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Le Culot

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Detailed history

After the German forces were removed from the Beauvechain area in early September 1944, Combat engineers of the United States Army Air Forces IX Engineering Command 846th Engineer Aviation Regiment repaired the damaged airfield and applied numerous patches to the two concrete runways and taxiways of the field. The airfield was severely damaged from the Allied bombing attacks while in German hands, and it took nearly six weeks to make the airfield operationally ready for combat units. It was opened on 28 October, being designated as Advanced Landing Ground A-89 or "Le Culot Airfield".[4]

Although operationally usable, Le Culot was a wrecked base from the numerous Allied air attacks and what was blown up by the Germans as they withdrew. The Americans made do with what could be repaired, and the 846th, along with 862d Engineer Aviation Regiment moving in what equipment was necessary to conduct combat operations.

The American Ninth Air Force used the base for several units from 22 October 1944 until closing the base in June 1946. Known units assigned were:
373d Fighter Group, 22 October 1944-11 March 1945 (P-47)
36th Fighter Group, 27 October 1944-26 March 1945 (P-47)
322d Bombardment Group, March-June 1945 (B-26)

After combat ended in May 1945, Le Culot was used as a relief distribution base, with the Allies flying in food, clothing and other needs, and using the base to distribute these supplies in Belgium and other occupied areas in the region. The airfield was returned to Belgian control in December 1945.

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  • 36th Fighter Group

    36th Fighter Group

    The Group, as the 36th Pursuit Group, were part of the defence force for the Caribbean area and the Panama Canal in 1941, flying P-39s and P-40s out of Puerto Rico. By May 1944 the 36th Fighter Group were flying their first missions out of England...

  • 373rd Fighter Group
  • 322nd Bomb Group

    322nd Bomb Group

    The 322nd Bombardment Squadron (Medium) was activated on 19-Jun-1942 at MacDill Field, Florida with B-26B Marauder aircraft. In late September 1942 the unit moved to Drane Field, Florida. The Ground echelon sailed for the UK aboard the Queen Elizabeth...


  • Staryl Austin

    Military | Brigadier General | Fighter Pilot 1055 single engine | 373rd Fighter Group
    post war F-84E 48th FG Germany 1950-53 CO 142nd FIW OR ANG Adj. OR NG Director OR Dept of Veterans Affairs

  • William Dewey

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot | 36th Fighter Group
    William Dewey served as a pilot with the 53rd Fighter Squadron of the 36th Fighter Group, flying missions out England and France. He was killed on 13 October 1944 and is buried at the Ardennes American Cemetery.



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