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Photo of 38-215 in Nome Alaska picking up native made parkas for the U. S. Army. Bundles are visible in the waist gun blister.

Through letters, personal journals, after action reports and government records 38-216, later nicknamed “Old Seventy,” can be followed from her November, 1939 assignment to March Field to her fatal Aleutian crash July 18, 1942. During her life she played a number of roles: test platform for cold weather operations, patrol plane under Navy control, bomber and weather reconnaissance aircraft.



  • 38-216

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    B17B 39-216 was delivered March 28-Sep-39; It was assigned to the Cold Weather Test group at Ladd Fd 4-Oct-40. (Serial number 38-216) crashed into a mountain near Havelock, Nevada on 6 Feb 41, killing the entire crew. The plane was on a mission...


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