We found 41648 media

  1. Family Collection UPL 44663

    Dolores M. Augustin and Robert Adam Thompson

  2. UPL 44662

    Page 56 of the Pampa Army Field Gig Sheet, Class of 1944A

  3. Army Air Force sCollection UPL 44661

    Pilot Graduation Photo from Pampa Army Airfield Gig Sheet Class of 1944A...

  4. UPL 44660

    1st Lt Cecil Delwin Hobdey, 384BG.

  5. UPL 44659

    1st Lt Cecil Delwin Hobdey, 384BG.

  6. UPL 44658

    2nd Lt Cecil Delwin Hobdey, 384BG.

  7. John Simmons Young UPL 31977

    B-24 Liberator, # 41-11825, Col. John R. Kane's chosen aircraft, 'Hail Columbia'. For the Ploesti Mission, Kane named the plane, 'Hail Columbia'...

  8. UPL 44657

    42-38038 "April Girl II" with Lt. C. M. Walker and crew. ...

  9. UPL 44656

    William Raymond 'Gil' Sultan, 301BG.

  10. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5674

    A B-17 Flying Fortress (LG-P, serial number 42-29815) nicknamed "Miami Clipper" of the 91st Bomb Group lands at Bassingbourn, 1943. Image by...

  11. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5660

    A B-17 Flying Fortress (LG-P, serial number 42-29815) nicknamed "Miami Clipper" of the 91st Bomb Group lands at Bassingbourn, 1943. Image by...

  12. UPL 17246

    Official USAAF caption : "ENGLAND - Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress" of the 8th Air Force enroute to bomb Nazi installations - 322BS - 91BG"

  13. Hutchinson & Cortright UPL 25512

    Liberty Belle, #43-38037 - B-17 of the 836th Squadron S/Sgt George R. Michael (radio operator) first on left front row was one of two men who...

  14. UPL 44654

    Robert E Burgermyer

  15. Document 44652

    Parker W. Finney POW ID card. Probably issued at Stalag Luft III.

  16. Document 33965

    Names of pictured POWs from Swissvale PA. Johnnie Euwer, Ed Thorne, Jimmy Schroeder, Parker Finney

  17. UPL 44651

    84TH Troop Carrier Squadron

  18. UPL 44650

    2nd Lt William Franklin Herndon, 384BG.

  19. UPL 44649

    S/Sgt Bernard Joseph Henricks, 384BG.

  20. UPL 44647

    T/Sgt John Edward Hartman, 384BG.

  21. UPL 44646

    S/Sgt Erwin Jack Harrison, 384BG

  22. UPL 44644

    S/Sgt. Ernest F. Baron

  23. UPL 44645

    42-40804 the "Lady Jane" named for Lt. Meehan's Wife.

  24. UPL 44643


  25. UPL 44642

    T/Sgt William Lester Harper, 384BG

  26. M.Bemelmans UPL 44641

    2Lt Louis E. Younkin

  27. M.Bemelmans UPL 44640

    Crache site Hohenhausen 6 august 1944 B-24 41-29363 from book "Hohenhausen im Wandel der Ziet"

  28. UPL 30635

    The B-17F JOHNNY REB JR. or II (41-24443) crew on the October 21, 1942 97th BG Mission #16....

  29. UPL 44633

    2nd Lt Raymond John Haley, 384BG.

  30. Virgil Rose Jr UPL 44631

    News clipping of his award and promotion.

  31. Virgil Rose Jr UPL 44630

    MIA telegram for Virgil Rose Jr. sent to his mother.

  32. Virgil Rose Jr UPL 44629

    Virgil Rose Jr. Royal Canada Air Force. Later transferred to US Army Air Force

  33. UPL 41504

    The Scorpion is the renamed Swamp Fire which is detectable by comparison of late career photographs. The mission symbols and battle damage repairs...

  34. UPL 44625

    B-17 42-97991

  35. UPL 44624

    B-17 42-97991

  36. UPL 44623

    2nd Lt Stephen Ruben 'Play Boy' Boren, 4th FG.

  37. UPL 44620

    T/Sgt Eugene Thomas Hagan, 384BG

  38. UPL 44619

    An Article about Donald L Nielsen in his local newspaper. An interview given when he was 81

  39. Birchman UPL 44618

    Crew of the Lady Katy - May 1944

  40. UPL 44617