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  1. Hap's Hazard UPL 34429

    Crew of B17 Hap's Hazard

  2. UPL 34428

    S/Sgt. Warren G. Mosley

  3. UPL 34425

    S/Sgt. Warren G. Mosley( Waist Gunner/Bombardier, Just Nothing) 8th Army Air Corps, 324th Bomber Squadron, 91st Bomb Group-Ragged Irregulars

  4. UPL 34427

    Warren G. Mosley

  5. Just Nothing UPL 34426

    Front row left to right: 1st LT. H. G. Hesse, 1st LT. Rocky Rasmussen, 1st. LT. Robert Hunt, 1st. LT. Tannumbeum...

  6. UPL 32028

    "Capt Baldwin and crew who participated in the raid on Kiel, Germany, pose in front of a Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress". 303rd Bomb Group, England....

  7. UPL 34423

    Extra Joker falls out of formation.

  8. JCook Photo Collection & Archives UPL 34422

    Col JF Coonan 55th FG (CO 1st TFS F-100D)

  9. JCook Photo Collection & Archives UPL 34421

    Col JF Coonan ribbons 55th FG

  10. Ben Miller Adams UPL 34418

    Ben Adams, sometime early in 1943.

  11. Bernard Everett Rideout (1921-1983) UPL 34417

    Taken at his parents home in Pittsfield, New Hampshire some time around 1943

  12. UPL 34415

    Talmadge Carver Naron

  13. UPL 34413

    The Crippled Bitch

  14. UPL 34411

    Robert Krick on left of picture.

  15. UPL 34409

    Raging Red

  16. Lee R Conner UPL 34047

    Lt Lee R Conner (right). Lee's original aircraft was named "Do Bunny", after his soon to be wife, Doris Christianson (Frank Christianson's sister)....

  17. Document 34407

    Lt. Philip C. Evans

  18. Document 34406

    Lt. Philip C. Evans

  19. 652kdw UPL 34405

    652nd Bomb Squadron (H), RAF Alconbury, England ~ August 1945

  20. UPL 34403

    Capt Walter Vaugn Cook 62FS, 56FG, 8AF points at the nose art of his P-47C 41-6343....

  21. UPL 34404

    Lt Joseph Miller

  22. Chester RUmbold UPL 34402

    Chester E. Rumbold

  23. UPL 34401

    P-51B 43-6865 J2-Q_ converted to a two seater. This a/c gave good value for the dollars spent on its purchase. It came to the 479th via the 20th FG...

  24. UPL 34400

    "A P-51 Mustang (KI-Q, serial number 43-6865, "War Weary") of the 55th Fighter Squadron, 20th Fighter Group." Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5437

  25. King Size UPL 34395

    Technical Sergeant Peter F. Ferdinand Jr., 389th Bomb Group, Lucky Bastard Club

  26. UPL 34394

    Technical Sergeant Peter F Ferdinand Jr., 389th Bomb Group

  27. Object Number UPL 16626; Davis & Leopold interview UPL 16626

    At 3:02 the caption shows Herbert Leopold's name, which is in error. The individual shown is Co-Pilot Thomas J. Welch. In the photo of the Robert W...

  28. UPL 34398

    John Henry McDonald Jr

  29. UPL 34397

    John W McKewen and the Ritzy Blitz

  30. UPL 17023

    P-51B AJ-Q 43-12478 of the 355th FS, 354th FG, 9th AF at Boxted, England.

  31. 2nd LT George W Rutledge UPL 34393

    2nd LT George W. Rutledge

  32. UPL 34392

    Jesse Willard Southworth

  33. UPL 34391

    Argonaut taxiing at Polebrook.

  34. UPL 34390

    1st Lt Frank 'Irish' J Connaghan

  35. UPL 34388

    1LT William W. Shank

  36. UPL 34389

    1LT William W. Shank

  37. UPL 34387

    Robert Keith Huff

  38. UPL 28445

    "Crew of the Martin B-26 Marauder 'Lady Luck' of the 554th Bomb Squadron, 386th Bomb Group pose by their plane at their base In Boxted Field, Essex...

  39. UPL 34386

    "Just before 1,000 U.S. 8th Air force Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortresses" bombed Berlin, Feb. 3, 1945, these three Republic P-47 Thunderbolt fighter...

  40. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 10209

    An F-6 Mustang (ZM-J) nicknamed "Hun Flusher" of the 10th Photographic Reconnaissance Group...