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  1. Louis M McAdory UPL 31232

    Biking around Raydon.

  2. Louis M McAdory UPL 31231

    Sitting on his assigned P-51D, The Lord is my Shepherd

  3. UPL 31230

    F J Boyer

  4. UPL 31229

    Capt Thomas J J Christian Jr at Solomon Islands, receiving his Silver Star award Dec-42.

  5. UPL 31227

    "Colonel Thomas J J Christian, Jr., Sulphur Springs, Texas, Commanding Officer of a North American P-51 Fighter Group, escorting bombers over...

  6. UPL 31226

    "Air force formations snapped while escorting bombers of the 8th Air force to or from raids on Nazi territory. Whilst not employed in combat this...

  7. UPL 31225

    Lt. Paul C Holter Jr. 374th Fighter Squadron. P-51B 42-106942 B7-H. This a/c was also assigned to 1Lt. Clarence E "Bud" Zieske. Bud was due to name...

  8. UPL 31224

    Major Shannon Christian and his brother pose by the nose of Republic P-47D 42-76103 "Cookie II" 351st Fighter Squadron, 353rd Fighter Group, ...

  9. UPL 31223

    Major Shannon Christian P-47 pilot 351FS, 353FG, 8AF.

  10. UPL 31222

    Lt Col. Shannon Christian. Headquarters Unit. P-47D 42-8395 YJ-S "Cookie".

  11. UPL 31220

    Capt. Fred J "Chris" Christensen Jr. [ Watertown, Mass.] 62nd Fighter Squadron. P-47D 42-75207 LM-C "Boche Buster" / "Rozzie Geth".

  12. UPL 31219

    Capt Fred J Christensen & ground crew, 62nd Ftr Sq, 56th FG, Boxted. P-47D 42-26628 "Rozzie Geth/Miss Fire" (coded LM-C).

  13. UPL 31218

    Capt Fred J. Christensen, [ Watertown, MA ] - 62nd Ftr Sq, 56th FG. Officially credited with 21.5 confirmed aerial victories. S/Sgt Carl Conner, [...

  14. UPL 31217

    Capt. Fred J. Christensen, Jr.,[ 11 Wilmot St., Watertown, Mass.], a 22 year old Republic P-47 Thunderbolt pilot, has destroyed 22 German planes in...

  15. UPL 31216

    Lt. Col. Charles M Christ, [Tulsa, OK.] Group Headquarters. P-51D 44-72214 HL-A "Poop Shooter".

  16. UPL 27851

    Crew of the 550th Bomb Squadron of the 385th Bomb Group, probably in the USA before deploying to the ETO. ...

  17. UPL 26813

    Crew of the 550th Bomb Squadron, 385th Bomb Group, 16 September 1943....

  18. Thomas F. Flemming UPL 31215

    Men of the 91st BG, 323rd BS at Officers Mess #2 at Bassingbourn around Christmas time 1944. Front row left is Lt. Emery Edwards, front row right...

  19. Private UPL 27378

    Gypsy Queen crew - taken on October 3, 1944 after their 5th mission (whiskey run), which was to Neustad, Germany...

  20. UPL 31171

    Ira R Allen

  21. UPL 27906

    305th Bomb Group crew in front of B-17 #41-24564 'Patches', 5 June 1943....

  22. UPL 31214

    S/Sgt. John J. Bird 11 Sept 1922 - 9 Oct 1943 KIA TONDELAYO 4229740

  23. Lozenski Boruta Family UPL 31213

    Staff Sergeant Charles B. Lozenski, 305th Bomb Group. Identification pass.

  24. Lozenski Boruta Family UPL 31212

    Staff Sergeant Charles B. Lozenski, 305th Bomb Group. Identification pass.

  25. UPL 31210

    1st Lt Edward Chlevin Jr 383FS, 364FG, 8AF.

  26. UPL 20445

    England - Two USAAF Officers of the Flying Fortress 'Male Call' [B-17 42-97471] kneel in the wind and rain beside the damaged plane which brought...

  27. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4787

    B-17 Flying Fortresses of the 379th Bomb Group fly in formation on their return from a mission, 11 February 1944. ...

  28. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4784

    A red flare from the control tower at Kimbolton, signals to a formation of B-17 Flying Fortresses not to land as B-17 42-37805 nicknamed "Carol...

  29. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4836

    A bomber crew of the 527th Bomb Squadron of 379th Bomb Group with their B-17 Flying Fortress 42-37805 FO-B “Carol Dawn” on 11 February 1944. The...

  30. UPL 14977

    93rd Bomb Group crew in front of B-24 Liberator #41-23682 'The Blasted Event'. ...

  31. Craig Schultz UPL 31209

    2nd Lt. John "Jack" D. Heagney Jr.

  32. UPL 31208

    Lt. Claude A Chinn 63rd Fighter Squadron. P-47D 42-28741 UN-C. This a/c was lost on 2 December 1944 when Lt. Wyman A Baker was KIA in a mid-air...

  33. UPL 31207

    Lt. Claude A Chinn 63rd Fighter Squadron. P-47D 42-28741 UN-C.

  34. Thomas F. Flemming UPL 31206

    Men of the 91st BG, 323rd BS, pose in front of the 323rd operations office at Bassingbourn after a fresh snowfall. The photograph was taken by Lt....

  35. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 3920

    A B-17 Flying Fortress (OE-Z, serial number 42-30353) of the 335th Bomb Squadron, 95th Bomb Group flies low over Marrakesh, Morocco, after the...

  36. Hartman Family Collection UPL 31204

    Flight Surgeon Sam Hartman helps guide a stretcher carrying a wounded airman into an ambulance at Snetterton Heath. The unknown airman was probably...

  37. Hartman Family Collection UPL 31205

    Sam Hartman, on right, with his identical twin brother, Lee Edward Hartman, in the United States. ...

  38. Hartman Family Collection UPL 31202

    Sam Hartman on a return visit to Snetterton Heath in the 1990s.

  39. Hartman Family Collection UPL 31203

    Captain Sam Hartman of the 96th Bomb Group.

  40. UPL 31201

    Sidney Novell

  41. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 3610

    Two B-17 Flying Fortresses (LG-V, serial number 42-29711) and (LL-A, serial number 42-3073) of the 91st Bomb Group with an RAF Hurricane. Image via...

  42. 390th Nose Art UPL 31200

    Nose art for "Hellion" 571st Squadron 390th Bomb Group 338375

  43. UPL 31199

    B-17 41-24483 Spirit of Alcohol

  44. UPL 31198

    William A. Rathgeber KIA 19 May 1943

  45. UPL 31197

    Clayton L. Cassingham , 489th Bomb Group

  46. UPL 31196

    E. Bernell “Mac” McIntire

  47. Thomas F. Flemming UPL 27605

    Robert Holliday of the 91st BG, 323rd BS at Bassingbourn in early 1945 standing near the 323rd dispersal area. He appears to be wearing cowboy...

  48. Thomas F. Flemming UPL 27364

    323rd Bomb Squadron pilots Robert Holliday and Max Shambaugh at Bassingbourn in early 1945. Photo by Lt. Thomas F. Flemming, 91st BG, 323rd BS.