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The US Army Air Forces

Find out more about the US Army Air Forces in Britain and Europe - the people, their aircraft, the places they lived, how they were organised and the missions they flew. 

  • People

    Over 2 million US servicemen passed through Britain between 1941 and 1945, by 1944 over half a million were involved in air operations from this country.

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  • Aircraft

    The US Army Air Forces brought with them thousands of aircraft, each one designed for a specific purpose.

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  • Places

    The US Army Air Forces were based at over a hundred different airfields in the UK, there were also hundreds more sites with smaller units, in British villages, towns and cities.

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  • Missions

    The US Army Air Forces flew from Britain to attack German cities and industry, their aim was to severely weaken Nazi Germany's ability to fight.

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  • Units

    Hundreds of thousands of US Army Air Forces personnel had to be organised and managed. Every person belonged to a unit – a group of people organised together to do a job.

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  • The Roger Freeman Collection

    Aviation historian Roger Freeman, assembled nearly 15,000 prints and slides depicting the US Army Air Forces in Britain.

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