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Joseph Jordan, tail gunner, is sitting on top of the turret. This was taken soon after the St. Etienne mission on May 25, 1944, where the aircraft was listed as missing. It had suffered severe damage and diverted to Corsica. The people in the photograph are those that were not lost on this raid. On the back of the photo are the names of the survivors. I have included the full names of the crew, obtained from "The Second was First, Chapter 10."

"What was left of Bomb Group 9"
Tommy - 2nd Lt. Frederick L. Tompkins, 0-690408, Pilot
Butts - Sgt. Robert O. Butts, Jr., 33553787, Left Waist Gunner
Fram - Sgt. Roger C. Framm, 19206441, Lower Turret
Ray - S/Sgt. Elmer R. Cutsinger, 38200294, Radio Operator
Merkle - Sgt. Carl F. Merkle, 19090034, Right Waist Gunner
Tex (Joe) - Sgt. Joseph A. Jordan, 38341267, Tail Gunner

Fred - 2nd Lt. Fred E. Letz, 0-699203, Navigator (Evaded)
Smitty - 2nd Lt. Paul H. Smith, 0-696292, Bombardier (KIA)
Smokey - S/Sgt. Harold L. Bolick, 39268736, Upper Turret (Evaded)
Rodey - 2nd Lt. Earl E. Rodenburg, 0-700368, Co-Pilot (POW)





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Photograph from the Jordan Family Archives

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Photograph from the Jordan Family Archives