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  1. UPL 15379

    B-24D Liberator, 42-40776, named, Old Blister Butt, in the 8th AF, the 389th BG, and the 564th BS. Pilot Robert L. Wright and crew. Flew on 1st...

  2. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 8793

    The 44th Bomb Group's ground personnel inspect the battle damaged B-24D, Stinger, after the large mission over Ploesti. First handwritten caption...

  3. UPL 51286

    B-24D - Zombie - 41-11787.

  4. UPL 52071

    2nd Lt George V Bleyle, 96BG

  5. UPL 52070

    Sgt Robert L Doremus, 301BG...

  6. Hilgay War Memorial and Aircrew Plague UPL 52067

    Hilgay War memorial refurbishment completed and rededicated 11/09/2021 - including the separate plaque to the aircrews that came down in the parish.

  7. Charles D. Taylor Collection UPL 32353

    Flight Engineer Wilmer Jacob Link and crew at 379th BG, Kimbolton, England. Wilmer is front row, third from left.

  8. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4691

    A crashed B-26C Marauder, serial number 41-34777, named, Black Fury, of the 456th Bomb Squadron, the 323rd Bomb Group. 19 August 1943. Official...

  9. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4650

    An airman of the 323rd Bomb Group in the cockpit of a B-26 Marauder named, Black Fury. Handwritten caption on reverse : ...

  10. UPL 13905

    B-24D Liberator 42-40655, named, Four Eyes, and, Damfino, and crew lost on the Ploesti raid. 1st Aug 43 MACR 174 ...

  11. Therese J O'Mara-Poire-Bedard UPL 22606

    Staff Sergeant Eugene O'Mara, Gunner, on the B-24D, Four Eyes, on the Ploesti bombing mission, Killed In Action. KIA. 1 Aug 1943.

  12. Pandora's Box UPL 52065

    Capt. Duane L Jones Pandora's Box

  13. UPL 52064

    George E Schawl

  14. UPL 52063

    His Gun Blazes in Raid Over Tunis...

  15. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 7454

    A P-47 Thunderbolt (serial number 42-28875) and a C-47 Skytrain (90-M, serial number 42-100806) of the 437th Troop Carrier Group at A-80 Mourmelon...

  16. UPL 52062

    Air Medal Citation

  17. UPL 52061

    S/Sgt Walter J Johnson

  18. UPL 52060

    B-24 "Black Dog" a/c # 42-7567. Assigned 700 Bomb Squadron, 445 Bomb Group....

  19. John Grifford Reed UPL 52059

    John G. Reed Bombardier: Sons of Fury (KIA)

  20. UPL 48748

    The B-24D Liberator bomber, 41-11913, named, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in the 9th Air Force, the 98th Bomb, and the 343rd Bombardment...

  21. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 48750

    The B-24D, 42-40364 - has the name, The Pink Elephant, painted on the RH side of the nose - It was the second, Snow White, in the 98th Bomb...

  22. UPL 48767

    Capt. James A Gunn Jr, flew in the 343rd Bomb Squadron, and the 98th Bomb Group, on the deadly Ploesti mission. he flew on the left side of...

  23. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 50393

    B-24D - Raunchy - Mechanics /Gunners crewmen. 1943

  24. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 46441

    This is a photo of Capt. Wallace Taylor's B-24D, The Vulgar Virgin - 41- 24198 - 9th Air Force, 98th Bomb Group, and 344th Bomb Squadron. Capt...

  25. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 47566

    B-24D - The Vulgar Virgin - B-24-D-20-CO - 41-24198 - 98th Bomb Group - the 344th Bomb Squadron - and the 9th Air Force - The Vulgar...

  26. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 39657

    B-24D, Kickapoo, crash at Lete Airfield - Aug 1, 1943 - killing pilots, Lt. Robert Nespor and Lt. John C. Riley - #4 engine failure - 8...

  27. UPL 52054

    2nd Lt J C Norris, 4FG

  28. Donald S Graham UPL 52053

    385th Bomb Group mission photo.

  29. UPL 52007

    The Consolidated B-24D-155-CO Liberator, 42-72772, in flight over the Mediterranean Sea at very low level. A gunner stands in the waist position...

  30. UPL 52049

    Arizona Republic newspaper 15 July 1945

  31. UPL 52048

    General John Charles Meyer

  32. UPL 52047

    Major Laurence E. Blumer being shown a war trophy by a fellow serviceman, Fort Lewis 1945.

  33. Lt. Donald Ballentine UPL 41997

    Ms. Mary. I think one of Dads ( Donald Ballentine) planes he flew in - I don’t think he had enough rank to have one assigned- think he flew what...

  34. UPL 52046

    James Frank (Pete) Martin

  35. UPL 52045

    Second Lt. Donald L Sederquist (1921 - 1943)

  36. UPL 52040

    The B-24J - Delectable Doris - Nose Art - created and produced by Driscoll's pilot, Lt. William Graff.

  37. UPL 52044

    Major Edwin Gene Caudill, 4FG

  38. UPL 52043

    B-24J - DELECTABLE DORIS. Port - Left Side Color Image - Restoration representation of the B-24J -1 - FO , 42-5055, Delectable...

  39. UPL 48039

    Photo Center - B-26 Marauder, named the, Fightin' Cock, 41-31765, Coded: ER-X, 322nd Bomb Squadron, 450th Bomb Group, 9th Air Force.

  40. UPL 48037

    Black and White Nose Art Detail for, Fightin' Cock. Serial Number, 41-31765 Coded ER-X, specific date and location is unknown.

  41. UPL 48038

    Black and White Nose Art Detail for, Fightin' Cock, 41-31765. Coded ER-X, specific pilot name, date and location is unknown.