8th Air Force Field Order 321

30 April 1944

Mission Details



Notes: A mix of 644 fighters from 8th Air Force and 9th Air Force provide escort and also conduct dive bombing attacks: 128 P-38s, 268 - P-47s and 248 P-51s. IX Fighter Command contributes 97 of the P-51s for the escort. Calims are bundled and include 11-0-17 on the ground. Only 8th Air Force losses are shown in table. IX Fighter Command lost 1 P-51 from 363rd Fighter Group, pilot MIA

Mission Statistics

  • Tonnage Dropped: NA


Description: AIRFIELD

Notes: 1 squadron, 8 P-47 aircraft, of 353rd Fighter Group, dive bombs the German airfield at Romorantin, France on withdrawal.

Mission Statistics

  • Tonnage Dropped: 14 X 100 GP

TOURS (Primary)

Description: AIRFIELD

Notes: Two P-38 Fighter Groups, the 20th Fighter Group and 55th Fighter Group, are despatched to attack the German airfield at Tours, France. 44 P-38s of 20th Fighter Group accomplish the dive bombing while 55th Fighter Group provides escort.

Mission Statistics

  • Tonnage Dropped: 35 X 1000 GP 4 X 500 GP


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A P-38 Lightning nicknamed "EZE Does It" of the 20th Fighter Group fitted with a "droop snoot" for bombing missions at Kings Cliffe. Handwritten caption on reverse: '20FG. "Droop Snoot". Bombing P-38.'
  • Aircraft Type: P-38 Lightning
  • Nicknames: Eze Does It
  • Unit: Base Air Depot 3 10th Air Depot Group 20th Fighter Group 10th Depot Repair Squadron 77th Fighter Squadron



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