IX Fighter Command 168A

6 June 1944

Official Description

Over 2,000 fighter fly sweeps, escort for Medium Bombers and Troop Carriers, ground support, and dive-bombing missions over Western France.

A total of about 30 airplanes Medium Bombers (Fighters and Transports) are lost.


IX Fighter Command was in operational control of all IX and XIX Tactical Air Command Units.

Five Groups were assigned to provide high cover to the beaches

Two Groups (supported by 4 from 8th Air Force Fighter Command) were to provide convoy cover

Five other Groups constituted a striking force

Six were held for support (air to ground cooperation)

Two fighter-bomber squadrons designated from the striking force were assigned to fly one air alert mission each, in support of the US V and VII Corps. In addition the fighter-bombers were to attack two coastal batteries in Squadron strength. the attacks were to be made between H-House and D-Hour plus 10.

With the purpose of blocking movement into the Utah area, fighter-bombers were assigned six-bridges and a rail embankment in the general area south east of Ste Mere Eglise

Mission Details

Omaha Beach / Utah Beach

Description: Five Fighter Groups were assigned to provide high cover to the Normandy beaches

Mission Statistics

  • Aircraft sent: 1
  • Aircraft effective: 976

Convoy Cover

Description: Two Fighter Groups (supported by and addition four Fighter Groups from 8th Air Force Fighter Command) were to provide convoy cover.

Mission Statistics

  • Aircraft sent: 514
  • Aircraft effective: 497

Gefosse-Fontenay / Maisy II a / Beuzeville Road Bridge / Étienville Road Bridge / Saint-Sauveur Railroad Bridge / Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte Road Bridge / Néhou Road Bridge / Sangsuriere Embankment

Description: Dive bombing operations against Gun Batteries

Mission Statistics

  • Tonnage Dropped: 386.16
  • Aircraft sent: 577
  • Aircraft effective: 560
  • Aircraft missing in action: 9

Dive bomber Escort

Mission Statistics

  • Aircraft sent: 32
  • Aircraft effective: 32


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  • Military/Civilian/Mascot: Military
  • Nationality: American
  • Service Numbers: O-16731
  • Highest Rank: Lieutenant General
  • Role/Job: Commanding Officer



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