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This contains information written on the back of the original print and some of it may be inaccurate.

Personnel of the 303rd Bomb Group, including Private First Class Monroe Klein, enjoy tea and biscuits at the YMCA canteen. Image stamped on reverse: ‘Copyright Current Affairs Ltd.’ [stamp], ‘Passed for Publication 21 Apr 1943. [stamp] and ‘238733.’ [Censor no.]Printed Caption on reverse: ''Round the clock with a G.I. PFC Monroe Klein is a private in the United States Army Air Force. Known to all and sundry as a G.I. (General Issue), a private seems to be one of those people everybody takes for granted without realizing the value of the work done by them. PFC Monroe Klein is at a bomber station in Britain. He works all day "on the line", i.e. at dispersal points on the 'drome servicing aircraft which bomb the enemy and this can be a mighty cold job when the weather is rough. His home is 1275 Boscoble Ave , Bronx, N.Y. City, where his parents, Mr and Mrs Klein still live. 20 year old, still single, he was educated at Haaren Aviation High School. He tried a spot of work as a stock clerk, and then joined up, as he has now been in the Army two years. Unfortunately he does not get much time to practice his hobby, which is building model aeroplanes. British hospitality has made him think its pretty swell over here. He has spent several leaves in British homes, to which he was invited. 2nd Lt Morton Hoffman, his cousin is in the U S Army over here, and Monroe has managed to contact him and see him occasionally. Now for 'HIS DAY' - which starts at the crack of dawn: O.P.S. The YMCA have a canteen just by the barracks where Monroe lives, so after the show that is where he goes for a cup of tea.‘



  • 303rd Bomb Group

    303rd Bomb Group

    The 303rd Bombardment Group (Heavy) was activated on 3-Feb-1942 at Pendleton Field, Oregon. They assembled at Gowen Field, Idaho on 11-February 1942 where it conducted flight training until 12-Jun-1942. The Group then moved to Alamogordo Field, New...


  • Monroe Klein

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Airplane Mechanic


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