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"One of the attacking Consolidated B-24 Liberators of the U.S. 8th AF which assisted ground troops advancing near Caen, France 18 July passes over an area of mushrooming fragmentation bombs. The heavies acted as an aerial barrage, clearing out enemy troops and installations a few miles in front of the advancing troops."

- B-24 markings appear to be a white stabiliser adorned with a W.



  • 8th Air Force

    8th Air Force

    Eighth Air Force Bomber Command became the Eighth Air Force on February 1944, it oversaw bombardment of strategic targets in Europe until 1945. ...

  • 3rd Bomb Division

    3rd Bomb Division

    The 3rd Bomb Division was Constituted in August 1943. In December 1944, the Division was redesginated the 3rd Air Division.


  • 481

    18 July 1944
    Flew an easy one over Denmark to Germany. Only had one hours sleep between yesterday and today.


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