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  1. 1069th Quartermaster Company

  2. 1070th Quartermaster Company

  3. 1070th Signal Company

  4. 1071st Quartermaster Company

  5. 1071st Signal Company

  6. 1072nd Quartermaster Company

  7. 1073rd Quartermaster Company

  8. 1074th Quartermaster Company

  9. 1074th Signal Company

  10. 1075th Signal Company

    1075th Signal Company

    The 1075th was organized in the United States, leaving Army Air Base, Reno, Nevada on 01 Jun 1943. The unit had an authorized strength of 3 officers and 97 enlisted men. On 17 Jan 1944, detachments “A” and “B” were formed but no mention is made of the...

  11. 1076th Signal Company

  12. 1077th Signal Company

  13. 1078th Quartermaster Company

  14. 1079th Quartermaster Company

  15. 107th Reconnaissance Squadron

  16. 1080th Signal Company

  17. 1087th Quartermaster Company

  18. 1087th Signal Company

  19. 108th Airplane Maintenance Squadron

  20. 108th Fighter Group

  21. 1090th Quartermaster Company

  22. 1091st Quartermaster Company

  23. 1091st Signal Company

  24. 1092nd Signal Company

  25. 1093rd Quartermaster Company

  26. 1094th Quartermaster Company

  27. 1097th Quartermaster Company

  28. 1097th Signal Company

  29. 1099th Quartermaster Company

  30. 1099th Signal Company

  31. 109th Evacuation Hospital (Semi-Mobile)

  32. 109th Observation Squadron

  33. 109th Reconnaissance Squadron

  34. 10th Air Depot Group

    10th Air Depot Group

    Constituted as 10th Air Depot Group, 30 Dec 1941 Activated, 5 Jan 1942, Redesignated 10th Air Depot, 1 Jun 1946 Inactivated, 17 Oct 1948.

  35. 10th Airdrome Squadron

  36. 10th Bomb Disposal Squadron

  37. 10th Depot Repair Squadron

  38. 10th Depot Supply Squadron

  39. 10th Fighter Squadron

    10th Fighter Squadron

    50th Fighter Group (Special). The group moved to the European Theater of Operations in the Spring 1944 expansion of Ninth Air Force in England in preparation for Operation Overlord. It flew its first combat mission on 1 May 1944. Lymington USAAF...

  40. 10th Medical Supply Platoon

  41. 10th Mobile Reclamation and Repair Squadron

  42. 10th Motor Transport Section

  43. 10th Photographic Reconnaissance Group

  44. 10th Service Group

  45. 10th Station Complement Squadron

  46. 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron

    10th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron

    Constituted 10th Observation Squadron (Medium) on 2/5/42 and activated 3/2/42. Redesignated 10th Observation Squadron no 7/4/42 and 10th Reconnaissance Squadron (Fighter) on 4/2/43, 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron on 8/11/43 and inactivated 3/31/45.

  47. 10th Troop Carrier Squadron

  48. 1100th Engineer Utilities Detachment

  49. 1101st Signal Company

  50. 1104th Quartermaster Company