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336th Bomb Squadron



Part of
  • 95th Bomb Group

    95th Bomb Group

    The 95th Bomb Group was the only Eighth Air Force Group to be awarded three Distinguished Unit Citations. The first, shared by all four Bomb Wing Groups, was for the bombing of an aircraft factory under intense enemy fire at Regensburg on 17 August...

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Station Location Date
Based Horham



  • Raymond Abbott

    Military | First Lieutenant | Co-Pilot | 95th Bomb Group
    April 5, 1943, crew ditched B-17 #42-3121 due to engine failure. All crew got out safely, were spotted within four hours and picked up within 7 hours and returned to England.

  • Adolph Abraham

    Military | Technical Sergeant | 95th Bomb Group

  • Earl Adams

    Military | Assistant Crew Chief | 95th Bomb Group

  • Robert Adams

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Right Waist Gunner, Waist Gunner | 95th Bomb Group
    Shot down 30 December 1943 in B-17 #42-30674 'Kathy Jane III', Prisoner of War (POW). POW

  • Vernon Adams

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Top Turret Gunner | 95th Bomb Group
    Shot down by flak and crashed at Vroomshoop on 6/29/44 in B-17 'Pride of Vhelhalis', Prisoner of War (POW). POW

  • Murray Adler

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Tail Gunner | 95th Bomb Group

  • Charles Ainza

    Military | Flight Officer | Bombardier | 95th Bomb Group

  • Louis Akins

    Military | Sergeant | Waist Gunner | 95th Bomb Group

  • Vernon Albares

    Military | Sergeant | Left Waist Gunner, Waist Gunner | 95th Bomb Group
    Shot down 29 April 1944 in B-17 #42-37988 'Flagship', Prisoner of War (POW). POW

  • Paul Albert

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Ball Turret Gunner | 95th Bomb Group

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  • 42-97194 Good Pickin'

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 5/2/44; Kearney 24/2/44; Presque Is 11/3/44; Assigned 336BS/95BG [ET-O] Horham 11/3/44; with G.M. Jackman force landed B-53 Merville, Belg., 10/5/45; with Lt Henderson force landed A-70 Laon, France 20/5/45; 114m Returned to the USA...

  • 42-102427

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 2/3/44. Kearney 25/3/44. Grenier 2/4/44. Assigned 336BS/95BG [ET-C] Horham 7/4/44 Battle damaged Mainz 9/10/44 with Taylor; force landed France, 9RTD. Salvaged 14/11/44.

  • 42-102450 'Paisano'

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 4/3/44; Kearney 22/3/44; Dow Fd 7/4/44; Assigned 96BG Snetterton 7/4/44; transferred 336BS/95BG Horham 8/4/44; with W. G. Helm force landed A-71 Clastres, France 29/12/44; 85m, Missing in Action Chemnitz 3/3/45 with Bob Duncan, Co...

  • 42-29591 'The Shamrock Special'

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 12/1/43; Rapid City 21/2/43; Kearney 12/3/43; Salina 31/3/43; Memphis 8/4/43; Dow Fd 16/4/43; Assigned 336BS/95BG [ET-K] Alconbury 22/4/43; 2m, transferred 401BS/91BG [LL-Z] Bassingbourn 16/6/43; AFSC 15/4/44; Returned to the USA...

  • 42-29675

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 4/2/43; Rapid City 22/2/43; Kearney 12/3/43; Morrison 24/4/43; Assigned 336BS/95BG [ET-E] Alconbury 5/4/43; 334BS [BG-E], 335BS [OE-S]; 7m, Missing in Action Keil 13/6/43 with Bill Adams, Co-pilot: Edwin Lewis, Navigator: Vic...

  • 42-29679 Ramblin Wreck

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 3/2/43; Salina 17/2/43; Rapid City 20/2/43; Kearney 12/3/43; Morrison 28/3/43; Assigned 336BS/95BG [ET-F] 29/3/43; 4m transferred 401BS/91BG [LL-A1 then M] Bassingbourn 13/6/43; +24m AFSC 5/4/44; Returned to the USA Lockbourn 4/8/45;...

  • 42-29680 'Battlin B'

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Denver 2/2/43; Salina 14/2/43; Rapid City 16/2/43; Kearney 12/3/43; Morrison 25/3/43; Assigned 335BS/95BG [OE-R] Alconbury 24/4/43; transferred 412BS [QW-R] then 336BS [ET-R]; 3m, Missing in Action Kiel 13/6/43 with Joe Nunes, Co-pilot: Gus...

  • 42-29702 'Rat Killer'

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 7/2/43; Rapid City 20/2/43; Kearney 12/3/43; Brookley 27/3/43; Morrison 9/4/43; Assigned 336BS/95BG [ET-H] Alconbury 13/4/43; Framlingham 12/5/43; Horham 335BS [OE-H], 412BS [QW-H], then 334BS [BG-H]; 8m, Missing in Action Kiel 13/6...

  • 42-29704 SPOOK

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 6/2/43; Rapid City 20/2/43; Kearney 12/3/43; Assigned 336BS/95BG [ET-J] Alconbury 29/3/43; Framlingham 12/5/43; 2m, battle damaged L’Orient, crash landed RAF Exeter 17/5/43 with R.P. Bender. 10RTD.; Salvaged 18/5/43. SPOOK.

  • 42-29791 Little Jimmie, Memphis Blues

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 21/2/43; Gore 7/3/43; Assigned 334BS/95BG [BG-Q] Alconbury 19/4/43 LITTLE JIMMIE; 335BS [OE-Q] Framlingham 12/5/43; on 17/5/43 with W.R. McPherson, Bombardier: Keith Murray wia when nose gun exploded; 336BS [ET-Q] Horham 15/6/43; ...

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Drawn from the records of the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, Savannah, Georgia / Paul Andrews, Project Bits and Pieces, 8th Air Force Roll of Honor database / Units in the UK from ETOUSA Station List, as transcribed by Lt. Col. Philip Grinton (US Army, Retired) and extracted by IWM; air division data from L.D. Underwood, based on the 8th Air Force Strength Report of 6th August 1944, as published in 'The 8th Air Force Yearbook' by Lt. Col. John H Woolnough (1980)