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  1. UPL 29367

    Maj. Robert W Foy, [ Van Nuys, CA ], 363rd Fighter Squadron, P-51D 44-13712 B6-V “Reluctant Rebel”.

  2. UPL 29365

    Over Cambridge in July, 1944: Publicity photos to help sell war bonds. Taken from the waist of a B-17. E2-C Col. Tom Christian, E9-O Capt. Sam...

  3. UPL 29366

    Close up of E9-R from publicity flight. "Each of us flew past the B-17 after pictures of the flight of four were taken. The date was July 26,...

  4. UPL 29363

    Formal portrait of Bocquin, probably after his commission in 1943.

  5. UPL 29364

    After Kassel, Sept. 27, 1944: Lt. William Beyer (left), and Lt. Bocquin (right) prepare their reports. While Bocquin downed three enemy planes,...

  6. UPL 29362

    Capt. James W Browning, [ Syracuse, KS ] 363rd Fighter Squadron. P-51B 43-6563 B6-P "Gentleman Jim".

  7. UPL 29361

    Salvatore Angelo Mauriello https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=67503945

  8. UPL 29359

    Capt Winfield H Brown aboard his mount P-51D 44-72191 MX-F 'Lady Helen II' 82FS, 78FG, 8AF.

  9. UPL 29358

    Capt Winfield H Brown and his mount P-51D 44-72191 MX-F 'Lady Helen II' 82FS, 78FG, 8AF.

  10. UPL 29357

    Maurice s Mahoney

  11. UPL 29356

    John S Mahar Jr

  12. UPL 29355

    'Boots And Her Buddies' #42-31599 Jerome H Mamber 43-B curtis Field

  13. UPL 29354

    George B Austin Jr

  14. UPL 29353

    Pictured are, back row, left to right: ...

  15. UPL 29352

    Pictured are, back row, left to right: Pilot George Linko (with his arm around a ground crewman and a hand on Ginsburg), Co-Pilot Kenneth Shook,...

  16. UPL 29351

    George A Linko 43-B Curtis Field

  17. Jcook Photo Collection & Archives UPL 29350

    Capt Bob Goodnight 354th FG

  18. UPL 29349

    1st Lt. Billy J. Murray in publicity style shot in August 1944 in front of a P-47D. Murray would complete his tour in April 1945 claiming one...

  19. JCook Photo Collection & Archives UPL 29346

    P-51B s/n 43-6687 GQ+S 355th FS 354th FG

  20. UPL 29345

    Richard" Dick" Fixa Summer of 1944 in front of the "Lucky Buck"; B-17 Heavy.

  21. UPL 27725

    First Lieutenant Dale Shaffer's crew of the 365th Bomb Squadron of the 305th Bomb Group, 23 November 1942. They are in front of B-17 41-24575.

  22. UPL 29343

    Carol Dawn Enlisted Crew. Joe Meitz is bottom left.

  23. UPL 29344

    Joe Meitz at Kimbolton AB.

  24. Clarence Cecil Daw --The Five Daw Brothers UPL 29341

    Sgt. Clarence Cecil Daw was killed in action March 1944.

  25. Clarence Cecil Daw --The Five Daw Brothers UPL 29342

    Clarence Cecil Daw headstone. Union Hill cemetery. Pensacola, FLA. All five Daw brothers and their parents are buried here.

  26. UPL 29340

    Short snorter, rear showing AC serial number 42-31895, from transfer flight of AC to ETO 14 Feb. 1944

  27. UPL 29339

    Short snorter, front, from transfer flight of B-17G 42-31895 to ETO

  28. Document 29338

    Lt. Reginald C. Holliday (note misspelling of last name on records as "Halliday") flight logs for service at and combat missions flown from Station...

  29. UPL 23854

    Mission map for 8th Air Force mission 482 to Ebelsbach-Schweinfurt on July 19, 1944 from Harold Motz, navigator in the Westrope crew, 708th...

  30. The image is not for reuse without permission from Metfield Books. UPL 29337

    Front cover of forthcoming book written by Christine Brennan, born and bred in Metfield, Suffolk, UK. Memories and anecdotes. Should be of interest...

  31. UPL 29323

    42-39774 Del Long Beach 27/8/43, ass 323BS/91BG [OR-R] Bassingbourn 18/10/43; 26+m tran AFSC 3/5/44; DEMO DARLING

  32. UPL 29336

    Clarence C Daw

  33. Eino E Jarvi, crew 35, mission 235. UPL 29335

    Who can give me more information about Eino E Jarvi and his crew, crew 35. thank you very much.

  34. UPL 29334

    Lt. Roger D McCutcheon, 413th FG, 1st FS, IeShima, Okinawa. 1945.

  35. UPL 29333

    "Shirley," 413th FG, 1st FS, IeShima, Okinawa, 1945. Lt Roger D McCutcheon's plane.

  36. Personal effects of Billy J. Murray UPL 25552

    Personal photograph of Billy J. Murray with the "Donna J" named for his only sister, Donna Joyce Murray. The aircraft is his first P-51D #44-14808....

  37. UPL 29330

    Lt David Lang Callaway 361st fighter group 374 Squadron KIA June 19 1944 . Along with 3 other aircraft

  38. UPL 29332

    Crew of B-17 42-38078 'Sweet Pea' pose after their narrow escape on 21-Sep-44....

  39. L. Maschhoff crew 334th BS 381st BG UPL 29331

    2LT Lawrence H. Maschhoff, prior to earning his pilot's wings.

  40. UPL 29328

    Front row, left to right: LT Raymond J. Bleakley (N), LT Bernard D. Dreiman (B), LT Frank S. Welsh (CP), and LT David W. Johnstone (P). Standing (L...

  41. UPL 29326

    B-17 42-107100 Century Note (VE-D) in right side of frame

  42. B-17G 42-39984 UPL 29324

    Written statement by William Wells of B-17G 42-39984

  43. B-17G 42-39984 UPL 29325

    Questionare by William Wells of B-17G 42-39984