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Top row left to right - James L. Picard, Gunner; Lynn T. Cameron, Gunner/Engineer; 1Lt Howard R. Hartley, Pilot. Bottom row left to right - Kasper Skarsten, Bombardier; Elmer T. Neis, Radioman; LT Robert Graney, Co-Pilot. B-26 "Ginny Lou".




  • Lynn Cameron

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Engineer/Gunner
    Statement from TSgt Allen Cook, MACR 6194: On 14 June 1944, on a mission over France, I was flying in number 4 position in flight in which Lt. Hartley was flying No. 2 position (42-96120). No. 2 ship was hit by heavy flak and burst into flames...

  • Howard Hartley

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot

  • Elmer Neis

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Radio Operator/Gunner

  • James Picard

    Military | Staff Sergeant

  • Charles Waddell

    Military | Second Lieutenant


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Hartley B-26 crew photograph scan