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B-17 Flying Fortress

Delivered Denver 9/2/44; Rapid City 2/3/44; Dow Fd 3/4/44; Assigned 398BG Nuthampstead 25/4/44; no ops, transferred 562BS/388BG Knettishall 29/4/44 WORRY BIRD; Returned to the USA Bradley 8/6/45; 4168 Base Unit, South Plains, Texas 29/11/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Kingman 29/11/45. LITTLE JOE JR aka MISS BEA HAVEN.



  • 388th Bomb Group

    388th Bomb Group

    The 388th Bomb Group flew strategic bombing mission from Knettishall, Suffolk from June 1943 to the end of the war. During this time, though, detachments were sent to Fersfield, Norfolk to conduct Aphrodite missions. In these Aphrodite missions veteran...

  • 562nd Bomb Squadron


  • Robert Barbre

    Military | Pilot | 388th Bomb Group

  • George Bartuska

    Military | Major | Bombardier/Lead Bombardier | 388th Bomb Group
    Retired from the USAF with the rank of Lt. Colonel

  • Kenneth Burkheimer

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 388th Bomb Group
    Kenneth Burkheimer was a Pilot in the 388th Bomb Group/560th Bomb Squadron. He was shot down twice. First on the 26 September 1944 mission to Bremen. Ditched his B-17# 42-31039 in the Channel off Calais, France. All the crew of ten was picked up by PT...

  • Virgil Ficarra

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 388th Bomb Group

  • James Gabler

    Military | Major | Pilot | 388th Bomb Group
    Assigned to 562BS, 388BG, 8AF USAAF. Pilot of Aphrodite 'Mother' ship B-24J 43-37793 on mission to Wizernes V1 missile site. 4-Aug-44. ETD Awards: AM, WWII Victory, EAME.

  • Noel Kloter

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot | 388th Bomb Group

  • George Nicolau

    Military | Navigator | 388th Bomb Group
    George Nicolau flew in B-17 42-107062 on his first mission. On his fourth mission, George was Wounded in Action: ...

  • Victor Olson

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 388th Bomb Group
    Assigned to 560BS, 388BG, 8AF USAAF. Crashed near Merseburg in B-17 42-97219 'Reuel's Revenge', Killed in Action (KIA). MACR 9378 Awards: PH.

  • Samuel Pettigrew

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 388th Bomb Group

  • William Ripatte

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 388th Bomb Group

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  • 364

    23 May 1944

  • 373

    27 May 1944

  • 382

    31 May 1944
    Bombed the marshaling yards. Heavy flak but no hits.

  • 8th Air Force

    2 June 1944

  • 412

    14 June 1944
    Mission #10. Bombed an airfield south of Brussels. Bob Martin flew in place of Hussong.

  • 423

    19 June 1944
    Bombed an airfield. Nine hour mission. Shortly after retiring we were called again but mission was called off at briefing room.

  • 428

    21 June 1944
    Ruhland, Germany - The target, south of Berlin, bombed by 114 fortresses with an escort of 70 Mustangs went off as planned but not before the Germans destroyed 43 B-17's and damaged 26. Landed in Russia.

  • 476

    16 July 1944

  • 481

    18 July 1944
    Flew an easy one over Denmark to Germany. Only had one hours sleep between yesterday and today.

  • 8th Air Force 482

    19 July 1944
    Schweinfurt, Germany ball bearing plant was the target. Hit by flak and fell behind formation at 8:45 am above Aachen, Germany and crashed at Haren, Belgium at 10:06 am in the air district.

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  • Knettishall

    Military site : airfield
    Knettishall was built to Class A standard for an American Bomb Group that would be bringing up to forty heavy bombers with them in three or four Squadrons. The 388th Bomb Group, which stayed at Knettishall for their entire service in the ETO, flew B-17...

  • Nuthampstead

    Military site : airfield
    Built during 1942-43, Nuthampstead was the nearest Eighth Air Force heavy bomber base to London. It had three concrete runways, 50 loop hardstandings and two dispersed T2 hangars. It was first occupied from September 1943 to April 1944 by the 55th...


Event Location Date
Delivered Denver, CO, USA 9 February 1944
Assigned Knettishall, Diss IP22 2TH, UK 29 April 1944

388 BG
562 BS

First 388th BG Combat Mission 14000 Caen, France 23 May 1944
Final 388th BG Combat Mission 86899 Landsberg am Lech, Germany 21 April 1945

Flew 90+ Combat Missions


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Dave Osborne, B-17 Fortress Master Log