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My full name is Fredrick Richard "Rick" Flack. My profile photo was taken on Thursday, January 8, 1959 at an awards banquet when I received the Louisiana Junior Deputy Individual Rifle Championship Trophy. My career history is available via the following LinkedIn internet link (simply search for "Rick Flack"): I am the youngest son of Colonel Rudolph "Rudy" Emil Flack and the author of the book about Colonel Flack's life primarily focused around his military flying career. The latest version of this book titled "The Amazing Story of Another Real American Hero – Colonel Rudy Flack" is freely available via the following link: In addition to this "book" there is an All-in-One Appendix with 21 Appendices for this book, which is freely available via the above Facebook page. Additional personal information about me is available via the following webpage: Simply search for: "Rick Flack Broadmoor High School 1964".
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