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Military site : non-airfield

The hospital was built on a site requisitioned by the Ministry of Works in 1943 and selected as a location to build a Military hospital to support the bases of the US 8th Air Force located nearby. The Medical facility was built under reverse Lend-Lease arrangements and was completed in September 1943.

The hospital served around 60,000 men, from 15 Bomber bases and their affiliated service units. Most of the casualties treated arose from the USAAF's combat missions over occupied Europe, though nearly 3,000 patients arrived at the hospital as a result of the D-Day landings.

An estimated 60% of the casualties treated by the hospital were caused by Flak, 15% from shrapnel and the remainder from crashes and accidents, almost all injuries treated were classed as severe. The majority of the patients were 18-30 years old.

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  • Bernard Berkowitz

    Military | First Lieutenant | Medical Supply Officer

  • Monroe Broad

    Military | Major | Admission & Disposition Officer

  • Richard Bruno

    Military | First Lieutenant | Chief of Laboratory Section

  • Joseph Cohen

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Master of Surgery
    Commanding officer of the 231st Station Hospital 21 May 1945 to 30 June 1945

  • Charles Foley

    Military | First Lieutenant | Supply and Transportation Officer

  • Linwood Gable

    Military | Colonel | Master of Surgery
    Linwood Gable was Commanding Officer of the 231st Station Hospital at Wymondham from 3 March 1944 to 13 May 1945

  • Byron Gayman

    Military | Major | Chief of Venereal Disease Section

  • Joseph Hillel

    Military | Captain | Chief of Rehabilitation Section

  • Theodore Himelstein

    Military | Captain | Chief of Orthopedic Section

  • Joseph Karow

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Chief of Dental Service

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