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  1. Tondelayo B17 Flying Fortress UPL 41323

    Group 379-15-1 July12-1945 Combat Crew

  2. UPL 41322

    Henry D McCollum

  3. UPL 41321

    B17 43-38766 on a bomb Mission!!!

  4. UPL 41320

    B17G 43-38752 "Little Cinder" on Mission!!!

  5. UPL 41319

    B17G 42-31332 "Frivolous Sal" parked on Airfield

  6. UPL 31707

    27 May 1944 - Lt Forszen and crew with 42-31810 "Dol".

  7. UPL 41318

    Lt. Colonel Charles H. Bowman, Original Air Executive Officer

  8. UPL 41317

    Major Alva F. Cleary, Group Adjutant

  9. UPL 41316

    "Lt. Colonel Wilford Beaver, Ground Executive Officer"

  10. UPL 41315

    Lt. Colonel Francis H. Bonham, Air Executive Officer"

  11. UPL 41314

    "Lieutenant Colonel Louis G. Thorup, present Commanding Officer, 447th Bombardment Group (H)"

  12. UPL 41313

    "Col. William J. Wrigglesworth Commanding Officer, who left the group on March 31st, 1945"

  13. UPL 41312

    "On 8 Feb. 1945, Co9l. Wrigglesworth, commanding the 447th Bombardment Group received appointment from Lt. Col. to Colonel. Colonel Burns of Hq....

  14. UPL 41311

    Colonel William J. Wrigglesworth, second Commanding Officer, 447th Bombardment Group (H)

  15. UPL 41310

    Cliff Onthank (L) Bernie Mirotznik (R) with two local WAAF's

  16. UPL 41309

    Missing Air Crew Report for B-24 Liberator (serial number 42-40781) and it's crew. Shot down on 1 August 1943 over Ploesti as part of Operation...

  17. UPL 41308

    Air Medal citation for Roy C Harms of the 93rd Bomb Group

  18. UPL 41307

    A bomber crew of the 93rd Bomb Group, led by First Lieutenant Roy C Harms, with their B-24 Liberator (serial number 42-40781)

  19. B-17 UPL 41306

    B-17 42-29924, Man O' War

  20. UPL 41305

    Earl Ferguson of the 93rd Bomb Group

  21. Collection of Lt. Col. Walter E. Foster (USAF Ret.) UPL 21100

    Lt. Frank Burgmeier-Lead Navigator (Left) and Lt. Walt Foster-Lead Bombardier (Right) outside of their tent near Lessay, France August-September...

  22. Collection of Lt. Col. Walter E. Foster (USAF Ret.) UPL 21201

    Lessay, France August -September 1944 (L - R) Lt. Walt Foster-B, Lt. Robert Smith-P, Lt. Frank Burgmeier-N, Lt. Erwin.

  23. Lt. Col. Walter E. Foster (USAF Ret.) UPL 41304

    Lt. Walter E. Foster. Site No. 13 Earls Colne Airfield 1944.

  24. UPL 41303

    Lt. Rufus N. Wildon

  25. B-26 Marauder Historical Group Facebook Page UPL 41302

    Lt. Joseph D. Lazar, a pilot with the 456th BS, 323rd BG, at Laon / Athies Airfield. Winter 1944. If memory serves, Lazar flew as a co-pilot on...

  26. Online - B-26 Marauder Historical Society Facebook Page. UPL 41301

    Earls Colne Airfield Dispersal Area - ORS's Quarters (Nissen huts) and Ablutions Buildings ( upright walls and pitched roofs). This is one of the...

  27. UPL 41300

    2Lt Richard H Parsons

  28. UPL 41299

    1Lt Eugene J Zakovec and his wife Bo, before he left to England. Photo source: Patty Carr

  29. UPL 41298

    1Lt Eugene J Zakovec, entered the USAAF from: Nebraska. He trained as a fighter pilot and served with the 385th Fighter Squadron. On the 9th April...

  30. UPL 41297

    1Lt Arthur S Waldron, He trained as a Recon Pilot and went to serve with the 13th Photo Squadron of the 7th Reconn. Group.

  31. Document 41295

    Top row left to right: Robert (Bob) Rossiter, Roger Saylors, Vince DaSilva Front row left to right: Jack Hurd, Chuck Rainey, Dale Nuss

  32. UPL 41294

    Robert F. Rossiter, 93rd Bomb Group

  33. UPL 41293

    42-3222 B-17F-35-DL DUECES WILD bases on poker hand and serial number which could produce several high ranking hands....

  34. Document 41292

    Top row left to right: Robert (Bob) Rossiter, Roger Saylors, Vince DaSilva Front row left to right: Jack Hurd, Chuck Rainey, Dale Nuss

  35. UPL 41291

    Harlan Oakberg, 1943 (photo courtesy of the Oakberg family)

  36. UPL 41290

    Donald M. Boyd, 1943 (photo courtesy of the Boyd family)

  37. UPL 41288

    The Damar Crew

  38. UPL 41286


  39. UPL 41285

    MI-AMIGO MEMORIAL - dedication ceremony 1969.

  40. UPL 41284

    MALCOLM Williams - TV screenshot from 7th anniversary of crash of MI-AMIGO.

  41. UPL 41283

    Sgt Estabrooks

  42. UPL 41282

    Lyle and Erma Curtis, October 1943.

  43. UPL 41281

    John Kriefshauser in 1942 during flight-training (USAAF)

  44. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4848

    A B-17 Flying Fortress (MS * U, serial number 42-107018) of the 535th Bomb Squadron, 381st Bomb Group landing at Ridgewell. ...

  45. UPL 26178

    Photo of B-17G 44-6968 taken sometime in February 1945 at AAF Station 152, Debach, home of the 493rd BG.

  46. USAAF Archives UPL 41277

    B-17G "Liberty Run" of the 305th BG/422nd BS (JJ-M)

  47. Document 41276

    Accidental Bombing of 404th Bomb Group & 1591st Ordnance Supply & Maintenance Company. by Allied Bombers.