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  1. UPL 28143

    First Lieutenant, Tunis H. Holleman

  2. UPL 28142

    crew photo, date and location unknown. Arthur Aull is kneeling front, left.

  3. UPL 28141

    crew photo, date and location unknown. Arthur Aull is kneeling, front, left.

  4. John Stephen Proffitt Jr UPL 28139

    1st Lt. John Stephen Proffitt, Jr., Pilot and Airplane Commander...

  5. UPL 28138

    Class 42-H Bruce Field Ballinger, Texas

  6. UPL 28137


  7. Peter Pastras Crew UPL 28136

    George L Latches The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) · Sun, Nov 11, 1945

  8. Phil Lewis Moody UPL 28135

    Sgt. Phil Lewis Moody

  9. UPL 28134

    Ford's Crew: Sgt. Clarence Bailey, Sgt. Francis F. Burns, 2nd Lt. Charles E. Davis, Sgt. Charles B. Dick, Sgt. William L. Englett, 2nd Lt. Wilburn...

  10. UPL 28133

    Parker W. Finney approx. late 1943 or early 1944.

  11. UPL 28132

    Standing (l to r) Woodrow H. Snyder (Engineer), Burton V. Miller (Waist Gunner), William J. Duling (Tail Gunner), Golden B. Hill (Ball Turret...

  12. JCook Photo Collection & Archives UPL 28131

    Major Cy Blanton flying LT-6G over Korea 1951

  13. JCook photo Collection & Archives UPL 28129

    2Lt Walter Wright 387th BG POW file card

  14. Valerie Lemanski Holley Collection UPL 27638

    Drawing by 1st Lt Richard F. Lemanski Pilot 42 31576 Stalag Luft 1 Barth, Germany...

  15. UPL 28126

    L-R: Captain Neely, Captain Paul J Stach. 453BS, 323BG, 9AF.

  16. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 10756

    A war weary P-47 Thunderbolt (serial number WW-42-75276), now a two-seater, nicknamed "Category E" on a hardstanding, with airmen in cockpits....

  17. UPL 28124

    S/Sgt. Ignazio L "Iggy" Marinello's seen here indicating the name on "his" side of the a/c for the family back home.

  18. UPL 28123

    Bruce Field Class 42-H Ballinger Texas

  19. UPL 28122

    Bruce Field Class 42-H

  20. JCook Photo Collection & Archives UPL 28120

    Capt Harley Brown 20th FG/UAL

  21. JCook Photo Collection & Archives UPL 28119

    P-47D 410th FS Maj Jim Egan

  22. Robert. E. DeMille UPL 28117

    Lt. Donald S. Morrison - Pilot - Left S-Sgt Donald Leroy Engwer - Right

  23. Donald S. Morrison Crew UPL 28078

    Pictured above is the Donald S. Morrison Crew which flew "Shack Rabbit" 42-31346 on 8 Feb 1944 to Frankfurt, Germany (Piston Ring Factory) Primary ...

  24. UPL 28116

    Capt Grant H Thibeault 450BS, 322BG, 9AF.

  25. UPL 28115

    Parker W. Finney. Guessing this was late in training in 1943 or as he was going overseas in early to mid-1944.

  26. Document 28114

    This is a version of the history of the 614th BS that is available on the 401st BG site.

  27. UPL 28113

    Parker Ward Finney. Approximately 1943. Assuming this was a post-training publicity shot for family and publication.

  28. UPL 28112

    Bob Harrington describes bailing out of his crippled B-24, "Ramblin' Wreck," and evading capture in occupied Holland with the assistance of Dutch...

  29. UPL 28111

    Bob Harrington describes the attack on his substitute aircraft, "Ramblin' Wreck," on August 15, 1944, following a successful bombing attack on a...

  30. UPL 28110

    Bob Harrington describes his aircraft and flying combat missions, from a 2004 interview.

  31. UPL 28109

    Bruce Field Class 42-H

  32. UPL 28107

    Bruce Field 42-H Ballinger, Texas

  33. UPL 28106

    Bruce Field Class 42-H

  34. JCook Photo Collection & Archives UPL 28104

    Capt Herschel Ezell 20th FG

  35. JCook Photo Collection & Archives UPL 28103

    Capt Herschel Ezell 20th FG

  36. JCook Photo Collection & Archives UPL 28101

    Major George Wemyss 20th FG

  37. UPL 19800

    Lt. Milward's crew of the 8th AF 95th Bomb Group standing by their B-17 42-30178 "Darlin' Dolly" at their base in England, 5 January 1944. ...

  38. UPL 28099

    1st Lt James B Mossman 450BS, 322BG, 9AF.

  39. UPL 28098

    T/Sgt Louis F Rehmi 450BS, 322BG, 9AF.