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Used as an RFC and RAF Home Defence landing ground during the First World War, Kirton-in-Lindsey was built during 1938-40 as an RAF fighter station. It had two grass runways, 10 hardstandings, three grouped C hangars and four over-blister hangars. Occupied by the RAF from May 1940 to June 1942, the station became briefly an Eighth Air Force fighter base during June to August 1942 when, as a satellite to RAF Goxhill, it was home to the 94th Squadron of the 1st Fighter Group, equipped with P-38s. It then became briefly a fighter training base and was home to the 91st Squadron of the 81st Fighter Group, equipped with P-39s, during October to December 1942 before that Group went to North Africa to join the 12th Air Force. Handed back to the RAF in April 1943, the stationed remained operational as home to a variety of training units until 1965, when it was transferred to the British Army. As Rapier Barracks, it was occupied by the Royal Artillery from 1966 to 2004, when it was returned to the RAF. It was then the home of No. 1 Air Control Centre, parented by RAF Scampton, until the Centre moved to RAF Scampton during 2011-12. The decision was made by MOD in 2013 to dispose of the airfield and technical site, although the domestic site remains in use as a satellite to RAF Scampton.

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  • 1st Fighter Group

    1st Fighter Group

    The 1st Fighter Group were initially deployed to Britain in the summer of 1942 as part of Operation Bolero. After shuttling through a number of different bases in the UK, the Group was reassigned to the Twelfth Air Force in September 1942 and supported...

  • No 121 'Eagle' Squadron

    No 121 'Eagle' Squadron

    'On 14 May 1941, No. 121 was reformed at Kirton-in-Lindsey as the second 'Eagle' Squadron to be manned by American volunteers. Equipped with Hurricanes, it began defensive patrols in October but in November it converted to Spitfires. It moved to North...

  • No 71 'Eagle' Squadron

    No 71 'Eagle' Squadron

    'On 19 September 1940, No. 71 was reformed at Church Fenton as the first 'Eagle' Squadron to be manned by American personnel. The Squadron received Hurricanes in November and became operational on defensive duties on 5 February 1941. No. 71 converted...

  • No 133 'Eagle' Squadron

    No 133 'Eagle' Squadron

    'On 1 August 1941, No. 133 reformed at Coltishall as the third 'Eagle' Squadron manned by American personnel. Equipped with Hurricanes it became operational at the end of September. The next month the Squadron moved to Northern Ireland, returning to...


  • John Alexander

    Military | Pilot Officer | Pilot
    Joined RAFVR, service pilot training in US, shipped overseas to ETO, operational training at OTU, assigned to 71S, Bf109 damaged shared 15-5-41, Hurricane Mk I damaged friendly fire !! [John Flynn] 15-5-41.

  • Luke Allen

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 4th Fighter Group
    From Ignacio, Colorado. Volunteering for the RAF just as the Battle of Britain was reaching its climax, Luke joined 71 (Eagle) Squadron RAF, flying his first combat operation in April 1941 on Hurricanes. ...

  • Thomas Allen

    Military | Flight Lieutenant | Pilot
    Joined RCAF, service pilot training in US, shipped overseas to ETO, operational training at OTU, assigned 121 [Eagle] Sqn RAF June 41, 12-4-41 1 x damaged and 1 x probable Bf109, ...

  • Fred Almos

    Military | Flying Officer | Pilot
    Joined RAFVR, Spitfire pilot 121 [Eagle] Sqn RAF. Delivered Spitfire [1 of 47] to Malta from USS Wasp 20th Apr 42. Joined 126 Sqn RAF on Malta.

  • Charles Ambrose

    Military | Pilot Officer | Pilot
    Joined the RAF on a short service commission in June 1939. He completed his training and arrived at 12 Group Pool on 23rd February 1940. ...

  • Newton Anderson

    Military | Squadron Leader | Pilot
    One of the first named members of 71 [Eagle] Sqn RAF when the new unit was announced to the British press, though he was probably in training at this point. ...

  • Paul Anderson

    Military | Pilot Officer | Pilot
    Spitfire pilot 71 [Eagle] Sqn RAF. Victim of a bomb in London, Killed In Action [KIA] 8-3-41. Flew as a crop duster pre war.

  • Stanley Anderson

    Military | Captain | fighter pilot-1055 single engine
    Joined RAFVR, assigned to 71[Eagle] Sqn RAF, transferred to 334th FS, 4th FG, 8th AF USAAF. ...

  • Thomas Andrews

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Squadron Commander | 496th Fighter Training Group
    Joined RAFVR, service pilot training in US Dallas Aviation School RAF refresher course, shipped overseas to ETO, operational training at OTU, assigned to 71S, led Blue Flight 1st mission over Dieppe 18-8-42, transferred to 334FS 4FG 8AF USAAF 16-9-42 —...

  • Roger Atkinson

    Military | Pilot Officer | pilot
    Pilot P/O Roger Hall Atkinson 71 [Eagle] Sqn RAF was KIFA, due to his parachute failing to open after baling out of Spitfire AD123, during aerobatic practice after structural failure nr Woodford Essex 15-10-41.

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  • AA752

    Supermarine Spifire AA752 Mk Vb, Const #2153 Built at Chattis Hill. ...

  • AB941

    Supermarine Spitfire AB941, Mk Vb, Built at Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory. ...

  • AR341

    Supermarine Spitfire AR341 Mk Vb, Built at Westland. ...

  • AD196 'Miss North Dallas'

    Supermarine Spitfire AD196,Mk Vb, Built at Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory. ...

  • V7608

    Hurricane Mk I, V7608 ‘XR-J’, of No 71 (Eagle) Squadron RAF, Kirton-in-Lindsey, Lincolnshire.

  • Z3781

    Hawker Hurricane Mk I XR-A Z3781, part of the fifth production batch produced by Hawker Aircraft Limited at Langley, to contract # 62305/39, between 14th January, 1941 and 28th July, 1941. ...

  • EN915

    Spitfire Mk Vb EN915 was built at the Vickers-Armstrong aircraft factory, Castle Bromwich, and delivered to the RAF at 37 Maintenance Unit, Burtonwood, on 17 May 1942. It was issued to 154 Squadron at Hornchurch on 12 June 1942. During its time with...

  • P8572

    Supermarine Spitfire Mk IIa P8572 built at Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory in 1941, delivered to 45 Maintenance Unit 27-Jun-41, assigned to 602 Sqn 17-Jul-41, assigned to 71 [Eagle] Sqn 8-41, hit ground recovering from dive nr Ongar Essex 9-Aug-41...

  • P7308

    Supermarine Spitfire Mk IIa P7308, built at Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory. ...

  • P7430

    Supermarine Spitfire P7430 MK IIa, Built at Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory, ...

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