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  1. Skye’s pictures UPL 45583

    Picture including RC Lunsford, Pilot (bottom Left)

  2. Skye’s pictures UPL 45582

    R.C. Lunsford, Pilot 8th Air Force 349th bomb squadron

  3. UPL 45570

    James D Hill Crew...

  4. UPL 45581

    Captain Bruce D Barton

  5. UPL 45580

    A newspaper clipping celebrating the work of Michael Kaschak

  6. UPL 45579

    Sgt Kaschak and his Charge

  7. UPL 45578

    Headstone for: 1Lt Allan E Hannum, 1Lt Richard F Kuna, T/Sgt Omer C Mullins. 95th Bomb Group. Photo via ShaneO findagrave.com contributor.

  8. UPL 45577

    42-31929. "Tennessee Hillbilly"

  9. UPL 45576

    S/Sgt Richard C Huebotter, 368BS, 306BG, 8AF.

  10. UPL 45575

    S/Sgt Kenneth Griffith, 742BS, 455BG, 15AF.

  11. UPL 45574


  12. UPL 45573

    P-51D 44-13717 E9-D 'Golden Wave', 376FS, 361FG, 8AF USAAF.

  13. UPL 41448

    Harvey P Ryder crew 306BG/369squadron

  14. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 45572

    B-17G-44-8652 "Drive It Home: Code: A 306th BG - 369th BS - 8th AF Melvin Loes (TG)

  15. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 45571

    B-17G-75-VE #44-8652 "Drive It Home" Code: A 306th BG - 369th BS - 8th AF Possibly Lowell Mikles (CP) in the cockpit

  16. UPL 45569

    Gerry Wolford

  17. UPL 45568

    Roy "Luke" Leukhardt

  18. UPL 45567

    Joseph Hall

  19. UPL 45566

    James F Curtin in front of his B24

  20. UPL 45565

    James F Curtin

  21. UPL 45563

    Stephen Devlin

  22. UPL 45564

    Stephen Devlin

  23. UPL 45562

    Pete "Muscles" Artero

  24. John Simmons Young UPL 45560

    Lt. Royden LeBrecht's B-24D, The "Squaw" . Royden flew The "Squaw" on the desperate mission to destroy Hitler's oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania...

  25. UPL 45561


  26. John Simmons Young UPL 37804

    Capt. John S. Young U.S. - War Dept. I.D. Card 1945 - Capt. Young flew as Col. John R. Kane's copilot in his Element Lead Aircraft, the B...

  27. Hugh Harrison UPL 45559

    The Central Flying School aerobatic team in 1955.

  28. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 45558

    B-24M-20-FO #44-51228 "Dugan" Shown after restoration, on display at the American Air Museum in Britain, IWM Duxford

  29. UPL 45557

    EZB-24M-20-FO #44-51228 while assigned to the Aeronautical Ice Research Laboratory

  30. UPL 45556

    B-17G-20-BO #42-31573 Shown after crash landing (possibly a controlled crash test) at Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington, 2 June 1944

  31. UPL 45555

    B-17G-55-BO #42-102715 Didn't see combat Crashed in 1979 in Montana while serving as a fire bomber.

  32. UPL 45553

    B-17G-75-DL #44-83259 "Boops" VIP Transport for USAF Chief of Staff GEN Carl Spaatz

  33. UPL 45551

    42-5813 after crashing near Alconbury

  34. Harry Wrona UPL 45550

    Local newspaper clipping of Harry Wrona's service in the USAAF and award of his first Air Medal.

  35. Clarence Stark Collection UPL 38431

    Crew 16, 712th Bomb Squadron, 448th Bombardment Group, 8th Air Force....

  36. UPL 45549

    S/Sgt. John Stemmerman

  37. UPL 45548

    S/Sgt. Billy J. Espich

  38. UPL 45547

    Sgt. Clarence H. Stark

  39. UPL 45546

    2nd. Lt. Naseeb S. Tweel-Navigator

  40. UPL 45545

    2nd Lt. Earle P. Durley Jr.-Pilot

  41. UPL 45544

    2nd Lt. Lester Bise-Bombardier

  42. John Simmons young UPL 45543

    The above insignia is believed to be the original correct colors. The zig-zag black line was mainly painted yellow in North Africa

  43. UPL 45542


  44. UPL 45539

    likely taken near the end of the war

  45. UPL 45538

    Likely taken near the end of the war.

  46. Pictorial History of the 447th Bombardment Group (H) UPL 41423

    1st Lt. Kenneth A. Barnette, from Pictorial History of the 447th Bombardment Group (H) https://www.americanairmuseum.com/media/41056. Lt. Barnette...

  47. Pictorial History of the 447th Bombardment Group (H) UPL 21077

    Lt. Col. Robert G David. From Pictorial History of the 447th Bombardment Group (H) https://www.americanairmuseum.com/media/41056. Colonel David...