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42-97265 "hell's angel" after 10/11/1944 friendly bombing accident. "Just off the bomb-run, a PFF operation against Cologne, three 110-pound bombs which had jammed in a Fort flying above "Hell's Angels", fell clear and struck the latter bomber. Two tore off the plexi-glass nose and fell clear, but the third, entering the nose compartment between the astrodome and the windshield, hit (1st) Lt (Leroy) Drummond on the head, killing him instantly. This bomb remained jammed in the floor of the nose compartment for about 45 minutes before it could be dislodged and dropped out the forward escape hatch." - 535th BS War Diary, 10/11/44


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The insignia of the 381st Bomb Group.
  • Unit Hierarchy: Group
  • Air Force: Eighth Air Force
  • Type Category: Bombardment


  • Aircraft Type: B-17 Flying Fortress
  • Nicknames: Hell's Angel
  • Unit: 381st Bomb Group 535th Bomb Squadron


A B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 43-97968) of the 486th Bomb Group bombs the target during a mission. Printed caption on reverse: '54979 AC- BOMBING THROUGH CLOUD- Flying Fortresses of US 8th AF bombed German airfield at Wiesbaden, west of Franksurt, Nov 10th through broken cloud. Attack made in support of Gen Patton's 3rd Army advance was designed to ground German Aircraft. US Air Force Photo.'
  • Date: 10 November 1944


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