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  1. 2490th Quartermaster Truck Company

  2. 2498th Quartermaster Truck Company

  3. 2499th Quartermaster Truck Company

  4. 249th Medical Detachment

  5. 24th Airways Communications Squadron

  6. 24th Mobile Reclamation and Repair Squadron

  7. 24th Mobile Training Unit

  8. 24th Region Space Aggressor Squadron

  9. 24th Station Complement Squadron

  10. 250th Quartermaster Depot

  11. 252nd Medical Detachment

  12. 258th Ordnance Battalion

  13. 25th Anti-Submarine Group

  14. 25th Bomb Group

    25th Bomb Group

    The 25th Bombardment Group (Reconnaissance) was constituted in the days after D-Day and activated in England in August 1944 to carry out photographic and mapping missions over mainland Europe as the Allied armies pushed east. The Group were designated...

  15. 25th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron

  16. 25th Mobile Reclamation and Repair Squadron

  17. 25th Mobile Training Unit

  18. 25th Station Complement Squadron

  19. 264th Medical Detachment

  20. 265th Medical Detachment

  21. 267th Signal Construction Company

  22. 268th Quartermaster Bakery Company (Mobile)

  23. 26th Airways Communications Squadron

  24. 26th Ferrying Squadron

  25. 26th Mobile Reclamation and Repair Squadron

  26. 26th Service Group

  27. 26th Station Complement Squadron

  28. 26th Statistical Control Unit

  29. 270th Medical Detachment

  30. 272nd Medical Detachment

  31. 273rd Medical Detachment

  32. 276th Medical Detachment

  33. 277th Ordnance Maintenance Anti-Aircraft Company

  34. 278th Medical Detachment

  35. 27th Air Transport Group

    27th Air Transport Group

    The 27th Air Transport Group and the 31st Air Transport Group were unique in the ETO and operated differently from other US Army Air Force units....

  36. 27th Ferrying Squadron

  37. 27th Fighter Escort Wing

  38. 27th Fighter Group

    27th Fighter Group

    The 27th went through two different incarnations during the Second World War. As the 27th Bombardment Group it fought in the Philippines and Java in 1941-42. It was then reformed in the US and sent to North Africa, where it eventually became the 27th...

  39. 27th Fighter Squadron

  40. 27th Mobile Reclamation and Repair Squadron

  41. 27th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron

  42. 27th Station Complement Squadron

  43. 280th Medical Detachment

  44. 280th Ordnance Maintenance Anti-Aircraft Company

  45. 280th Station Hospital

    280th Station Hospital

    Medical Unit

  46. 28th Bomb Disposal Squadron

  47. 28th District Headquarters Western Base Section

  48. 28th Ferrying Squadron

  49. 28th Fighter Squadron

  50. 28th Mobile Reclamation and Repair Squadron