28711 'Little Sheppard'

  38. UPL 44389

    2nd Lt Alfred E. Cannon - Navigator B-24H 41-28711 'Little Sheppard' March 1944

  39. UPL 44388

    B-24 of the 445th BG. It looks to me like a plane had dropped a smoke marker to show the wind pattern on the way to the ground.

  40. UPL 44387

    B-24 of the 445th BG dropping bombs

  41. UPL 44386

    B-24's. Not sure what unit. Dad was in the 445th but those tail markings are from a different unit.

  42. UPL 44385

    B-24 42-95015

  43. UPL 44384

    B-24 42-95015

  44. UPL 44383

    B-24 42-95015

  45. UPL 44382

    445th BG (crew in training stateside), Lt. Snow's B-24 Crew, WWII...

  46. UPL 44381

    SSGT Rudy Cutino RWG Laux Crew

  47. UPL 44380

    Prisoner of War Medal

  48. UPL 44379

    Purple Heart Medal