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Lockheed P-38 'Droop Snoots' which are used on airfield reconnaissance missions into enemy territory, gave necessary maneuverability, visibility and speed. - Color scheme on the spinners of this P-38J "Droop Snoot" indicate assignment to the 401st FS, 370th FG, 9AF. Lockheed P-38J Lightning Droop Snoot 44-23151 'Colorado Belle' 401st FS, 370th FG, 9AF USAAF. NARA Ref 342-FH-3A16333-58059AC.


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French countryside, photographed through the nose of a P-38 Lightning of the 367th Fighter Group on landing. Image stamped on reverse: 'Not to be published 30 Aug 1944.' [stamp], 'Passed for publication 31 May 1945.' [stamp] and '354528 .' [censor no.] Printed caption on reverse: 'P-38s over the Seine. No.1 of a series of pix taken through the nose of the P-38 as it comes in to land. Scherschel LIFE.'
  • Aircraft Type: P-38 Lightning
  • Nicknames: Colorado Belle
  • Unit: Base Air Depot 3 370th Fighter Group 401st Fighter Squadron


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