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  1. Pay Off 41-34971 UPL 40617

    Pic of the Pay Off and its crew.

  2. Pay Off 41-34971 UPL 40616

    Photos of Pay off and crew at the Glenn L. Martin Maryalnd Aviation Museum. Crew not labeled, unsure who the single pic is of.

  3. UPL 40615

    Joe Pearce's Honey B-17 Crew - 488th Bomb Group - 1944 - Charles Bowman, Morton Yolofsky, Joseph Pearce, Dale Winsor, Eugene Weisser, Clifford...

  4. O Hara crew officers and Donald Allen UPL 40614

    My father (the short guy, Donald C Allen) knew the officers in this photo who sadly crashed and were KIA. I found this photo in my father's...

  5. Carl W. Landwehr UPL 40613

    S/Sgt. Carl W. Landwehr

  6. Glaser UPL 40612

    Warren Glaser and his brother Claude Glaser Jr. (US Army Signal Corps)

  7. UPL 40610

    Leroy Weese's crew of the Lady Luck 41-29128,

  8. UPL 40596

    Van McManus of the 452nd Bomb Group.

  9. Barney Barnett Collection UPL 40597

    USAAF pins and medal ribbons belonging to Irwin Barnett. ...

  10. Barney Barnett Collection UPL 40604

    Enlisted man's 'Ike' Jacket with Technical Sergeant's rank insignia and Air Force Engineering Specialist sleeve patch, belonging to Irwin Barnett.

  11. Barney Barnett Collection UPL 40605

    Crew Chief, Technical Sergeant Irwin “Barney” Barnett

  12. UPL 40609

    John A Chichester With New Bride Jane Weary Chichester December 1941

  13. Robert H Harper UPL 40607

    Robert H Harper of the 381st Bomb Group 1944

  14. UPL 40606

    Oliver Matthew Chiesl. Photo from the article by Oliver's son William D. Chiesl at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/clipped-wings-ww2-story-honor-my...

  15. Staff Sargent Howard Malcom Byrne UPL 40552

    News paper clipping. Possibly the Los Angeles Times.

  16. UPL 40545

    John BurkHolder with B24 42-95206 Ohio Silver

  17. UPL 40594

    Harold A Greenwell, tour of operational missions. 279th Bomb Group, 1st Air Division, 8th Air Force.

  18. UPL 40595

    B17 42-3356 385th Bomb Group

  19. UPL 40593

    Lt. Donald E Lady and crew on the massion to Montbartier France on June 25th 1944

  20. UPL 40592

    Harold A Greenwell, Enigineer & Top Gunner 379th Bomb Group, 1st Air Division, 8th Air Force

  21. UPL 40591

    2nd Lt Paul W Arthaud

  22. UPL 40590

    2nd Lt Archibald L. Robertson's Air Corps card - 16 February 1943

  23. UPL 40589

    Archibald Layton Robertson (photo courtesy of his daughter Mary Krystine Baum)

  24. UPL 40588

    A bomber crew of the 379th Bomb Group with a B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number43-37932) nicknamed "Spratt-O-Liner"

  25. UPL 40525

    Crew of Pot Luck. Roy Peterson was the pilot (center front). Unfortunately I am not able match the other crew names to the photo.

  26. Brossmer UPL 40587

    Robert Brossmer, photo from Colgate University yearbook

  27. Brossmer UPL 40586

    Robert V. Brossmer uniform in museum.

  28. Staff Sargent Howard Malcom Byrne UPL 40585

    Air Medal with three Oak Leaf clusters - Awarded to Howard M. Byrne

  29. Staff Sargent Howard Malcom Byrne UPL 40584

    The Distinguished Flying Cross - Awarded to Howard M. Byrne for “extraordinary achievement”.

  30. Alan Finch Collection via Chris Brassfield UPL 39580

    B-24H-20-FO #42-94845 Code: E/N 34th BG - 7th BS

  31. UPL 40581

    4th/7th BS pic.with with 18th BS crew.B-17G 34th BG Elite over 60missions and while lasting the B-17 tenure after swaping from the B-24 Liberator...

  32. UPL 32330

    "S/Sgt Farris of the 390th Bomb Group, wearing Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal, 2-Dec-43. England."

  33. UPL 40579

    B-17G-85-BO Fortress 43-38343, "The Big Gear", 34th Bomb Group, 391st Bomb Squadron.

  34. UPL 40578

    B-17G-80-BO 43-38257, "Tyson's Tramps", 34th Bomb Group, 381st Bomb squadron

  35. George Sterler UPL 40577

    Captain George Sterler's B-17 Crew

  36. George Sterler UPL 40576

    Lt. George Sterler's B-17 Bomber Crew 96th BG, 338th SQ

  37. George Sterler UPL 40575

    Captain George T. Sterler

  38. UPL 40563

    Harry Reed Wilson Ray - England 1943

  39. UPL 40574

    Harry Reed Wilson Ray

  40. UPL 40573

    WWII Items

  41. UPL 40571

    WWII Customs Form

  42. UPL 40572

    WWII Customs Items

  43. UPL 40570

    T/SGT Harry R.W. Ray 13040275 Island of Capri 1943 32nd T.C.S. 314th T.C.G.

  44. UPL 40568

    Honarable Discharge 9 Sep 1945

  45. UPL 40569

    ID Card-Enlisted Reserve Corps...

  46. UPL 40566

    Enlisted Record and Report of Seperation...

  47. UPL 40567

    Honarable Discharge Reserve 8 Sep 1948

  48. UPL 40564

    United States Army Air Corps Technical School...

  49. UPL 40565

    Army Seperation Record...

  50. UPL 40562

    4th BS - 34 Bomb Group Original B-24H-20-FO 42-94893 Hell's Belle