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People gather around B-17 (TU-B/42-31612). The aircraft was shot down by flak on February 22nd 1944 on its way back from Aschersleben (Junkers Airplane Works) near "Gut Muthagen"/Geilenkirchen.

CREW: Lt. William H. Ritzema (POW), Lt. Paul D. Straw (POW), Lt. Robert V. Shuss (POW), Lt. Lorin A. Wolfe (POW), S/Sgt/ Richard H. Stewart (POW), Sgt. Frank De Marco (KIA), Sgt. John H. Zundel (POW), Sgt. Octavio A. Duran (POW), Sgt. William H. Leach (POW), Sgt. Donald C. Pearson (POW).

With permission of the Stadtarchive of Übach-Palenberg/Jürgen Klosa.
From the German Magazine ‘Fliegerblatt’ edition 6 in 2018 (page 140)
it shows that this picture was made by Mr Heinz Ruland. At the time of the crash he was 14 years old.



  • 42-31612

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Mid Continental Airways Modification Center, Denver 28/11/43; Kearney 17/12/43; Syracuse 2/1/44; Presque Is 4/1/44; ...


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Wim Slangen

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This image is from a German Magazine ‘Fliegerblatt’ edition 6 in 2018 (page 140).
It was taken by Mr. Heinz Ruland, who was 14 years old at the time of the crash.

(Information from Wim Slangen).

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From Mr Jürgen Klosa from Bosscheln/Ubach Palenberg/Germany via Wim Slangen (