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My father, Major Ralph I fine, was co-pilot and pilot on the B24 liberator "Carioca-Bev" , 466th, EIghth Army Air force, and on the B24 liberator "Earthquake McGoon" . He personally painted the picture on one plane (Carioca-Bev), which was centered by a picture of his future wife Beverlee opposite a cartooned Joe Carioca from the Disney comics. Ralph was born in Mpls.,MN USA. His brother Paul Fine served as a lead navigator, received the DFC and flew on B17, B24, and B26 planes. He also was in the Eighth Air Force, both brothers flying out of Norwich, England. Ralph flew 24+ missions in the European theater of Operations. For more details, read the book: "Carioca-Bev" on amazon.
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