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9th Bomb Squadron


A detachment of personnel from the 9th Bomb Squadron, which was a part of the 10th Air Force in the China Burma India Theatre, under the command of Lewis Brereton were sent to the Middle Eastern Theatre of Operations in the summer of 1942 to support the Allies Western Desert Campaign. They remained in the theatre until October 1942.

US Air Force Combat Units of World War II Description

Activated on 1 April 1931. Redesignated 9th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) on 6 December 1939. Inactivated on 6 January 1946. Attached to United States Army Middle East Air Force for
operations, 28 Jun c- 4 Oct 1942)

Commanding officers
  • Lewis Brereton

    Military | Lieutenant General | Commanding General
    Lewis Hyde Brereton (June 21, 1890 – July 20, 1967) was a military aviation pioneer and lieutenant general in the United States Air Force. A 1911 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, he began his military career as a United States Army officer...


Part of
  • US Army Middle East Air Force

    US Army Middle East Air Force

    US Army Middle East Air Force (USAMEAF) was activated on 28 June 1942 in Cairo, Egypt. It brought together several units which had been operating the area including the HALPRO Detachment, and Lewis Brereton's 9th Bomb Squadron. ...

  • 1st Provisional Group

    1st Provisional Group

    The 1st Provisional Group was established on 20 July 1942 at Lydda. It brought together the existing 9th Bomb Squadron and the Hal Bomb Squadron, which were operating the Middle East.

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  • Middle East Air Force

    2 July 1942
    Heavy bombers conduct a night time raid on Tobruk Harbour.

  • Middle East Air Force

    3 July 1942
    B-24s carry out a daylight attack on Tobruk Harbour, this is followed up by a night-time attack on supplies at Tobruk by B-17 Flying Fortresses.

  • Middle East Air Force

    8 July 1942

  • Middle East Air Force

    13 July 1942
    B-24 Liberators attack shipping and the harbor at Benghazi, losing one aircraft to flak. B-17 Flying Fortresses carry out a night-raid against Tobruk.

  • Middle East Air Force

    17 July 1942
    B-24 Liberators attack Benghazi harbour, while B-17 Flying Fortresses attack Tobruk

  • Middle East Air Force

    19 July 1942
    B-24 Liberators and B-17 Flying Fortresses attack shipping at Benghazi and Tobruk






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