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BACKGROUND: Highland High School graduate Albuquerque, New Mexico 1961; 1962-1966 United States Air Force, Draftsman/Illustrator. Airman 1st Class; 1966-1967 Cushing & Neville, Inc. Technical Illustrator; 1967-1971 Bachelor of Science in Commercial Art , Painting and Sculpture, Magna-cum-Laude, 1971 Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico. Emphasis on Technical Illustration. 1971-1973 Technical Illustrator and Instructor of Trigonometry, Mason & Hanger Silas Mason Co, Inc., Education & Training Department, Pantex Plant, Amarillo Texas; 1973-1975 Bell Helicopter, Lead Technical Illustrator supporting bonded panel fabrication, Amarillo, Texas facility; 1975-1977 Tech Reps, Inc. , Albuquerque, New Mexico, head of Technical Illustration department, lead illustrator, process camera operator and film developer; 1977-1982. Tech Arts, Co., Technical Illustration & Typesetting Services, Publication Design; Albuquerque, NM, owner; 1982-1994 Sandia National Laboratories, Art Department, Technical Illustrator; Graphic Designer; Computer Animator, Lead Technical Illustrator and Coordinator of Technical illustration Support with Military Liaison Department; 1994-2007 Sandia National Laboratories, Manager of Printing Department; November 2013 Original member of the Super-User group of the American Air Museum as advisor for concept, design, evaluation and testing of the website and I continue in that role. CURRENT Now retired. I am a Superfan of 8th Air Force. Beginning in 2005, I started to collect information of the aircraft and airmen that served with the 8th Air Force in a single comprehensive database. Much of my research (over 10,000 man hours) has been collected through Internet connections to US Government records, Bomb Group Sites, etc. but I am most indebted to the works of Roger A. Freeman and Stan Bishop. I am deeply grateful to the Imperial War Museum/American Air Museum for allowing me to contribute my data collection to this web site so that my efforts will be made available to all those who have an interest in this history and its perpetual preservation.

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