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  1. IWM Collections: unit histories Document 39797

    5th Strategic Reconnaissance Group Unit History...

  2. IWM Collections: unit histories Document 39796

    34th Bomb Group Unit History...

  3. UPL 39795

    Major Thomas H. Hubbard - England 1943 (via daughter Myriam)

  4. UPL 39782

    Palmer Dozier "Dee" Bryan, 446 Bomb Group, 707th Bomb Squadron.

  5. UPL 39783

    B-24 - 42-7654 - "Pistol Packin Bomma", 446 Bomb Group, 707th Bomb Squadron.

  6. UPL 39779

    1st Lt John E Morse (Front row, end left) with his crew of B17 The Sweater Girl....

  7. John Simmons Young UPL 39789

    Captain John S. Young copilot of the 'Hail Columbia' with Col. John R. Kane on the mission to bomb Ploesti, August 1, 1943

  8. John Simmons Young UPL 39791

    Capt. John S. Young at the Consolidated Factory, Fort Worth, Texas, 1945

  9. John Simmons Young UPL 39792

    Col. John R. Kane Group Leader and Pilot of the 'Hail Columbia' with his copilot Lt. John S. Young on the mission to bomb Ploesti, August 1, 1943

  10. John Simmons Young UPL 39794

    B-24D the 'Kickapoo' and crew with pilot Lt. John S. Young on far right before the mission to bomb Ploesti 1943

  11. John Simmons Young UPL 39793

    Capt. John S. Young on War Bond Tour 1945

  12. 44-6133 crew UPL 39788

    Taken from the Co Pilot's window of 44-6133 by 2nd Lt Theodore "Teddy" Chronopolis, during a training flight before they left for England.

  13. UPL 39786

    Crewman on Pistol Packin Momma; 446th Bomber Group, Squadron 707, Bengay Buckaroos. Bill Kinsella, Jim Jensen, Frank McCarthy, CM Rhodes, Palmer...

  14. UPL 39781

    Co-Pilot Elmer Crowder, (back row, 4th from left), B-24 Liberator "Thumper II"

  15. 44-6133 crew UPL 39775

    Staff Sgt Cecil A Tognazzini, Flight Engineer/Top Turret Gunner on B17 44-6133. The photo was taken by the plane's Bombardier, 2nd Lt Theodore ...

  16. 44-6133 crew UPL 39776

    Corporal Paul K Haynes, Waist Gunner aboard B17 44-6133. Photo taken by 2nd Lt Theodore "Teddy" Chronopolis, 44-6133's Bombardier, during a...

  17. 44-6133 crew UPL 39777

    2nd Lt Theodore "Teddy" Chronopolis at his station as Bombardier aboard B17 44-6133. The photo was taken during a training flight about a month...

  18. UPL 39778

    861st Sqd 493rd BG Engineering Dept Debach, UK Oct 24, 1944

  19. 44-6133 crew UPL 39774

    Taken from the Co Pilot's window of B17 44-6133 by the plane's Bombardier, 2nd Lt Theodore Chronopolis. The photo was taken on a training flight...

  20. UPL 39773

    SSgt Donald L Beba 861st Sqd 493rd BG

  21. UPL 24336

    Ordnance men prepare to load a 500 lb. bomb under a wing of the Republic P-47 42-75815 'Patrica Baby' of the 351st Fighter Squadron, 353rd Fighter...

  22. UPL 39760

    POW card addressed to S/Sgt. George H Hodgson. who served with the 387th Bomb Group captured 9/2/1943 when he was shot down over France. Held in...

  23. UPL 39761

    2Lt Julius Otto Flusche, Julius served as a Second Lieutenant & Navigator on B-17F 42-5953 "Skin & Bones" 338th Bomber Squadron, 96th Bomber...

  24. William H Nabors UPL 39765

    Lt. James R. Perry Jr. crew: Crew 13....

  25. UPL 39768

    Lt. Arthur Merrill Olin Smith from Barre, VT. B-17 Pilot, 8th Army, Group 92, Squadron 326. Shot down over Merseberg 30 Nov 1944. ...

  26. UPL 39769

    Pilot of 44-6133 2nd Lt Armand J. Ramacitti. Photo courtesy of Jeanne Cronis-Campbell, via Mitch Peeke....

  27. UPL 39772

    2nd lt William "Bill" Hager, co pilot of B17 serial 44-6133. The photo was taken by 2nd Lt Theodore "Teddy" Chronopolis during a traing flight...

  28. USAAF (Public domain) UPL 38106

    B-17F-100-BO, 42-30389 of 94th BG, 1943.

  29. UPL 39767

    "A crew of the 379th Bomb Group poses beside a Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress" "Pappy" at an 8th Air Force base in England, 16 November 1943."

  30. UPL 6989

    Edward R Murrow, Paul Manning, John Daly and Robert Trout all wartime correspondents for CBS Radio in London in 1942.

  31. UPL 39764

    Donald MacIntosh DFC 5BFTS Course 11.

  32. UPL 39763

    2Lt Julius Otto Flusche, Airmedal and Purple Heart

  33. UPL 39762

    2Lt Julius Otto Flusche, Airmedal and Purple Heart

  34. UPL 39759

    The B-17E Hangar Queen (41-9021) 8/17/42 Crew Listing -- 414th Bomb Squadron at Grafton-Underwood Field (RAF Station #106):...

  35. UPL 39758

    Taylor-Deloy Crew My grandfather,Elvin Brown is front row,second from left. Shot down over Germany Oct.6 1944. Mission 194 MACR 9523

  36. William R. DeWolf UPL 39755

    Items made by William R. DeWolf while in prison camp at Stalag Luft I. Also shown are some of his rank insignia, medals and miscellaneous ...

  37. William R. DeWolf Document 39754

    Newspaper article of William R. DeWolf's POW experience. He returned to the site of Stalug Luft 1 in the 1990's. The local newspaper in Oroville,...

  38. William R. DeWolf UPL 39753

    B-17's in formation on a mission over Germany.

  39. William R. DeWolf UPL 39752

    William R. DeWolf in front of the B-17 ball turret.

  40. William R. DeWolf UPL 39751

    Flight training. Photo from William R. DeWolf

  41. William R. DeWolf UPL 39750

    William R. DeWolf in his B-17.

  42. Ray D. Packard UPL 39743

    Lt.Ray D. Packard, 474th Fighter Group.

  43. UPL 39749

    TSgt. Robert Wray. Radio Operator 389th BG 527th BS "Sweet and Lowdown" 44-40125

  44. UPL 7070

    B-24 42-50811 'Patty Girl'.