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Lockheed P-38J Lightning 'Droop Snoot*' 42-67450 LC-E 'Eze Doe's It' 77th FS, 20th FG, 8th AF USAAF. 'Eze Does It' is at the front of this formation. 'The 20th Fighter Group were also assigned a P-38J Droopsnoot aircraft where the armament was replaced with a glass nose and bombsight and a bombardier rode in the nose. The other aircraft would fly in close formation with the droopsnoot and all drop their bombs when the lead aircraft released its. Several missions were flown using this technique in the build up to D-Day. These missions weren't popular with the pilots who didn't like flying straight and level in close formation over enemy targets!'


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A P-38 Lightning nicknamed "EZE Does It" of the 20th Fighter Group fitted with a "droop snoot" for bombing missions at Kings Cliffe. Handwritten caption on reverse: '20FG. "Droop Snoot". Bombing P-38.'
  • Aircraft Type: P-38 Lightning
  • Nicknames: Eze Does It
  • Unit: Base Air Depot 3 10th Air Depot Group 20th Fighter Group 10th Depot Repair Squadron 77th Fighter Squadron



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