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I´m a german automotive engineer, born 1959. Researching crash of B-17, 42-102952, William P. Long crew, crashed 28th July 1944 in my home town Bauernheim (30km from Frankfurt/Main). My father (died 2005) was eye-witness of this tragedy very close to the crash-site. 10 years old at this time. Charles Gratiot was deadly wounded and remained in the plane. 8 crew members escaped the burning ship by using chute. They were captured by germans and respectfully treated by the "Bürgermeister" of our little village in his house. My father had close contact to "his first americans" and was touched by the fact how "cool" they were. Airmen were heroes for him. No matter they were the so called enemy. When "SA" soldiers came to pick the airmen up, the atmosphere quickly changed. For unknown reason Peter Mandros jr. was shot down by an SA-men before reaching the german base in the city of Friedberg/Hessen. Donald Skoglund was wounded (air attack) and transported to a hospital in Bad Nauheim. Due to lack of medical supplies he unfortunately died there about 4 weeks later. With the help of the internet I know the whole story from attack to crash and the short time afterwards . My dream is to find a crew foto of Bill Long´s crew and a picture of this particular plane, so this story gets "faces". I´m very sorry, that I started the research so late, because so I missed the chance to get in contact with the 6 surviving crew members. The chance was there... A letter sent 2015 to the daughters of crew member Carmelo Frontino (living in USA) was not replied. Thank You and Best Regards Ronald
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