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  1. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 7079

    Left to Right: Captains Louis Sebille, Roland Scott, Howard Posson. All three took part in the first B-26 Marauder Combat. Scott lost an eye in...

  2. UPL 28072

    Close up of Martin Marauder B-26B, 41-31765, ER-X, Fightin' Cock, - 450th BS, 322nd BG, and the 9th AF.

  3. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 6475

    The nose art of the B-24D Liberator, 42-40506, named, Fightin' Sam, in the 389th Bomb Group. 1943

  4. UPL 52039

    1st Lt Donald 'Doc' Renwick, 61FS, 56FG.

  5. UPL 52038

    P-47 41-6352 'Doc', 61FS, 56FG

  6. UPL 52037

    Lt Donald 'Doc' Renwick and P-47 Doc. 61FS, 56FG

  7. UPL 52036

    "P-47 Thunderbolts make first appearance in England May 1943" Nearest camera is P-47 41-6352

  8. UPL 52035

    Major William T Whisner in Korea.

  9. UPL 52034

    Major William T Whisner, upon becoming a jet ace in Korea 1952.

  10. UPL 52033

    "6 in a day" - William T Whisner, 352FG. Whisner downed 6 x Fw190's in a day.

  11. UPL 52032

    Lt Col Francis S. Gabreski (L) congratulates another World War II and Korean War ace, Maj. William T. Whisner (center). Lt. Col. George Jones (R),...

  12. UPL 52031

    Major Van Chandler (R) shakes hands with Major William Whisner (L). In addition to his 15.5 kills during World War II, Whisner shot down 5.5 MiG's...

  13. UPL 52030

    Capt. George E. Preddy of Greensboro, NC, (L) and 1st Lt. William T. Whisner, Jr., (R) Shreveport. LA, pose beside a Republic P-47 at an airbase in...

  14. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 49337

    B-24H - 42-7766 - Heavy Date - Pilot 1st Lt. Eldon Neil Colby - Standing on wing - Far Right - Aircraft lost - Shot down by German...

  15. UPL 52029

    "Capt. William T. Whisner, of 312 Albany Ave., Shreveport, LA, who shot down six Fw190's and probably destroyed another, 21-Nov-44 to equal the...

  16. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 15317

    B-24D Liberator, 42-40738, The Oklahoman, in the 566th Bomb Squadron, the 389th Bomb Group, and the 8th Air Force, and crew, flew on the Ploesti...

  17. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 15318

    B-24D Liberator - 42-40738 - The Oklahoman, and Crew : ...

  18. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 15321

    The B-24D Liberator - 42-40738 - The Oklahoman, shown with pilot, John C. "Jack" Martin from Tishomingo, Oklahoma, who named, The Oklahoman....

  19. UPL 49332

    The B-24D, Touch Of Texas, in the 8th Air Force, the 389th Bomb Group, and the 566th Bomb Squadron, - RCL - D, was being flown by 1st. Lt. Eldon...

  20. UPL 52028

    Charles M 'Doc' Noonan of the 379th Bomb Group

  21. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 370

    "Lieutenant Ray C. Gordon* of the 350th Fighter Squadron, 353rd Fighter Group. This photograph was probably taken at Raydon air base where the...

  22. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 369

    "Lieutenant Ray C. Gordon* of the 350th Fighter Squadron, 353rd Fighter Group. This photograph was probably taken at Raydon air base where the...

  23. UPL 52027

    2nd Lt John F. Thornell Jr, 352FG

  24. UPL 52026

    2nd Lt Ronald Lee Helder, 389BG

  25. UPL 52025

    Crew of Ole Kickapoo....

  26. Donald S Graham UPL 52022

    1st Lt. Henry Franklin was a replacement pilot from Tulsa, Oklahoma who christened his new ...

  27. Donald S Graham UPL 52023

    2nd Lt Henry B Franklin and ground crew.

  28. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 98

    Pilot of the 20th Fighter Group in flying gear. Portion of the aircraft's serial number is visible on the tail as 26810.*...

  29. UPL 29923

    P-51D 44-11224 C5-C “Pretty Pat” Lt. Rocco R Lepore, 364th Fighter Squadron. Pictured here is the result of a crash-landing at Leiston by Lt....

  30. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 476

    Ground crew, including Sergeant Dick Spicer, of the 357th Fighter Group attend to a P-51 Mustang nicknamed "Pretty Pat" following a crash landing...

  31. UPL 52021

    1st Lt Rocco LePore, 364FS, 357FG

  32. UPL 52020

    1st Lt Morris E. Gallant 364FS, 357FG, 8AF USAAF.

  33. UPL 52018

    Col Glenn T. Eagleston's 'sieve like' F-86 Sabre, after an encounter with a MiG near the Yalu river 1951. 'Eagle' was leading the 334th FG, 4th...

  34. UPL 52019

    Lt Col Glenn T. Eagleston (L), centre unknown, Lt Col Jack Bradley (R) in front of P-51D 44-63607 'Feeble Eagle'

  35. UPL 52017

    "Lt. Colonel Glenn Eagleston, Alhambra, CA left; and Lt. Colonel Jack Bradley, Brownwood, Texas, deputy commanding officer of he 354 th Fighter...

  36. UPL 52016

    "Lt. Colonel Glenn T. Eagleston, Alhambra, CA., ace fighter pilot of the 354th Fighter Group, in the cockpit of his North American P-51 at an...

  37. UPL 52015

    Little Joe in formation with another flying fort with it's gear down

  38. UPL 52014

    Little Joe left front quarter picture showing size of nose art

  39. UPL 52013

    nose art of ET-T, 336BS, 95BG

  40. UPL 52012

    Nose art of 43-38106 of he 336th BS, 95th BG

  41. UPL 52011

    Starduster ET-E of the 336th BG, 95th BG

  42. 42-32045 UPL 52010

    Nose Art for B-17G 42-32045 "Silver Slipper"

  43. 42-32045 UPL 52009

    Nose Art for Silver Slipper 42-32045

  44. UPL 52008

    B-24D - 772 - #85 - Crew ...

  45. UPL 52005

    B-24D - Copilot Lt. Ronald Lee Helder - Ole Kickapoo, Lt. Helder and his command pilot, Lloyd Hughes, were killed in action (KIA) at Campina,...

  46. UPL 52006

    B-24D - Ole Kickapoo - 42-40753. - Left to Right Standing : Lt. Lloyd Hughes and Lt. Ron Helder in front of Number 4 Engine. And...

  47. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 39577

    The B-24D, Suzy Q, with it's Command Pilot Col. Leon Johnson, in the 44th Bombing Group the 9th Air Force. 1943

  48. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 39789

    Copilot Lt. John C. Riley, and Pilot Lt. Bob Nespor, Lt. John Young's good friend from the98th Bomb Group's 344th Bomb Squadron, were reassigned...

  49. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 46171

    Copilot Ronald Lee Helder's B-24D, 42-40753, that Lt. Helder called, Ole Kickapoo. SN, 42-40753, crashed & burned at the Prahova dry riverbed...

  50. Images UPL 52004

    Grady Boyd Adams of Texas