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  1. UPL 34861

    Walter Priebe application for headstone marker

  2. UPL 34860

    Alvern G. Kovanes application for headstone

  3. UPL 34859

    Murwin Cook application for headstone

  4. UPL 34858

    Murwin Cook

  5. UPL 34857

    Wade J. Barrios Headstone

  6. UPL 34856

    Wade J. Barrios application fro headstone marker.

  7. UPL 34855

    Lt. Justus D Foster, survived heavy damage on his P47 Thunderbolt

  8. UPL 34854

    Charles G. Stonestreet application for headstone marker

  9. UPL 34852

    William H. "Buddy" Peters and his sister Mary Ruth Peters Crabtree, circa 1941.

  10. UPL 34851

    William H. "Buddy" Peters and his siblings. Top row L to R, Buddy, Mary Ruth Peters Crabtree Bottom row L to R, Billy, Bobby, Dennie Peters

  11. UPL 34850

    William H. "Buddy" Peters, Marion F. "Frank" Crabtree, and Cliff Henry circa 1941.

  12. UPL 34849

    Newspaper article announcing William H. "Buddy" Peters killed in action, May 8, 1944.

  13. American Air Muesum UPL 34848

    Lieutenant Colonel James Good Brown, Chaplain, 381st Bomb Group.

  14. American Air Muesum UPL 34847

    Donald W O'Reilly, Military Policeman, 491st Bomb Group

  15. American Air Muesum UPL 34833

    Ethel Cerasale, Nurse

  16. American Air Muesum UPL 34846

    Ben Presant , Quartermaster worker, 322nd Bomb Group

  17. American Air Muesum UPL 34841

    Sergeant "Joe" Walter H. Albertson , Mechanic, 306th Bomb Group The Reich Wreckers and his wife Peggy on their wedding day.

  18. American Air Muesum UPL 34840

    Technical Sergeant Bert W. Stimmel, Radio Operator / Gunner, 401st Bomb Group.

  19. American Air Muesum UPL 34832

    Staff Sergeant William C. McGinley, Tail Gunner, 392nd Bomb Group.

  20. American Air Muesum UPL 34831

    Sergeant Philip Mundell, Ball Turret Gunner/ Togglier, Bombardier, 306th Bomb Group The Reich Wreckers.

  21. American Air Muesum UPL 34830

    Staff Sergeant Kenneth L. Dilts , Top Turret Gunner, 305th Bomb Group Can Do.

  22. American Air Muesum UPL 34829

    Staff Sergeant Joseph Warren Roundhill, Waist Gunner, Togglier, 379th Bomb Group.

  23. American Air Muesum UPL 34828

    Sergeant Hardin Field McChesney, Radio Operator, 306th Bomb Group The Reich Wreckers.

  24. American Air Muesum UPL 34827

    Technical Sergeant William Clay Toombs,Flight Engineer and Gunner, Airplane Mechanic Gunner, Airplane Engine Mechanic, 493rd Bomb Group.

  25. American Air Museum UPL 34826

    First Lieutenant Neil H. Schrader, Navigator, 398th Bomb Group

  26. American Air Museum UPL 34825

    First Lieutenant John J Askins Jr, Pilot, 91st Bomb Group, The Ragged Irregulars.

  27. American Air Museum UPL 34824

    Staff Sergeant James C Crouch, Waist Gunner and Togglier, 398th Bomb Group.

  28. American Air Museum UPL 34823

    Lieutenant Colonel , William Wyler

  29. American Air Museum UPL 34822

    Lieutenant General Ira Clarence Eaker, commander of the United States Army Air Forces in Britain and the Mediterranean.

  30. American Air Museum UPL 34821

    2nd. Lt. Leland MacFarlane – 4th Fighter Group

  31. Laurence Doyle Collection UPL 34845

    Part 3 of a letter from Laurence Doyle cataloging his treatment and injuries during his captivity. Part 1 Part 2

  32. Laurence Doyle Collection UPL 34844

    Part 2 of a letter from Laurence Doyle cataloging his treatment and injuries during his captivity. Part 1 Part 3

  33. Laurence Doyle Collection UPL 34843

    Part 1 of a letter from Laurence Doyle cataloging his treatment and injuries during his captivity. Not all injuries were visible on the veterans....

  34. UPL 31698

    A bomber crew of the 381st Bomb Group led by Lieutenant Bruce Rivett with their B-17G Flying Fortress (serial number 43-37536, VE-H) nicknamed ...

  35. UPL 26167

    Crash site of B-17 " Tomahawk Warrior", seen as of December 2016....

  36. UPL 25639

    Walter V Gresham Jr's P-51D "Trigger III" 358th FS , 355th FG

  37. UPL 34842

    A picture of Lt Pietrowski, his memorial stone and 93 rd BG Liberators from https://ww2fallen100.blogspot.com/2018/08/ww2-fallen-b-24-navigator...

  38. Laurence Doyle Collection UPL 34839

    Laurence Doyle Mission ready

  39. Laurence Doyle Collection UPL 34838

    Can you imagine the joy this must have brought?

  40. Laurence Doyle Collection UPL 34836

    Newspaper report after he went missing on 01/08/44

  41. Laurence Doyle Collection UPL 34835

    Laurence Doyle With B17

  42. UPL 34819

    GW Ford, 1943, aged 22

  43. UPL 34818

    March 1942

  44. UPL 34817

    Feb. 1942, Sheppard Field, Texas

  45. UPL 34816

    Feb. 1942, Sheppard Field, Texas

  46. UPL 34815

    Feb. 1942, Sheppard Field, Texas

  47. UPL 34814

    Denver Nowlin S/Sgt

  48. UPL 34813

    James R Millin, colourised by Michael Beech