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  1. UPL 41662

    Hanks crew; 708th squadron, 447th bomb group. Photo taken at Rattlesden, England. Back row, left to right: Lt. Dale J. Hanks, Lt. Allen J. Miller,...

  2. Wolfpack UPL 41661

    Vincent B Newcom........my dad 56th fighter group

  3. UPL 41660

    George L. Thomas

  4. UPL 41659

    B-17E 41-9109 VIP Transport conversion. Served in MTO as transport. Image legend 6-25-45

  5. UPL 41657

    42-97632 (far aircraft) on a mission with 44-8324 Blood’N’Guts

  6. UPL 41656

    Order Unknown: Lt. William R. Greenwell, Lt. Dinny J. Fotinakes, Lt. Randolf D. Garlee (?), Lt. Donald D. Wilson, S/Sgt. William J. Toomey, Sgt....

  7. UPL 41655

    Sandusky Jo; Lt. Paul Graves (L), Lt. Guido Pinamonti (R)

  8. UPL 25912

    Crew of "Virginia Helen". ...

  9. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4743

    Sergeants Leonard Walter, Ernest Davis, Arthur Murrey, Joe Martin and Eugene House of the 526th Bomb Squadron, 379th Bomb Group put on their...

  10. UPL 41653

    May 1943 Pilot Trianing Class Lubbock AAF; Bruce, Burke, Burkett (kneeling) Allen, Carper Clippard

  11. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 9112

    A P-47 Thunderbolt mounted on a plinth in Brazil. Handwritten caption on reverse incorrectly states: 'Brazil, Destroyed by student riots in 1969....

  12. Albert B. Knowles UPL 41634

    Albert “Jack” Knowles - Yokum Boy nose art.

  13. UPL 41642

    Seething Field England, 448th Bomb Group, 715th Bom Squadron...

  14. UPL 41652

    Memorial to Lt 'Larry' Wolf, bombardier 43-37838, KIA on his 13th mission - August 15th 1944

  15. UPL 41651

    B17G 43-37838 (photo courtesy of Lynn Meyer Arngrimson, daughter of T/Sgt Fred R. Meyer (radio operator via 303bga)

  16. B-17 #42-3535 UPL 41649

    Danish people looking at crashed B-17 42-3535

  17. B-17 #42-3535 UPL 41650

    Danes looking at plane B-17 42-3535

  18. B-17 #42-3535 UPL 41645

    Crash site of B-17 42-3535

  19. B-17 #42-3535 UPL 41646

    Crash site of B-17 42-3535

  20. B-17 #42-3535 UPL 41647

    Crashed B-17 42-3535

  21. B-17 #42-3535 UPL 41648

    German Soldier Guarding B-17 42-3535

  22. Eugene L Wojnowski UPL 41644

    Eugene L Wojnowski

  23. UPL 41643

    B-17G-5-VE Wampus Cat crash landing on Continent. Project No. appears near underside demarcation., however it isn t fully legible.

  24. Thomas Knowles UPL 41641

    Nose art by Albert Knowles 458 BG

  25. UPL 22865

    First crew of Veni Vidi Vici. Last mission was 20 Feb 44. Pilot - Captain Herbert W Moore, Jr....


    H2S equipped B-17F-DL 42-3398 of 813th BS, 482nd BG (PFF), 1943

  27. UPL 41640

    1935 newsreel footage on appointment of Andrews to command the new General Headquarters Air Force

  28. UPL 41639

    William H. Kennedy 1922-1991, Ohio. 1st Lieutenant, 8th Air Force, 447th Bomb Group. Flew 60 missions and volunteered for another 30, was refused....

  29. UPL 41638

    2LT William Langley "Red" Granbery III

  30. UPL 41636

    Raymond Richard Baldridge

  31. UPL 41635

    B24 #42-51104 Crew

  32. Document 41633

    361st FG , 8th AF P-51D Formation Flight B7-0 ;B7 Z; B7 L; B7 B. DARLIN DORA 44-14957

  33. UPL 41014

    1LT Richard Edward Sullivan (N) c. 1944 466th BG 786th Bomb Squadron

  34. UPL 41630

    William T. Burkett 8th AF, Seething Field, 448th Bomb Group, 715th Bomb Squadron

  35. Robert G Ratcliffe UPL 41611

    Captain Robert G Ratcliffe

  36. UPL 41621

    Bruce A Demers

  37. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 3825

    Ground personnel of the 94th Bomb Group load bombs into a B-17 Flying Fortress. Image stamped on reverse: 'Associated Press.' [stamp], 'Passed for...

  38. Uhlenbrock UPL 41629

    Undated photo; Captain Uhlenbrock standing in front of a C-47, probably at Ramsbury, England

  39. UPL 41628

    The Crew of 43-38796 "The Lad" The picture labelled "Granger" is believed to be that of William V Gorringe.

  40. UPL 41627

    1st Lt Arthur Stern - Photo by findagrave contributor Des Philippet.

  41. UPL 41626

    S/Sgt James Clayton Rivers - Photo by findagrave contributor Des Philippet.

  42. 379 th BG UPL 41624

    The 379th BG overseas ogininal crew of Lt Kermit D. Woolridge crew (also see n spelled Wooldridge) . The crew's first missions were flown on 42...

  43. USAAF Archives UPL 41623

    B-17G 42-32101 "El Lobo II" (F) of the 457th BG/748th BS prior to bomb load for a mission.

  44. Warner J. Schlecht UPL 41619

    Warner J. Schlecht and sisters, 1941 Omaha, Nebraska.

  45. Frank E. Webb UPL 41620

    Frank E. Webb Missions List in his own hand.

  46. Frank E. Webb UPL 41617

    Frank E. Webb, Officers Pass (London), December 21, 1944

  47. Frank E. Webb UPL 41618

    Frank E. Webb, Certificate of Valor