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  1. Irving Brayer collection UPL 44890

    P-47 Thunderbolt (UN-B_, serial number 42-26466) nicknamed "Anamosa II" of the 56th Fighter Group, loaded with drop tanks and taxying past Nissen...

  2. Irving Brayer collection UPL 44891

    Ground personnel inspect P-47 Thunderbolt (LH-G, serial number 42-22472) nicknamed "Shamrock" of the 5th Emergency Rescue Squadron after crashing...

  3. Irving Brayer collection UPL 44889

    A P-47 Thunderbolt (LM-Z, serial number 42-26280) of the 56th Fighter Group taxying.

  4. Irving Brayer collection UPL 44888

    Generals Carl A Spaatz and James Doolittle talking to other USAAF officers outside of a Nissen hut.

  5. Irving Brayer collection UPL 44886

    Airfield control tower at a fighter base of the 66th Fighter Wing.

  6. Irving Brayer collection UPL 44887

    A damaged P-47 Thunderbolt (LM-K, serial number 42-7992) of the 56th Fighter Group undergoing salvage after crashing at Halesworth on 27 March 1944.

  7. Irving Brayer collection UPL 44885

    Oblique aerial photograph of Boxted airfield. The ammunition dump is to the top left, and the technical site and control tower to the top right.

  8. Irving Brayer collection UPL 44883

    Ammunition boxes in a P-47 Thunderbolt.

  9. Irving Brayer collection UPL 44884

    Colonel Lucian Dade and a ground crewman of the 62nd Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group with P-47 Thunderbolt (LM-P, serial number 42-26417)...

  10. Irving Brayer collection UPL 44882

    Ground personnel attend to P-47 Thunderbolt (LH-S, serial number 42-76321) nicknamed "California Ann" of the 353rd Fighter Group after crashing at...

  11. Irving Brayer collection UPL 44880

    P-47 Thunderbolt (UN-W_, serial number 42-26057) of the 63rd Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group in flight, 1944

  12. Irving Brayer collection UPL 44881

    A ground crewman pumps oil into B-17G Flying Fortress (SU-K, serial number 42-37982) nicknamed "Trembling Gremlin" of the 384th Bomb Group at...

  13. Irving Brayer collection UPL 44879

    Major Herschel "Easy" Ezell, Bombardier with the 20th Fighter Group and his 'droop snoot' P-38 Lightning (serial number 42-67450) nicknamed "Eze...

  14. UPL 44397

    S/Sgt. Norbert M. Duginske-Gunner- B-24H-10-FO (42-52132) "Boomerang" Oct 1943-Feb 1944 and B-24H-10-DT (41-28711) "Little Sheppard" Feb-Jun 1944.

  15. UPL 44396

    S/Sgt. Gerald E. Carroll-Gunner- B-24H-10-FO (42-52132) "Boomerang" Oct 1943-Feb 1944 and B-24H-10-DT (41-28711) "Little Sheppard" Feb-Jun1944

  16. UPL 44878

    Robert E. Harriman with the crew of T.S. after a belly landing. The T.S. had a midair collision with a FW-190 which took out the #2 engine. All...

  17. Charles D. Taylor Collection UPL 19550

    S/Sgt Harold L. Aucker, Crew 5, 712th Bomb Squadron, 448th Bomb Group. Killed in crash near Tibenham Airfield, England 10 Feb 1944.

  18. 95th BG Archives UPL 44877

    James Louis Hutchings Navigator Loren F. Seger Crew 95th BG - 412th BS

  19. UPL 44875

    Stalag Luft 3 POW Roll Call card for 2nd Lt. George W. Webb.

  20. UPL 44874

    Stalag Luft 3 POW Personnel card for 2nd Lt. George W. Webb.

  21. UPL 44873

    2nd Lt George Webb

  22. UPL 44870

    S/Sgt Howard E. Michael

  23. UPL 44869

    S/Sgt. Howard E. Michael

  24. 95th BG Archives UPL 44864

    Loren F. Seger Crew...

  25. UPL 44868

    Article from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, March 26, 1943 > https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth1129485/m1/1/

  26. UPL 44866

    Marvin Kravet crew, 547BS, 384BG, 8AF....

  27. UPL 44865

    1st Lt Marvin Robert Kravet, 547BS, 384BG.

  28. UPL 44862

    All three Orzelek brothers served in WWII and survived. l-r: Chester, Stanley, Frank

  29. UPL 44861

    Sgt Joseph Kotys, 384BG, 8AF.

  30. UPL 44860

    B-17 42-107125 'Doasy Doats' 545BS, 384BG with unknown crew.

  31. UPL 44859

    B-17 42-107125 'Doasy Doats' 545BS, 384BG with partial Bob Koch crew.

  32. UPL 44857

    Lt Col Thomas Dale Hutchinson, 384BG.

  33. UPL 44856

    Lt Colonel Thomas D.Hutchinson, 384BG.

  34. UPL 44855

    T/Sgt Normand Joseph Vicknair, 384BG.

  35. UPL 44854

    T/Sgt Normand Joseph Vicknair, 384BG.

  36. 95th BG Archives UPL 44853

    SSGT Thomas Kelly Tail Gunner - Eldon Broman Crew 95th BG - 335th BS Shot down and captured 10 October 1943

  37. UPL 44849

    David Grinnell

  38. Rudolph E Flack UPL 44846

    Colonel Rudy Flack was promoted as the Assistant to Air Force Chief of Staff, Headquarters, Second Air Force located at Peterson Air Force Base in...

  39. UPL 44844

    Lt. Neil G. Bartholme

  40. UPL 44842

    Lt. Neil G. Bartholme

  41. UPL 44841

    Lt. Neil G. Bartholme

  42. UPL 44840

    Lt. Neil G. Bartholme (second from the left) with his regular flight crew. He was flying with a 'pick-up' crew when shot down on May 26, 1944