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  1. UPL 52129

    B-24D - Sand Witch - SSgt Robert Paul Kaufman. Ball Turret Gunner on the B-24D, named, Sand Witch. Killed In Action (KIA) when his B-24...

  2. UPL 15357

    The Little Gramper, the B-24D Liberator, 42-40722, in the 566th BS, the 389th BG, the 8th AF and crew. Aircraft was transferred to the 491st Bomb...

  3. Donald S Graham UPL 52126

    2nd Lt Ralph Duston, Bombardier

  4. Donald S Graham UPL 52127

    Sgt Rocco Spadola, Radio Operator / Left Waist Gunner

  5. Donald S Graham UPL 52125

    Sgt Orville Ashby, TTG

  6. Donald S Graham UPL 52124

    2nd Lt Clarence Nunamaker, Navigator

  7. Donald S Graham UPL 52123

    Sgt Ollie Olson, BTG

  8. UPL 52122

    de Havilland Mosquito PR XVI NS508 at Mount Farm

  9. UPL 52121

    A line of Mosquitos, nearest camera is TA614 'Patty', 2nd in line appears to NS709. Date May-45.

  10. UPL 52120

    Flight Officer John J. Murray, Jr. Location and date unknown.

  11. UPL 52076

    B-24D Stinger - 41-11817, was flown by Pilot Andrew Opsata, Copilot Louis Quaglino, with their Bombardier, Don Di Coscoe, but was named, Stinger,...

  12. UPL 15385

    B-24D Liberator, 42-40776, Old Blister Butt, was originally in the 564th Bomb Squadron, the 389th Bomb Group, in the 8th Air Force. It flew on...

  13. UPL 15383

    Nose art of B-24D Liberator, 42-40776, Old Blister Butt, in the 564th Bomb Squadron, the 389th Bomb Group, in the 8th Air Force. Old Blister...

  14. UPL 52119

    1LT William Douglas Convis Pilot 340th BG - 489th BS - 12th AF

  15. Vaughan UPL 52118

    Lt Bernard E Vaughan (Pilot) and Walter O Faulkner (Co-Pilot) 493rd BG in Atlantic City - April 1945 after return from the ETO.

  16. Vaughan UPL 52117

    Lt. Bernard Vaughan - 861st Sq-493rd BG - Station 152 Debach, UK. Photo taken in London November 1944

  17. UPL 52116

    MACR Missing Air Crew report # 13549 25 March 1945

  18. UPL 52106

    Do Bunney in flight circa December 1944

  19. UPL 52105

    Bat out of hell!

  20. UPL 52104

    Ashley Louis "Jack" Hamory

  21. UPL 15313

    B-24D Liberator, 42-40746, Ole Irish, and crew Ole Irish, flew on Operation Tidal wave to the Ploesti oil refineries, returning to Libya on...

  22. UPL 14353

    The flight crew poses in front of the B-24D Liberator, 41-11817, Stinger, in the 415th Bomb Squadron - the 98th Bomb Group - and the 9th Air...

  23. UPL 15310

    B-24 Liberator, 42-40746, Ole Irish, and crew. Flew on the Ploesti oil refinery raid, returning to Benghazi, Libya, on three engines. Another...

  24. UPL 15309

    B-24D Liberator, 42-40746, Ole Irish. - Pilot Lt. Frank McGLaughlin is third from the left side, standing. Ole Irish, flew on the Ploesti oil...

  25. UPL 47385

    Major Howard J. LaLonde - The Navigator on the B-24D, Stinger, (TDY) in the 98th Bomb Group on Operation Tidal Wave. 1 Aug 43.

  26. UPL 52103

    2nd Lt Lloyd R Cole, 303BG

  27. UPL 52101

    From the list of crews and passengers of the 448th who made the initial flight to England, from the book A Replacement Crew in the ETO (European...

  28. UPL 52100

    Staff Sergeant/Gunner James Donley, 712th squadron, 448th Bomb Group

  29. UPL 52098

    B-24D - Stinger - 41-11817. - Crew - Named by Maj. LaLonde and Detached to the 98th BG for the Ploesti mission. 1943

  30. UPL 52097

    B-24D - Stinger. 1943

  31. UPL 52095

    B-25J-1-NC #43-4000 "Queen Mary" Code: 9X 340th BG - 489th BS - 12th AF

  32. UPL 52094

    CPT William R. Witty, Jr. Pilot 340th BG - 489th BS - 12th AF

  33. UPL 52093


  34. UPL 52092

    James Nelson Branum "Hoover" 38444377

  35. UPL 52089

    The B-24D Liberator, 42-40746, Ole Irish, with Co Pilot 2nd Lt. Lee D. Slessor, DSC, standing - far RH side, and his crew. 1943

  36. UPL 15308

    Co Pilot 2nd Lt. Lee D. Slessor, DSC, from Huntington Park, California, with his B-24D Liberator, 42-40746, Ole Irish.

  37. UPL 15307

    Commanding Officers of the 389th Bomb Group. Col. Robert B. Miller, Lt. Col. Alfred V. Walton, and Lt. Col. William L. Burns, with the B-24D...

  38. UPL 52088

    James A. Littlefield Crew...

  39. UPL 52087

    1Lt Ehle H. Reber and crew cram onto transport after a successful mission.

  40. UPL 52086

    CPT James Alexander Littlefield Pilot 340th BG - 487th BS - 12th AF Flew 66 missions from Alesani Airfield, Corsica