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War correspondent Gladwin Hill is shown the armament on P-47 Thunderbolt 41-6209 by a ground crewman of the 56th Fighter Group, probably at Kings Cliffe air base where the 56th FG were based from 13 January 1943 to 5 April 1943. MAJ Loren G. "Mac" McCollom sits in the cockpit. Passed for publication 11 March 1943. Printed caption attached to print: 'The guns mounted in the wings of the Thunderbolt. And March 11th 1943. PN.'


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Captain Bernard Thompson of the 387th Bomb Group and War Correspondent Gladwin Hill of the Associated Press, in the cockpit of a B-26 Marauder. Image stamped on reverse: 'Associated Press.' [stamp], 'Passed for publication 8 May 1944.' [stamp] and '319310.' [censor no.] Printed caption on reverse: 'AP War Correspondent Pays A Visit To A Marauder Base "Somewhere In England". Associated Press Photo Shows:- Left, Gladwyn Hill, A.P. War Correspondent sits in the cockpit of a Marauder, right pilot Capt. Bernar
  • Military/Civilian/Mascot: Military
  • Nationality: American
  • Unit: The Writing 69th
  • Role/Job: War Correspondent
Major Loren G. McCollom, of the 56th Fighter Group with a P-47 Thunderbolt, 1943. Handwritten caption on reverse: 'Major Loren G. McCollom, 1943.'
  • Military/Civilian/Mascot: Military
  • Nationality: American
  • Unit: 353rd Fighter Group 56th Fighter Group 61st Fighter Squadron Headquarters (353rd Fighter Group) Headquarters (56th Fighter Group)
  • Service Numbers: O-393150
  • Highest Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
  • Role/Job: Commanding Officer, Pilot


A P-47 Thunderbolt (serial number 41-6209) of the 56th Fighter Group prepares to take at Kings Cliffe, 11 March 1943. Passed for publication 11 Mar 1943. Printed caption on reverse: '7 & 8. The new P-47 Thunderbolt fighter plane photographed at a U.S. Amry Air Force station "somewhere in England". And March 11th 1943 PN.' On reverse: Planet News, Not To Be Released Before, US Army Press Censor ETO and US Army General Section Press & Censorship Bureau [Stamps].
  • Aircraft Type: P-47 Thunderbolt
  • Unit: 4th Fighter Group 56th Fighter Group 334th Fighter Squadron 62nd Fighter Squadron



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