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Part of a door cover from P-38 Lightning named "Vivacious Vera" (CY-L, serial number 42-67053), flown by pilots of the 55th Fighter Group. Text has been added beside 'Vera'. It reads: 'This part of door cover retrieved from wreckage of P-38H5LO 42-67053 with the squadron letters CY-L. Flown first at Lockheed Liverpool Air Depot by C.H. Wilson, Chief Test Pilot, Lockheed;-9-15-43 1st ship to arrive at this field, 9-21-43 1st person to fly plane on this field; Col. Frank B. James, 9-22-43. Originally assigned to Lt. Gilbride 10-10-43, who was missing in action 11-29-43. Ship was named after his wife. Reassigned to Lt. Goudelock 12-12-43. "Lucky Ship" Lt. Hiner returned safely from Zuyder Zee on single engine, distance 250 miles 11-26-43. Lt. Stanton returned safely from Ruhr valley on single engine, distance 250 miles 11-30-43. Lt. Goudelock returned from Kiel on single engine, distance 375 miles 12-13-43 and crashed in village of Ludham, due to lack of gas. He was not seriously injured. Ship completed 18 combat missions inclusive.


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The Winter Gardens cinema in Liverpool, taken by Charles E Jackson of the 467th Bomb Group. Image by Charles E Jackson. Handwritten caption on reverse: 'Liverpool, Eng.'
  • Site type: Military site
  • Known as: Kirby House; Silcocks Warehouse


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