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  1. Gene “Hack” Hackney. UPL 45282

    42-102679. Mississippi Miss on a mission sometime between October 1945 and Mid March 1945. Taken from original hard copy photo.

  2. Gene “Hack” Hackney UPL 45281

    43-38443 (No Name) on bombing run.

  3. Gene “Hack” Hackney UPL 45280

    Tail of 43-37786. Madam Shoo Shoo

  4. Gene “Hack” Hackney UPL 45279

    B-17 43-38148. Photo taken from original hard copy snap shot.

  5. Gene “Hack” Hackney UPL 45278

    B17 42-102614. 385BG. 351BS “Ole-O-Oboe.”

  6. UPL 25950

    2Lt. Arleigh F. Hale

  7. UPL 45277

    Area aviator in record hop.

  8. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45276

    C-47 43-49203 "Li’L Woman" courier/liaison aircraft for the 320th Bomb Group. Douglas had been injured in a crash at takeoff of B-26 41-17792 ...

  9. UPL 45275

    Halver C Paulsen

  10. Co Pilot 2nd Lt Theodore "Teddy" Chronopolis UPL 39788

    Taken by the Co Pilot 2nd Lt Theodore "Teddy" Chronopolis during a training flight before they left for England.

  11. Cadet UPL 45274

    Colorised version of an original black and white photo part of the collection of Thomas Oscar Meteyer's family

  12. Photo from the personal collection of Thomas O. Meteyer' family UPL 45273

    Thomas Oscar Meteyer is seen in the cockpit with his ground crew. His crew chief's name appears on the left side. According to Peter Randall this...

  13. Johnny L Fisher UPL 43422

    Johnny L Fisher (tail gunner) - Far Right w/B-17 lead crew - WWII - Staff Seargent - 34th Bomb Group (H) - Aircraft name: Daniels...

  14. Johnny L Fisher - B-17 Flying Fortress - Tail Gunner UPL 43423

    Johnny L Fisher - WWII - Staff Seargent - 34th Bomb Group (H) - 8th Army Air Force - 4th Bomb Squadron - Tail Gunner - B-17 Flying Fortress # 43...

  15. NARA KU Reports UPL 45272

    Jennings G. Brown, ID Tag

  16. 95th BG Archives UPL 45271

    B-17G-85-B) #43-38333 "Heavy Date" Code: ET-S (upper right) 95th BG - 336th BS

  17. 95th BG Archives UPL 45270

    B-17G-45-BO #42-97194 "Good Pickin'" Code: ET-O 95th BG - 336th BS

  18. UPL 45269

    1LT Paul Tucci Navigator 95th BG - 336th BS

  19. 95th BG Archives UPL 45267

    B-17G-55-DL #44-6583 "Cadet Nurse" Cod: ET-Y 95th BG - 336th BS photographed after crash landing near A-78 Florennes Airfield, Belgium 25 Feb 945

  20. Peter C Pulrang UPL 45266

    US School Yearbooks, 1942, Riverdale School for Boys, Pulrang, Peter C Survived Mission 919

  21. Peter C Pulrang UPL 45265

    Birth record of Peter Pulrang

  22. Peter C Pulrang UPL 45264

    Picture from Find a Grave

  23. UPL 45263

    S/Sgt David R Holler, 853BS, 491BG.

  24. UPL 45262

    S/Sgt Martin Liebenhaut, 853BS, 491BG

  25. UPL 45261

    2nd Lieutenant Edward McGonagle

  26. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 748

    US Personnel enjoy doughnuts and coffee during a visit from the American Red Cross Clubmobile, 1942....

  27. 95th BG Archives UPL 45260

    Standing Left to Right: William N. Dunwoody (P), Max E. Burrows (CP), Paul L. Facteau (N), Arden L. Quesinberry (TOG)...

  28. UPL 45259

    Hardwick - 93rd Bomb Group, 461st Sub-Depot May 1943

  29. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45130

    Douglas New Taylor, Aviation Cadet, Shaw Field, SC, May, 1942

  30. UPL 35352

    Low level bomb run, hence no oxygen mask on foreground copilot. ...

  31. 95th BG Archives UPL 45258

    B-17G-15-BO #42-31410 "Berlin Bessie" Code_ ET-G 95th BG - 336th BS Flew 68 combat missions, including nine to Berlin

  32. 95th BG Archives UPL 45257

    Leslie A. Lennox Crew...

  33. Eugene J Graf, Jr UPL 45256

    Sgt Eugene J Graf, Jr Tail Gunner

  34. Eugene J Graf, Jr UPL 45255

    WW2 Draft card, POB, DOB, Full Name

  35. Edward W Kussman UPL 45253

    Draft Card with Full Name, POB, DOB

  36. Edward W Kussman UPL 45254

    Vets Burial Card

  37. Edward W Kussman UPL 45252

    Sgt Edward W Kussman, Waist Gunner

  38. Johnny L Fisher - B-17 Flying Fortress - Tail Gunner UPL 43424

    Johnny L Fisher (tail gunner) - WWII - Staff Seargent - 34th Bomb Group H - 8th Army Air Force - 22 missions successfully flown

  39. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45251

    From right to left, Douglas Taylor, 1LT Jasinowski [first name unknown] the other personnel, date and location are unidentified. ...

  40. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45250

    This photograph is from a roll of 35mm negatives, the dates of exposure are thought to have been between on or about December 1944 to April 1945....

  41. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45249

    43-34238, 95th Bomb Squadron, 17th Bomb Group, this aircraft shot down near Aachen, Germany Dec 23, 1944 by an ME 109G-6, six crew killed, one...

  42. 535 Bomb squadron UPL 45248

    Captain Sulo Korpi 535 Bomb Squadron, 381st Bomb group, 1st Combat Bomb Wing. He was a bombardier navigator.

  43. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45247

    B-26 41-17792 “NANA” following a crash on takeoff from Massicault, Tunisia the personnel in this image are unidentified. The pilot was Lt. Robert C...

  44. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45246

    The tail number of this aircraft in the foreground is 41-35133 and it was assigned to the 34th Bomb Squadron, 17th Bomb Group. It was declared for...

  45. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45233

    Unidentified personnel, unit and location - This image is from a roll of negatives that were taken in or about April 1945. This photo was scanned...

  46. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45234

    Unidentified personnel, unit and location but likely Lyon-Bron airfield or Dijon-Longvic Airfield. This image is from a roll of negatives that were...

  47. Joe Mathias UPL 45244

    Joe in training

  48. Joe Mathias UPL 45243

    Joe at home - August 1944 - two weeks after Glider School Graduation

  49. Joe Mathias UPL 45242

    Joe (on left) and friends - home on leave

  50. Joe Mathias UPL 45241

    Joe as an Aviation Cadet