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A composite of six photographic stills from the gun camera aboard Captain Alvin M. Juchheim's (from 737 College Street, Grenada, Missouri) P-47 Thunderbolt of the 83rd Fighter Squadron, 78th Fighter Group. Viewed in order from top left to bottom left, then top right to bottom right, the first three show Captain Juchheim closing in on a Focke Wulf 190 on the 30th of April 1944 to engage it. The fourth image shows the root of the Focke-Wulf's left wing beginning to burn after taking hits, and the fifth and final photos show the Luftwaffe pilot being flung clear as he ejected from the plane. Captain Juchheim would be shot down and taken prisoner on the 28 May 1944. Handwritten caption on reverse: '30-4-44. 78FG, 83FS, POW 28 May 1944.' Printed caption on reverse: '51743 USAF - Graphic view of a German pilot taking to his parachute after losing an aerial duel with an 8th Air Force fighter pilot. The first four views show the Focke Wulf 190 as the American airman closes in on it. The last two views show the Nazi pilot being lifted clear of the plane as he jumps out. Notice the flame bursting from the wingroot of the plane, result of strikes from the American guns. These are excerpts from the motion picture gun camera record of the action. On the day these pictures were taken the pilot also knocked down another Fw190. The victorious pilot was Capt. Alvin M. Juchheim, 737 College St., Gernada[sic], Miss. U.S. Air Force Photo.'


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  • Military/Civilian/Mascot: Military
  • Nationality: American
  • Unit: 78th Fighter Group 83rd Fighter Squadron
  • Service Numbers: 14095313 / O-799574
  • Highest Rank: Captain
  • Role/Job: Fighter Pilot


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