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68th Reconnaissance Group


The group was first established as the 68th Observation Group in 1941 at Brownwood Army Air Field, Texas, on 1 September 1941. Its primary mission was observation aircraft training and antisubmarine patrols. The group moved to several different U.S. locations in preparation for overseas deployment in 1942.

It moved to the Mediterranean Theater of Operations (MTO), October–November 1942, and became part of Twelfth Air Force. Shortly after the group began operations most of its squadrons were detached for separate duty in order to carry out diverse activities over a wide area. Operating from bases in North Africa until November 1943, the group, or elements of the group, engaged in patrolling the Mediterranean; strafing trucks, tanks, gun positions, and supply dumps to support ground troops in Tunisia; training fighter pilots and replacement crews; and flying photographic and visual reconnaissance missions in Tunisia, Sicily, and Italy to provide information needed to adjust artillery fire.

The group moved to Italy and became part of Fifteenth Air Force in November 1943. It continued visual and photographic reconnaissance and began flying weather reconnaissance missions in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and the Balkans. Also engaged in electronic-countermeasure activities, investigating radar equipment captured from the enemy, flying ferret missions along the coasts of Italy and southern France, and accompanying bomber formations to detect approaching enemy fighters. Inactivated in 1944,


Part of
  • 5th Bomb Wing

    5th Bomb Wing

    The 5th Air Division (5th AD) originated on 19 October 1940 at McChord Field, Washington. Its initial mission was air defense of the northwest United States with three bombardment groups (12th, 17th and 39th) flying early B-17 Flying Fortresses (B-17C...

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    With the onset of World War II, the unit was called into federal service 25 November 1940 and trained with the 36th Division at Brownwood Airfield Texas[3] until Pearl Harbor was bombed, it was sent to the Mexican border, Fort Clark Springs Texas. The...

  • 122nd Observation Squadron

    122nd Observation Squadron

    With the United States' entry into World War II, the 122nd returned to New Orleans in December 1941 to conduct anti-submarine patrol over the Gulf of Mexico. Four missions were flown each day, the aircraft flying in pairs, as far as 100 miles out into...

  • 154th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron

    154th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron

    Formed from an Arkansas National Guard unit, it was designated 154th Observation Squadron on 4 Jul 1942; 154th Reconnaissance Squadron (Fighter) on 31 May 1943; 15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron on 13 Nov 1943; and then 154th Weather Reconnaissance...

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Station Location Date
Based Bertreaux 5 September 1943 – October 1943
Based Massicault October 1943 – November 1943
Based Manduria November 1943 – 15 April 1944






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