Ninth Air Force

1 May 1945

Official Description

9 A-26’s bomb ammo plant at Stod. IX TAC escorts Light Bombers, flies airfield cover, and patrols Leipzig to Schwarzenberg area. XIX TAC flies patrols and armed reconnaissance over East Germany, West Czechoslovakia, and Austria, dive-bombs Berchtesgaden, and operates with US XII Corps which is advancing South-east between the Danube and the Czech border and north into Czechoslovakia north of Passau, and with XX Corps whose advance elements speed toward the River Inn at Wasserburg.

Mission Details


Aircraft Type: A-26 Invader

Mission Statistics

  • Aircraft sent: 9

Stod / Liepzig area / Schwarzenberg area

Description: Fighter escort and patrols

Berchtesgaden / US XII Corps advance / US XX Corps advance

Description: Fighter patrols and armed reconnaissance


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