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422nd Night Fighter Squadron


US Air Force Combat Units of World War II Description

Constituted 422nd Night Fighter Squadron on 14 July 1943. Activated on 1 Aug 1943. Inactivated on 30 September 1945


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Station Location Date
Based Charmy Down 7 March 1944 – 6 May 1944
Assigned to 9th Air Force 7 March 1944
Assigned to IX Tactical Air Command 12 March 1944
Based Scorton 6 May 1944 – 28 June 1944
Based Hurn 28 June 1944 – 6 July 1944
Based Ford 6 July 1944 – 25 July 1944
Based Maupertus 25 July 1944 – 28 August 1944
Based Chateaudun 28 August 1944 – 16 September 1944
Based Florennes / Juzaine 16 September 1944 – 6 April 1945



  • Eugene Axtell

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot
    Five aerial victories as the pilot of a P-61 "Black Widow". DFC & 2 OLCs, AM & 9 OLCs.

  • Herman Ernst

    Military | First Lieutenant | Night Fighter Pilot

  • Edward Kopsel

    Military | Flight Officer | Radar Observer

  • Joseph Moe

    Military | Technical Sergeant (2nd Grade) | Aircraft Crew Chief

  • Paul Smith

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot
    Smith, along with his Radio Operator, Robert E Tierney became the first US Night fighter aces of the Second World War on 26 December 1944.

  • Alvin Strong

    Military | Sergeant
    Strong worked for Kiel Grocers in Montana before enlisting in the USAAF in 1942. After his service he operated Burton's Candy from 1951

  • Robert Tierney

    Military | First Lieutenant | Radio Operator
    Tierney, along with his Pilot, Paul A Smith became the first US night fighter aces of the Second World War on 26 December 1944.


  • 42-5565 'Double Trouble'

    P-61 Black Widow
    Usually crewed by 2nd Lt Robert G Bolinder and R/O Flt Off Robert F Graham.

  • 42-5568 Battle Ax

    P-61 Black Widow

  • 42-5564 'Jukin' Judy'

    P-61 Black Widow
    Assigned to 422NFS, 9AF USAAF. Written of after forced landing 26-Dec-44. ...

  • 42-5573 'Lovely Lady'

    P-61 Black Widow
    Assigned to 422NFS, 9AF USAAF. Credited 3 x kills. Hit several times by flak on mission to Rhine river, with intercom knocked out and A/C afire R/O 1Lt John U Morris baled out. Pilot 1Lt Eugene D Axtell was unaware that R/O had exited and returned...

  • 42-5536 ''Husslin' Hussey''

    P-61 Black Widow
    Assigned to 422NFS, 9AF USAAF.

  • 42-5544 Lady Gen

    P-61 Black Widow
    Assigned to 422NFS, IX Air Support Command, 9AF USAAF. w/o in landing accident at Kassel, Germany Jun 5, 1945. Condemned salvage no battle damage Jun 5, 1945

  • 42-5547 Borrowed Time

    P-61 Black Widow




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422nd Night Fighter Squadron : A History , Charles McEwen, 1982, Combat Squadrons of the Air Force

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Stations added with details from:
- "Battle Colors Volume III - Insignia and Tactical Markings of the Ninth Air Force in World War Two' by Robert A. Watkins;

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Units in the UK from ETOUSA Station List, as transcribed by Lt. Col. Philip Grinton (US Army, Retired) and extracted by IWM; air division data from L.D. Underwood, based on the 8th Air Force Strength Report of 6th August 1944, as published in 'The 8th Air Force Yearbook' by Lt. Col. John H Woolnough (1980)