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  1. William Kenneth Stevens UPL 45237

    Yearbook picture, 1942, Concord HS, NH William Kenneth Stevens

  2. William Kenneth Stevens UPL 45238

    Vet's Grave marker, William Kenneth Stevens

  3. John K. Lancaster UPL 45236

    1947, University of the South, Sewanee, TN, freshman class; returned after war

  4. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45235

    The painted out markings “CM” 78th Troop Carrier Squadron, 435th Troop Carrier Group, due and location are unknown - the image is from a roll of...

  5. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45232

    The personnel in this image are unidentified, the date is not known. The B-26 in the immediate background appears to be B-26 43-34239 of the 37th...

  6. UPL 45183

    17th Bomb Group Headquarters Sign

  7. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45231

    This image is from a roll of negatives taken in and around the Dijon-Longvic Airfield, France on or before April 1944 - Note: This photo was...

  8. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45230

    The Grand Hotel Verdun, Annecy, France - The signage over the entrance indicates that it is the center for housing or processing liberated...

  9. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45229

    Unidentified personnel - This image is from a roll of negatives taken in and around the Dijon-Longvic Airfield, France on or before April 1944 -...

  10. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45228

    This image is from a roll of 35mm film shot in and around the Dijon - Longvic Airfield, France, no other information available - This photo was...

  11. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45227

    B-26 41-17792 "NANA" crashed on 8 July, 1943 take-off for the Massicault, Tunisia mission. The pilot was Lt. Robert C. Burns, copilot Douglas...

  12. 41-9023 UPL 44827

    1942-08-16 B-17E Yankee Doodle (41-9023): Top L-R: 2nd Lt. James W. Dunn, Navigator; 2nd Lt. Carl E. Schultz, Bombardier; Capt. Rudolph E. Flack,...

  13. Charles J Allessio UPL 45226

    11 Oct 1944, 19 - The Berkshire County Eagle, designation as navigator

  14. Charles J Allessio UPL 45224

    13 Oct 1943 BerkshireEagle on flight designation

  15. Charles J Allessio UPL 45225

    13 Apr 1945, Page 4 - The Berkshire Eagle, report of death

  16. Charles J Allessio UPL 45223

    2LT C J Allessio

  17. Charles J Allessio UPL 45221

    Veterans internment card

  18. Charles J Allessio UPL 45222

    2LT C J Allessio in uniform

  19. UPL 45220

    1st Lt Arthur F Bailey 852BS, 491BG.

  20. William E Lewis, Jr UPL 45219

    WW2 era draft card with full name, POB, DOB

  21. Rudolph E Flack UPL 45218

    Scanned copy of original Loading List (operational FLIGHT REPORT) for the B-17E YANKEE DOODLE (41-9023) for the August 17, 1942 97th Bombardment...

  22. UPL 45217

    Gerald J Thompson

  23. Miss Slipstream UPL 45216

    Original Crew: Top Row Left to Right: 1st Lt. Francis Towner, Pilot; 1st Lt. James Fink, Co-pilot; 1st Lt. Harold Lasch, Navigator; 1st Lt....

  24. Miss Slipstream UPL 45215

    B1-17 #43-38202 Miss Slipstream's Nose Art

  25. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45214

    1LT Jasinowski [first name unknown, no further details] copilot of C-47 43-49203 Li’L Woman the 320th BG's courier aircraft - this image is from a...

  26. Taylor Family Collection UPL 45209

    41-17724 444th BS, “Red Hot” crash either on takeoff or return from bombing of the Trapani Milo Airdrome, Sicily - Jun 15, 1943. Unidentified crew...

  27. Douglas Newton Taylor UPL 45208

    Notation on back of this photo indicates that the man in the foreground is Frank Teman, Doug's roommate in flight training, dated February 1942. ...

  28. UPL 45206

    Upper Right: John W. West Jr

  29. UPL 45205

    John W. West Jr

  30. UPL 45204

    Bottom Left: John W. West Jr

  31. B24H 42-50331 UPL 45202


  32. B24H 42-50331 UPL 45203


  33. B24H 42-50331 UPL 45199


  34. B24H 42-50331 UPL 45200


  35. B24H 42-50331 UPL 45201


  36. William Almaraz UPL 45198

    26 Jun 2003_Chicago Tribune obit

  37. Roger D Thorngren UPL 45197

    Front side of Dad's silk escape map which he carried on all his missions over Europe.

  38. UPL 45196

    Silk escape map carried by Dad on missions over Europe.

  39. Roger D Thorngren UPL 45195

    Silk escape map carried by Roger Thorngren on bombing missions over Europe.

  40. Roger D Thorngren UPL 45194

    Roger Thorngren had part of the plexiglass nose cone shattered by spent 50 cal shell casings falling from an aircraft just above his. The bomber...

  41. UPL 45193

    Back side of bomb safety pin label

  42. UPL 45192

    Another bomb pin Dad saved from a mission to Eger in what was then Czechleslovakia.

  43. UPL 45191

    Map of the mission targets Roger Thorngren's Crew flew during WWII.

  44. UPL 45190

    Roger Thorngren's training progression prior to leaving for Europe.

  45. UPL 45189

    Roger Thorngren's medals and pins

  46. UPL 45188

    Back side of bomb safety pin label.

  47. UPL 45187

    This is one of the bomb pins my Dad kept as a momento of the raid on Kiel.

  48. UPL 45186

    Dad's Wings