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I am the younger son of Lt. Emil Cohen - Pilot for the Barbara Jane (Mickey Cohen) Call sign was "The Kid" - Pilot for the Barbara Jane. Plane wrecked in England during a test mission after repair/replacement to the engines. My father was not the pilot on the plane at the time. My Dad flew 35 missions including a mission we believe on the B-17 Milk Wagon. He was a member of the Lucky Bastards Club. Signed into Army/Airforce at 17 (somehow maneuvered to get in) Flew the the Blue Hen Chick but did not name the plane. My father was the instructor to Ralph L. Minker who named the Blue Hen Chick. Before passing my Dad and Ralph Minker were honored at Dover Air Force Base by having the first C-130 cargo aircraft named after the Blue Hen Chick. The C-130 still flying today was named the Blue Hen, which is representative of the University of Delaware Blue Hens where Ralph Minker came from. Our understanding is that the Barbara Jane was named after my cousin Barbara and Jane the Co-Pilots wife. I am going to correct the photo in the database which incorrectly identifies by father with a new photo which he had in a shoebox along with all of his air medals the Lucky Bastards certificate and book and photos of the bombing of famous missions.
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