We found 35315 media

  1. UPL 36457

    White I - the Columbia Aquila Refinery At Ploesti - Probably the crash sit of Addison Baker and john jerstad's airplane, Hell's Wench.

  2. UPL 36508

    Norville Gorse (third from left, back row) attending a maths class at Stalag Luft III

  3. 458th BG Archives UPL 36526

    Lloyd Andrew Crew...

  4. UPL 36525

    Interview with 466th Bomb Group veteran Earl E Wassom by Hillvue Heights Church, published 13 November 2018.

  5. 466th BG Archives UPL 19979

    Crew #691 & #498...

  6. UPL 36523

    Daniel Blaine Harris Pilot Crew #717 466th BG - 787th BS Shot down on his 4th mission, 8 April 1944. POW

  7. Richard A Bishop UPL 36522

    Richard A Bishop - photo1 381st Bomb Group/533rd Sq.

  8. Lewis D Funk Collection UPL 36521

    Technical Sergeant Lewis D. Funk, Photographic Chief, 34th Bomb Group.

  9. Lewis D Funk Collection UPL 36520

    Technical Sergeant Lewis D. Funk, Photographic Chief, 34th Bomb Group.

  10. UPL 36473

    Major Normand E. Klare, Pilot, 381st Bomb Group, 532nd Bomb Squadron

  11. UPL 36472

    Technical Sergeant (2nd Grade) Roy Calvine Robbins , 381st Bomb Group, 532nd Bomb Group.

  12. UPL 36476

    First Lieutenant Max Farrand Stripling, 439th. Troup Carrier Group.

  13. UPL 36519

    First Lieutenant Robert B. Allison, Pilot, 94th Bomb Group, 331st Bomb Squadron

  14. UPL 36518

    B-17 42-5816 "Polly", and crew, 379th Bomb Group, 527th Bomb Squadron.

  15. UPL 36517

    B-17 42-29963 "Judy" and crew, 379th Bomb Group, 527th Bomb Squadron.

  16. John L. Jerstad UPL 36516

    Major John L. Jerstad in B-24D Cockpit 1943

  17. John L. Jerstad UPL 36513

    Major John L. Jerstad - Copilot 'Hell's Wench' Killed in action over Ploesti 1943

  18. John L. Jerstad UPL 36511

    Major John Jerstad's memorial grave.

  19. UPL 36509

    Col. Norman C. Appold - Command pilot of B-24D 'G I Ginny' on Operation tidal Wave over the Ploesti oil refineries

  20. 466th BG Archives UPL 36507

    SGT Sam R. Wilkinson Nose Gunner Crew #717 - Daniel Harris Crew

  21. UPL 36506

    Crew35 8AF, 458 BG, 753 SQ

  22. UPL 36505

    Winfred (Rob) Robinson

  23. UPL 36504

    Original cartoon by Paul Murry, an animator for Disney studios of "The Near Sighted Robin" drawn in the 1940s. The cartoon inspired the nose art of...

  24. UPL 36503

    Coley W. Richardson

  25. Lozenski/Boruta Family album UPL 27317

    Graduation Gunnery School Texas

  26. Andrade UPL 36502

    Placido Andrade standing in the top turret of 42-39972, Our Buddy, of the 452nd Bomb Group, Deopham Green, England. Andrade flew 30 combat missions...

  27. Andrade UPL 36501

    Placido B. Andrade, top turret gunner assigned to 42-39972, "Our Buddy" of the 730th Bomb Squadron, 452nd Bomb Group awarded the Air Medal after...

  28. Charles Marshall Price UPL 36462

    PZ-X The Little Skunk in early light blue livery.

  29. George Scruggs UPL 28674

    MM368 accident 1

  30. UPL 6961

    A de Havilland DH98 Mosquito PR Mk XVI "U" NS594 of the 653rd Bombardment Squadron, 25th Bombardment Group at USAAF Station 376 former RAF Watton. ...

  31. UPL 7002

    A de Havilland DH98 Mosquito PR Mk XVI "Z" MM345 of the 653rd Weather Recon Squadron, 25th Bombardment Group. ...

  32. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 584

    Ground crew of the 25th Bomb Group spray foam onto the crashed Mosquito (serial number NS748) at Watton, 19 April 1945. The pilot was Lt John...

  33. UPL 36470

    An unidentified bomber crew with their B-17 Flying Fortress nicknamed "Lady from Bristol" . B-17 Flying fortress (serial number 42-29525) is in the...

  34. UPL 36500

    Letter 1st Lt. Robert W. Ahern Jr.'s family received from a French family after he was KIA.

  35. UPL 36499

    Lt. Robert W. Ahern Jr. Obituary.

  36. UPL 36498

    1st Lt. Robert W. Ahern Jr. (far right) with unidentified fellow soldiers.

  37. UPL 36497

    1st Lt. Robert W. Ahern Jr. with his plane, a P-38.

  38. UPL 36496

    Lt. Robert W. Ahern Jr. (far left) with unidentified soldiers.

  39. UPL 36495

    1st Lt. Robert W. Ahern Jr. on top of his plane, a P-38

  40. Lozenski/Boruta Family album UPL 36489

    Decorations Gram-Pa is 6th from left Middle row 7th is Joseph W Kane

  41. Lozenski/Boruta Family album UPL 36493

    Charles B Lozenski in Philadelphia,Pa 1944

  42. Lozenski/Boruta Family album UPL 36492

    On the family farm with sister in law Irene

  43. Lozenski/Boruta Family album UPL 36490

    Charles B Lozenski at home Daleville,Pa

  44. UPL 36488

    Page 2 of letter from Farrand. Dated April 16, 1945.

  45. UPL 36487

    A letter from Farrand to his parents. Dated Jan 29, 1944.

  46. UPL 36486

    Page 1 of one of Max's letters home to his parents. April 16, 1945.

  47. UPL 36485

    Captain Donald C. Aagesen Pilot 303BG - 427BS

  48. UPL 36484

    Max in his leather jacket.