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  1. Document 40920

    'From a Boy to a Man'- an account of the service of Nicholas Orlando of the 306th Bomb Group, written by his son Richard Orlando.

  2. UPL 40906

    Henry Gates ribbons

  3. UPL 40919

    SSGT Donald W Larsen, Left Waist Gunner on B-24H 42-50324 702nd Bomb Squadron, 445th Bomb Group (Heavy), US 8th Air Force, World War II.

  4. UPL 40918

    SSgt Calvin G Turkington, AirMedal and Purple Hearth Medal

  5. UPL 40917

    SSgt Calvin G Turkington, On his 15th mission on 4-24-44 he was wounded in action. His crew finished their missions in June but he still had to...

  6. UPL 40916

    Lt. James P Mause, Purple Heart Medal

  7. UPL 40915

    Lt. Edit entry James P Mause, his POW ID tag

  8. UPL 40914

    Lt James P Mause, served with the 305th Bomb Group

  9. UPL 40913

    John L Valentine`s Mission list with his DFC

  10. UPL 40912

    The Valentine Crew whilst Training in the US. The Crew did not all stay together.

  11. UPL 40911

    Party Honors Lieut. Elmer Nardi...

  12. UPL 40910

    Lieutenant Elmer Nardi made the supreme sacrifice, according to latest word from the war department this week, on November 3. A telegram received...

  13. UPL 40909

    Lt. Elmer Nardi Rites to Be Held...

  14. UPL 40908

    Healdsburg Tribune, Enterprise and Scimitar, Number 7, 19 November 1943 — Local Man Missing

  15. Teegarden UPL 40907

    Pilots wings

  16. UPL 40904

    SGT Francis H Curry, Francis was "Killed In Action" when his B-17, after receiving battle damage on a bombing raid over La Pallice, France, crash...

  17. UPL 40903

    1Lt Frank Norman Broach, Jr

  18. UPL 40902

    1Lt Frank Norman Broach, Jr.............. Photo source: Tracy C Strong

  19. UPL 40901

    1Lt Frank Norman Broach, Jr, He was killed in action on 16 sept 1943, flying aboard 42-5906 "Sondra Kay" (388th BG 562nd BS)

  20. UPL 40900

    Herman J Ball, served as a Technical Sergeant & Top Turret Gunner on B-17F "Sondra Kay" #42-5906, 562nd Bomber Squadron, 388th Bomber Group, U.S....

  21. UPL 40899

    Lt. Robert Leo Corran, and Crew Of The 490Th Bomb Group Pose Beside Their Consolidated B-24 At An 8Th Air Force Base In England. 20 March 1944...

  22. UPL 40898

    Lt. Bernard L Boyle, and Crew Of The 490Th Bomb Group Pose Beside Their Consolidated B-24 At An 8Th Air Force Base In England. 20 March 1944...

  23. UPL 40897

    Lt. Pollock And Crew Of The 490Th Bomb Group Pose Beside Their Consolidated B-24 At An 8Th Air Force Base In England. 20 March 1944...

  24. Bradley Edgar Squires Jr UPL 40742

    A B-17 Flying Fortress nicknamed Screwball

  25. UPL 40858

    Headstone and interment record for Frank Swica, 351st Bomb Group

  26. UPL 40866

    A Distinguished flying Cross, Air Medal, Second World War Campaign Medal, European African Middle East Campaign Medal and Victory medal,...

  27. UPL 39428

    Lieutenant Colonel Lane Ruehlen, 9th AF, 36th FG, 23rd FS

  28. UPL 40891

    Dogtag belonging to John M Teegarden of the 36th Fighter Group, killed in action 29 September 1944

  29. UPL 40892

    Dogtag from Joseph Azzaro, anyone help with more information, would be appreciated...

  30. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 731

    A bomber crew of the 91st Bomb Group with a B-17 Flying Fortress (LL-A, serial number 42-102509) nicknamed "The Liberty Run" after a mission, 9...

  31. Thomas Riggles UPL 40896

    Alvin Berthelsen crew, 566th Bomb Sqd, 389th Bomb Grp, posing in front of another crew's aircraft the day before being shot down over Germany on 28...

  32. Thomas Riggles UPL 40895

    2nd Lt Thomas R Riggles

  33. Crew of Leroy Massey UPL 40894

    Daniel Wayne Waters

  34. McCool photos UPL 17516

    855th Bomb Squadron J+ aircraft during troop supply drop mission Endhoven Holland , gliders on the ground ....

  35. McCool photos UPL 17511

    troop support drop Eindhoven Holland with gliders on the ground....

  36. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 8603

    On a supply mission on the 18th of September 1944, these 855th Bomb Squadron, 491st Bomb Group B-24 Liberators are flying in tight proximity to one...

  37. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 8586

    A B-24 Liberator of the 491st Bomb Group crashing in Holland, 18 September 1944. Handwritten caption on reverse: '18-9-44 B, 292 Extra.' Second...

  38. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 2122

    A B-24 Liberator (V2-X+, serial number 42-50757) of the 491st Bomb Group. ...

  39. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 2125

    A Pathfinder B-24 Liberator (V2-P+, serial number 42-51691) of the 491st Bomb Group. Handwritten caption on reverse: '491 BG supplying troops at...

  40. UPL 40889

    2LT Lynn Wilson Hadfield, He was serving on the crew of a Douglas A-26 Invader #43-22353 during a mission to Dulmen, Germany. Their aircraft was...

  41. UPL 40888

    P51D 44-13735 " U've Had It " Flown by ace Capt. Johnny B England of the 362nd Fighter Squadron 357th Fighter Group.

  42. James N Hentges Collection UPL 40886

    S/Sgt. Edgar John Eggen #16023186 - Waist Gunner Photo taken while training at Ardmore AFB - Ardmore, OK

  43. James N. Hentges Collection UPL 40885

    S/Sgt. Jack Dominick Spadafino Tail Gunner #32969235 Photo taken while in training at Ardmore AFB - Ardmore, OK

  44. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 9555

    Lieutenant Colonel Jim Daley of the 371st Fighter Group climbs out of his P-47 Thunderbolt after a mission. Image stamped on reverse: 'Keystone...

  45. UPL 40884

    Announcement of class graduation from navigation school

  46. Bradley Edgar Squires Jr UPL 40880

    Newspaper clipping 10 Oct 1943, Sun

  47. Charles Edward Rolle UPL 40878

    Charles E Rolle 1942 412 sq Tail Gunner

  48. UPL 40879

    According to enlistment records at the National Archives, Lt Harold E. Bergman was born in 1921 in Dickey County, North Dakota. He enlisted at...