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  1. UPL 46089

    Robert Fowler

  2. UPL 46088

    Top Row (L-R): Bill Riley, Pilot - New York, Lt. Robert Fowler, Co-Pilot - Hamlin, TX, Lt. Ed Kodis, Navigator - California, Robert "Red" Mulloy,...

  3. Charles D. Taylor Collection UPL 33185

    First Lieutenant Ellsworth H. Shields and his crew at 458th BG, Horsham St Faith, England. Ellsworth, Radio Operator/Aerial Gunner, is back row,...

  4. UPL 46087

    SGT William Edward Wenckens Gunner Wade Sneed Crew Shot Down/Captured 10 October 1943

  5. UPL 46086

    2LT Lewis Scott Gardner Bombardier Wade Sneed Crew KIA - 10 October 1943

  6. UPL 46085

    Wade H. Sneed Crew...

  7. JCook Photo Collection & Archives UPL 46084

    P-51B s/n 42-106443 359th FG/354th FG lost 7-17-44

  8. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 46060

    # 42-40753 ~ B-24D 'OLE KICKAPOO' - Command Pilot 2nd Lt. Lloyd Hughes And Crew 1943 Aircraft lost at Campina, Ploesti with both pilots...

  9. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 46075

    B-24D - Lt. Lloyd H. Hughes & Hazel Dean Ewing 1942

  10. UPL 46083

    91st Bomb Group, 323rd Bomb Squadron at Combat Crew Training School at Dyersburg Army Air Base in Halls, Tennessee crew no 7927.

  11. UPL 46082

    Ernest 'Ernie' Poulsen 323rd Bomb Squadron Ball Turret Gunner for 29 missions on B-17 44-8431 / Cheri II

  12. UPL 46080

    Wade Hampton Sneed Crew...

  13. UPL 46081

    B-17F-45-DL #42-3310 "Blood Guts and Rust" Code: F...

  14. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 8503

    The tail of a B-24 Liberator (4N-K, serial number 42-52634) of the 833rd Bomb Squadron, 486th Bomb Group that crash-landed at Sudbury airfield on...

  15. The William H. Andrew Collection UPL 46079

    The crew of Sweeney's Brats and their B-17 Flying Fortress. Lt. William H. Andrew is standing and second from left.

  16. The William H. Andrew Collection UPL 46071

    B-17 Bombers on a mission.

  17. UPL 46078

    1LT Wade Hampton Sneed, Jr. Pilot 390th BG - 568 BS KIA 10 October 1943

  18. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 46077

    B-17G-85-BO #43-38393 Code: CC-V (bottom centre) B-17G-75-BO #43-37904 "Princess Pat" Code: CC-L (centre right) 390th BG - 569th BS - 8th AF

  19. John Simmons Young UPL 46074

    B-24D - Command Pilot Lt Lloyd H. "Pete" Hughes from the 8th Air Force, the 389th Bomb Group the "Sky Scorpions" from England, flew his B-24, ...

  20. UPL 46072

    42-381519 "Colonel Bub", 381st Bomb Group, 534th Bomb Squadron.

  21. The William H. Andrew Collection UPL 46070

    A B-24 Bomber immediately after "Bombs Away".

  22. The William H. Andrew Collection UPL 46069

    This is how the story was told to me. On the second day that Lt. William H. Andrew arrived at Debach, June 26, 1944, others in the 493rd Bomb Group...

  23. The William H. Andrew Collection UPL 46068

    Lt. William H. Andrew, Navigator in the 862nd Squadron, 493rd Bombardment Group.

  24. UPL 46067

    Honey crew - Bob Harper (UpperLeft), Gene Weisser (Navigator) UR, Joe Pearce (pilot) LR, Yolofski (bomabdier) LLeft

  25. UPL 46066

    840th Bomb Squadron

  26. 436th Troop Carrier Group UPL 46065

    1st. Lt. Burnie B. Bailey's grave in Netherland American Cemetery & Memorial

  27. 436th Troop Carrier Group UPL 46064

    1st Lt. Burnie B. Bailey - Killed in Action in Operation Varsity 24 March 1945

  28. UPL 19462

    Damaged wing of the Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress" (A/C 42-97376) of the 95th Bomb Group at an 8th Air Force base, England, 3 March 1945....

  29. NARA: Air Force Award Cards UPL 46062

    Roy Nalley’s Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) card on page 668 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/133417861 (NARA) - The card has his ASN wrong....

  30. UPL 46054

    M/Sgt Robert Anthony Boyle

  31. UPL 46061

    1stLt Robert English

  32. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 46058

    B-17F-35-VE #42-5915 "Cash & Carrie" Code: DI-J 390th BG - 570th BS - 8th AF Shot Down 10 October 1943

  33. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 46057

    B-17G-20-BO #42-31512 "Ice Cold Katie" Code: CC-H 390th BG - 369th BS - 8th AF

  34. Caltrider collection UPL 46056

    2nd Lt Norman D Stuckey

  35. UPL 46055

    Men of the 100th Bomb Group 351st Bomb Squadron

  36. 436th Troop Carrier Group UPL 46053

    CREW of C-47A 42-100558, shot down on 24 March 1945 in Operation Varsity

  37. 436th Troop Carrier Group UPL 46052

    C-47A Crew of "Buzz Buggy"

  38. 436th TROOP CARRIER GROUP UPL 46051

    1st. Lt. Robert Earl Lowe, KIA 13 April 1945

  39. 436th Troop Carrier Group UPL 46050

    1st Lt. Robert Tyrie Benton, KIA 24 March 1945

  40. UPL 46049

    1LT Ronald J. Upp Fighter Pilot 356th FG - 361st FS

  41. AAF Still Photo Collection UPL 46048

    B-17G-BO 42-31891 The Shape of 401st BG (SC -P) Late 1944or '45.

  42. UPL 46047

    Gene Hackney with his Fifty

  43. UPL 46046

    Gene Hackney in full Flak Suit

  44. UPL 46045

    Gene Paul Hackney

  45. UPL 17448

    Crew of the "Johnny Reb" Serial 41-9089....

  46. UPL 46044

    1st Lt Jack L Raphael, 336FS, 4FG

  47. UPL 13053

    Col. Glenn E Duncan. Headquarters Squadron. P-51D 44-73060 LH-X "Dove of Peace VIII". Note that the P-51 behind has 353rd FG nose markings but...

  48. UPL 46043

    P-47D-27-RE #42-27260 "Flak Happy" Code: 5D3 350th Fighter Group - 345th Fighter Squadron - 12th AF

  49. UPL 46042

    Homer Joseph St. Onge Fighter Pilot 350th FG- 346th FS - 123th AF photo from his 1939 high school year book