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Conrad J. Kersch.
At a reunion of the French Underground around 1950. Stephen Grady is standing next to my Dad. He has a best seller on about his life and the Underground. Conrad was in the OSI due to his Hungary/Romania/German background, fighting in the Underground, plus speaking over 5 languages. The Russians had a $25,000 bounty on his head at this time, 1948-1952. From 1955 to 1959 Master Sgt Kersch was the head enlisted for survivor school and evasion. They had an obstacle course and an active prisoner of war camp that put military in real live situations. (Kris Kersch)



  • Conrad Kersch

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Bombardier, Bombardier; Togglier
    Hit by flak just after bombs away on a mission to Wizernes, France on 26 Mar 1944, B-17G 42-31929 'Tennessee Hillbilly' crashed N of St. Omer after the crew baled out. Evaded capture (EVD). ...


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Images courtesy of Kris Kersch, Conrad's Son.