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B-26 Marauders (serial number 42-95828) nicknamed "Kreihl's Cradle" and (serial number 43-34401) nicknamed "Helen Highwater III" of the 397th Bomb Group fly together during a mission. February 1945. Image via Stan Walsh. Written on slide casing: '334401, K-.'


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A B-26 Marauder (serial number 42-96191) nicknamed "The Milk Run Special" of the 397th Bomb Group at Steeple Morden, 1945. Image by Alexander "Cal" Sloan. Written on slide casing: '296191, 397 BG.'
  • Unit Hierarchy: Group
  • Air Force: Ninth Air Force
  • Type Category: Bombardment


  • Aircraft Type: B-26 Marauder
  • Nicknames: Kreihl's Cradle/Pink Lady II
  • Unit: 391st Bomb Group 397th Bomb Group 573rd Bomb Squadron 598th Bomb Squadron
  • Aircraft Type: B-26 Marauder
  • Nicknames: Helen Highwater III
  • Unit: 397th Bomb Group 597th Bomb Squadron


Date: 8 Sep 2014 15:37:11

IWM, Roger Freeman Collection