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George J Rosen


1Lt George J. Rosen served as a fighter pilot, first from 6 September 1944, with the 504th Fighter Squadron of the 339th Fighter Group, and then with the 351st Fighter Squadron/353rd Fighter Group from Oct. 6, 1944. He completed his tour in April 1945.

On January 14, 1945 Rosen flying in Blue Flight with 1Lts. Billy J. Murray and John W. Rohrs would encounter two ME262 German jets headed north at 10,000 ft. Murray would bounce the first jet on the left and persuade him to leave the plane with accurate bursts from left to right nacelles. First Rohrs then Rosen would hit the second jet on the right and notice it dive and crash with no parachute. Both pilots reports would indicate that the German pilot was either severely wounded or dead prior to "going in".

His hometown is Schenectady, NY.
P-51D s/n 44-14756 YJ+J "Fifinella"



  • Arthur Carroll

    Military | Colonel | Fighter pilot | 353rd Fighter Group
    Assigned to 359FS, 356FG, 8AF USAAF. Transferred to 555FTS, 496FTG, 8AF USAAF. Transferred to 351FS, 353FG, 8AF USAAF. Transferred to HQ Sqn, 353FG, 8AF USAAF. Returned to 351FS, 353FG, 8AF USAAF. Credited with 2 x He 111, 1 x Fw 190. Ended Tour of...

  • Stanley Petticrew

    Military | First Lieutenant | Fighter pilot | 339th Fighter Group
    Flew P-51; transferred from 505th Oct. 2, 1944 AM w/ Oak Leaf Cluster 2.5

Units served with

  • 339th Fighter Group

    339th Fighter Group

    In the years before deployment to the UK, the Group had been designated as a Bombardment Group (Dive) and trained in A-24 and A-25 dive-bombers and P-39 Airacobras. When, in April 1944, they joined the Eighth Air Force in Britain though, the pilots...

  • 353rd Fighter Group

    353rd Fighter Group

    The 353rd Fighter Group was assigned to the Eighth Air Force on 7 June 1943. The group flew P-47 Thunderbolts, and from October 1944, P-51 Mustangs, as escorts for bombing missions across occupied Europe and to strafe targets on the ground. Tactical...

  • 351st Fighter Squadron
  • 504th Fighter Squadron


  • 792

    14 January 1945

Associated Place

  • Fowlmere

    Military site : airfield
    Just as nearby Duxford was known as the 'Duck pond' by American airmen, so Fowlmere was known as 'the Hen Puddle' because of the wet conditions that pervaded the bases during the winter of 1943-1944. The 339th Fighter Group had no choice but to persist...

  • Raydon

    Military site : airfield
    Although never used as such, Raydon was built during 1942-43 as an Eighth Air Force bomber base, with three concrete runways, 50 loop and one pan hardstandings, and two dispersed T2 hangars. Initially on loan to the Ninth Air Force, it was first...


Event Location Date
Lived in Schenectady, NY, USA 1941


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