UPL 15972


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Dad got to the family Schrank on the 18th of April. He had not eaten in two days, since the crash on the 16th. The family of Josef und Katrinia Schrank and two son's Josef and Johann, gave him food, according to a letter from the Citizens Office in Landshut, their last loaf of bread, and some drink and showed him the way toward the Allied Lines. He visited the family at 2200 hours and left about 2400 hours. Frau Anna Schrank's (in the middle) husband, Johann, was at the home and met dad. I believe the Son Josef was able to speak English with dad. Anna's daughter Frau Maria Schrank is on the right. Both knew the story of my dad and even had a picture of my family from 1960, probably one of the last contacts they had with dad. I am in the yellow coat. (Juliann Pendolino, daughter)


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  • Military/Civilian/Mascot: Military
  • Nationality: American
  • Unit: 389th Bomb Group 445th Bomb Group 56th Fighter Group 62nd Fighter Squadron Headquarters (93rd Bomb Group)
  • Service Numbers: 19018109 / O-745854
  • Highest Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
  • Role/Job: Co-Pilot, Bomber Pilot, Fighter Pilot


  • Aircraft Type: P-47 Thunderbolt
  • Unit: 56th Fighter Group 62nd Fighter Squadron


Date: 5 Nov 2022 07:39:47

Juliann Pendolino

Date: 14 May 2015 10:29:29

Juliann Pendolino, Daughter of Edward Appel