Milton Dank


Milton Dank served as a glider pilot with the 91st TCS of the 439th Troop Carrier Group.

He sent this email to Howard Heeley of Newark Air Museum in 2003:

'Charles Young forwarded your email to a number of the men who served under his father at Balderton. It was our first station in England and quite an eye-opener. Imagine being next to Sherwood Forest!'

'You probably know of the write up on the Balderton airfield in "UK Airfields of the Ninth, Then and Now" which was published by AFTER THE BATTLE (London). Also Chapter 4 of my book, "The Glider Gang" (Cassell, London, 1978), recounts our arrival at Balderton.'

'We moved to Upottery (Somerset) for the Normandy landings and to France in early September, 1944, but came back to Balderton for the Holland mission. All our other missions were flown from French bases.'

'Personal memories? My favorite is the question-and-answer show we held for the children near the back fence. The subject was U.S. history and the prize a scarce sweet. I still remember the round-faced, chubby boy who won a chocolate bar with almonds for naming the first president of the U.S. This went on until we moved to Upottery.'


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Aerial photograph of Upottery airfield looking west, the main runway runs vertically, barrack sites are to the bottom right of the airfield, 15 March 1944. Photograph taken by No. 541 Squadron, sortie number RAF/CT/91/541. English Heritage (RAF Photography).
  • Site type: Airfield
  • Known as: Smeatharpe


ContributorLucy May

Milton wrote this email sharing his memories of Balderton for Howard Heeley of the Newark Air Museum.
This correspondence was then shared with the American Air Museum by Balderton researcher Colin Savill.