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Burma's New Family
(Standing L -R) Lt. Walt Foster, Lt. Leo Dale Rush and Lt. Charles H. Stirneman
(Bottom L-R) Lt. Lemmon , Lt. John Guldemond and Burma, who was one of Gin Fizz's puppies. Gin Fizz is mentioned in Enrie Pyle's Brave Men in the chapter about the 456th Bomb Squadron, The Flying Wedge.
Earls Colne Airfield, taken between January 1944 and 17 April 1944
Lt. Sitrneman was a bombardier killed in action in 18 April 1944 on a mission to Dunkirk. Lt. Rush was a bombardier killed on action on 20 May 1944 on a mission to Dieppe.
Just behind them is the basket ball hoop that's in several other photographs. This is probably just behind the fence running behind the grouping of huts for officers. The fields of the Brick House Farm were to the right of that grouping of huts.



  • 323rd Bomb Group

    323rd Bomb Group

    The 323rd Bombardment Group operated with B-26 Marauders, American medium bombers. They were the first Eighth Air Force Group to fly a medium level bombing mission with this aircraft on 16 July 1943. After flying a total of 33 missions with the Eighth,...

  • 456th Bomb Squadron

    456th Bomb Squadron

    Selected Bibliography of Publications: ...


  • Burma Dog

    Military | Private First Class | Mascot

  • Walter Foster

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Bombardier
    Lt. Walt Foster was a navigator and bombardier from Upstate New York who served with the 456th BS during the Second World War. His first combat mission was flown from Earls Colne Airfield on February 3, 1944 to the Ruisseville "No Balls” secret weapon...

  • John Guldemond

    Military | Pilot

  • Thomas Lemmon

    Military | First Lieutenant

  • Leo Rush

    Military | Lieutenant | Bombardier, B-26 Marauder
    Dale Rush served with the 456th BS as a bombardier. He was killed on May 20, 1944 on a mission to Dieppe when "Ole 33 Gal" WT-A Serial No. 41-35033, flying in the Box II, Flight 3 lead position, took a direct hit of heavy flak that shattered the...

  • Charles Stirneman

    Military | First Lieutenant | Bombardier - Navigator
    Lt. Stirneman appears to have shared a Nissan hut with Lts. Leo Dale Rush, Walter E. Foster, John Guldemond, Lemmon, and Pfc. "Burma" in Quarters Area 13 at Earls Colne Airfield, England. Lt. Stirneman was born on 15 May 1921 and was killed in action...


  • Earls Colne

    Military site : airfield
    Earls Colne was built in 1941 as an airfield for No.3 Group, RAF Bomber Command, although never used as such. Assigned to the US Eighth Air Force (as Station 358) in 1942, its 36 hardstands were increased to 50, bringing the airfield up to Air Ministry...

  • Marks Hall

    Military site : non-airfield
    Marks Hall's estate was requisitioned in 1941 for the construction of Earls Colne airfield (USAAF Station 358). ...


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