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Volunteer at IWM Duxford, AAM, involved in sorting, identifying and annotating Roger Freeman Photo images. Erstwhile denizen of the forests of bits and bytes that were planted to support the UK Domestic and Corporate Banking worlds. Spent over 25 years wearing away the keys of computer keyboards (or consoles as we used to call them); staring at very very green monitors; and writing reams and reams of quite clever Banking mainframe (ie. BIG computers) application code. Progressed over the centuries to the dizzy heights of Project Management - and even have the book of Prince2 spells and ITIL wizard's hat. I was finally dragged skipping and laughing from the working world after a few years hard labour with a major Telecomms infrastructure company - who thought it was a good idea to put a lot of tiny computers together so they worked like a mainframe (Doh!). I eat most things apart from kidneys and I can't stand heights. I prefer dogs to cats.

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